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Shuttle (Tube) Riding in Kish

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Kish Island is one of the best and most fun tourist cities in Iran, which is welcomed by tourists today due to the great variety of entertainment, games, and fun places. The beaches of Kish are one of the most popular places on the island. On this beautiful island, it is possible to engage in a large number of exciting and fun water sports, such as shuttle and banana boat, which are exhilarating and exciting activities that all people of all ages are interested in using this water game.
A shuttle ride or tube ride is one of the most exciting aquatic activities. Continue reading if you want to know what is a shuttle ride? And what makes it so exhilarating?

Kish shuttle ride

The Shuttle or Tube Ride

It is a type of large inflatable tube that can be ridden by single or multiple people and is pulled in the water with the help of a boat. The shuttles are connected to fast boats by a rope and hit the water. The higher the speed of the boat, the more this inflatable tube shakes in the water and the more excitement and pleasure people experience.

Those who are looking for an adrenaline rush should definitely try the shuttle ride. Because it is not known how much the speed of the boat increases when they board the shuttle; They may even fall into the water while the boat is being turned around. Of course, there is no need to worry because all safety issues are observed and everyone is wearing a vest before boarding the shuttle.

Of course, these falls are planned and an important part of the thrill of the shuttle ride is falling into the water. The captain of the speedboat deliberately throws people into the water while going around.

Just buy a ticket and wear a life jacket and helmet for the shuttle ride. After that, you decide for yourself whether you want to wait for a quiet shuttle ride or if you want to go fast and suddenly dive into the coral sea from the boat. If you have strong muscles and a lot of resistance, the captain can’t throw you in the water so easily, and this is where the shuttle ride becomes an exciting challenge. The good news is that men and women can have this fun together in Iran.
Another model of shuttle ride is known as the banana ride. In this model, instead of a tube, an inflatable device similar to a giant banana is used, on which people sit and place their feet on both sides. Of course, in this model of shuttle riding, you need strong legs and muscles to be able to hold yourself on the banana.


The minimum number of people to deal with Shuttle and Banana Kish is 1 person and the maximum number of people is seven people. It should be mentioned that as the number of people who sit on the tube increases, the excitement of the game also decreases, and the fewer the number of people, the more excitement you can experience in Shuttle and Banana Kish.

Of course, it should be said that in addition to exciting entertainment, shuttle riding is also considered a sport because when being pulled by the boat and sudden movements on the surface of the water and twists of the boat, you must be able to cope with the force from waves that will clash with your tube, fight back. You will truly need strong muscles to hold yourself on the tube or you will be thrown into the water.

It is better for physically weak people to request a gentle shuttle ride from the boat captain if they choose the shuttle ride because it may be difficult for them. Shuttle and banana speed tubes are a subset of water tubing sports.

 Shuttle and Banana Kish

Advantages of Shuttle Riding in Kish

Overall, a shuttle ride can have a wide range of benefits for you. However, the shuttle ride on the beautiful island of Kish will have more advantages for you due to the very suitable weather for doing water sports.

A shuttle ride on Nilgoon Gulf of Fars will always be a suitable option for you in hot weather. In addition, you can experience collective fun with your family by taking a shuttle ride in Kish.

The shuttle riding clubs in Kish will make sure you enjoy this fun with their wonderful facilities and high safety. In addition, shuttle riding as a sport can help you to get a high level of relaxation afterward.

The beaches where you can experience shuttle and banana in Kish are:

  • Simorgh Beach: Simorgh beach of Kish is another beach park on Kish island and of course one of the attractions of this island. Simorgh Park is located in the southeast part of Kish Island, along the coast and next to Marina Park Hotel, Simorgh Hotel, and Kish Dolphin Park. This beach has a badminton court, ping pong, skating rink, and a walking path. Simorgh Kish beach park is built in the area between Jahan road and cycling road on land with an area of approximately 15 thousand square meters and a length of 300 meters along a sandy beach of exemplary quality and with a very beautiful view. Simorgh beach is one of the must-see places in Kish.
  • Marjan Beach: This beach is east of Kish Island and near Marjan Bazaar. It has many pavilions and the Kish cycling track passes through it. Like other beaches on the island, the Marjan rocky beach is full of fish and aquatic life of Kish Island, and it gives life to watch oysters and snails, anemones, and mermaids. The area around the park is full of teahouses, restaurants, and buffets. Kish hotels including Dariush Hotel, Parmis Hotel, and Eram Hotel are also located near this beach park.
  • The Grand Pier of Kish: One of the busiest beaches in Kish is the resort beach. This beach is located in the northeast of the island. The marina beach is close to commercial centers, and hotels such as Shayan, Dariush, Vida, etc. Also, near it is Maryam bowling, Iranian ship, and many other important centers such as Kish cable car, Kish colorful star wars, Kish aquarium ships, etc.
  • Damon Wharf: This wharf is another place where you can experience shuttle and banana kish and create memorable moments for yourself.
  • Kish Marina Club: One of the biggest and best clubs on Kish Island is Marina Club. By visiting this club, you can experience other water activities in addition to shuttle rides in Kish. The address of Kish Marina Club is around Marjan Boulevard at the end of Marjan.
Advantages of riding a shuttle in Kish

Shuttle Riding Terms of Use

  • The shuttle cannot be used by a single person (at least 2 people need to ride on a tube).
  • Duration of use is15 minutes
  • Visiting hours are between 9:30 to 15:00 in the evening
  • People 6 years old and above can use the shuttle with the consent of their parents.
  • If you wish, a photographer will accompany you and you can buy your photos.
  • Except for the amount you pay to the water recreation club you choose, you will not pay any other fee.

Shuttle Ride Duration

What is the shuttle time?
The time when you get on a special tube and the speed boat pulls you and your companions onto the sea and takes pictures and videos of you until you return to the beach is about 15 to 20 minutes. If you want, the boatman will put you in the water for a few minutes and you will ride the tube again, which has its own excitement. The visiting hours for the Kish shuttle are 9:30 to 17:00. Of course, this time can be slightly different in different seasons according to the time of darkness.

Shuttle ride in Kish

Tips about booking and buying Kish shuttle tickets:

  • Shuttle or tube rides on the sea are not suitable for people with cardiac, respiratory, and physical problems and pregnant women.
  • If you are planning to buy tickets for other marine activities such as parasailing in Kish, it is better to choose a club that does not have to pay for transportation.
  • Before buying, call to make sure the sea conditions are suitable for using the shuttle.
  • Also, diving in Kish is also a very good choice of Kish’s marine entertainment options.
  • You don’t need to print your ticket! Just show the ticket on your phone to the relevant official.
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