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Kish hotels

Where to Stay in Kish

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A Comprehensive Kish Hotel Guide

Kish, an island in the middle of the Persian Gulf, welcomes many travelers in every season of the year. Walking on the Kish beach at sunset will capture a view in your mind that you will remember forever. The azure blue of the sea, the cool breeze of the beach, and the silence and peace that dominates the island will make you one of the best trips.

On Kish Island, beach hotels and 5-star to 2-star hotels can be booked, which are close to the attractions. Many hotels are located in the eastern part, which is located a short distance from Kish shopping centers such as Morwarid, Zaytoun, Pardis, and Maryam shopping centers. The great thing about kish as in almost all other places in Iran and Iran tours is the variety of services and facilities. IranAmiz offers a list of the best hotels in Kish for every taste and budget.

Reservation of Hotels in Kish

By entering the date of arrival and departure, see the list of 2- to 5-star hotels in Kish in Iranamaze. Various filters such as the number of stars,

Accommodation type, price, highest discount, and the lowest price are available for you to find the hotel you want in the shortest time. To be sure of your choice, pay attention to the hotel score given by travelers. Also, the experiences of Iranamaze users can be seen in the comment section of Kish Island hotels. If you want to go to the island for business trips, you can book a hotel in Kish in the business section of Iranamaze, with special support and suitable discounts.

The Price of Hotels in Kish

Depending on what season of the year you travel to Kish Island, the cost of your stay will be different. During Nowruz Eid and public holidays, hotel prices in Kish are higher than on normal days and during quieter seasons. For economical and less expensive trips, you can go to one of the 2-star hotels in Kish. 4- and 5-star hotels have provided the best services and facilities for a dream trip to Kish. On the Iranamaze website, it is possible to book your favorite room in Kish Hotel with a discount and the best price on many days of the year.

Kish Beach Hotels

Many people who travel to Kish are looking for the peace and quiet of the beach and enjoying the beauty of the Persian Gulf. Staying in one of the beach hotels on Kish Island is one of the best choices. Many of these hotels have water sports and a private beach, and the beach is a few steps away from your room. Toranj Hotel is one of the special hotels on the island that is located on the water. Dariush Hotel is famous for its special architecture and high-quality services. Marina Park Hotel is included in the list of the best hotels in Kish with its special facilities and various entertainment.

Recreational and Sightseeing Activities and Sites on Kish Island

Water sports such as jet skiing, boating, and parasailing are popular among travelers. Kish beaches and Ocean Water Park theme are suitable and accessible for spending time on the island. Cycling on the island will bring you happy memories. During your trip to Kish, don’t forget to visit the Greek ship, the historical city of the island, and the underground city of Kariz.

Why Travel to Kish?

Kish is one of the most attractive islands in southern Iran. This city is a very good choice for those who want to experience a fun and relaxing trip. If you are into fun, you can use exciting water parks and activities, and if you are looking for relaxation, just visit the beautiful beaches of Kish or ride a bike around the island. Bird gardens, aquariums, and cruise ships are other attractions of Kish that make your trip more attractive. It will be an interesting experience to see the historical attractions of the island, such as the ancient city of Harira, the underground city, and the Greek ship. Aside from entertainment, many people travel to Kish for shopping; Kish has many arcades that you can visit and shop on your trip. Since travelers usually travel to Kish for fun and staying in a hotel is important to them, they should book a hotel in Kish before traveling to experience a better trip. To choose accommodation and book hotels in Kish, it is good to consider points such as price and services, geographical location, etc. We will explain more about these things below.

What season is the best time to travel and book a hotel?

As you know, Kish is one of the southern islands of Iran and naturally has a hot and humid climate for most months of the year. Therefore, if you intend to travel for fun and sightseeing, try to plan your trip in the cool months of the year; From the beginning of December to the middle of May, the hot and humid weather of the island will not bother you and you can enjoy your trip. Since most people prefer the cool months of the year to travel to Kish, it is better to book a Kish hotel early in these days; In this way, you will not face the completed capacity of hotels and you can stay in a hotel that you like. Of course, if you plan to travel to Kish in the summer, you don’t have to worry about the heat. As a rule, indoor places in Kish are equipped with cooling systems, and cars are also equipped with air conditioners; In this way, most of the time you will not notice the heat of the air. Since summer festivals are held in this area from mid-July to mid-September, many people travel to the island in this season as well. Due to the fact that Kish is full of travelers during festivals, sometimes travelers are faced with the completed capacity of hotels in the summer when booking hotels in Kish. Therefore, on festival days, try to book your hotel earlier than your travel date.

How much is the hotel price in Kish?

As we said, most people travel to Kish for fun. Some travelers prefer to choose a hotel that provides them with all the facilities and can meet all their needs in the same hotel; On the other hand, some people prefer to pay less for their accommodation and instead, use the island’s recreational facilities. No matter which group you are in, you have different options for booking hotels in Kish. To book a hotel in Kish, consider that in addition to the facilities and the number of stars, factors such as the hotel’s access to the city center or proximity to the beach affect the price of hotels; Therefore, consider your priorities before choosing a hotel; For example, if you are looking for cheap accommodation and at the same time you want to access the city center before you make the final decision to choose a hotel, be sure to check the address of the hotel. If the hotel is far from the city center, you will have to rent a car to get to the attractions and your travel expenses may be so high that it is more economical for you to spend a little more and book a hotel in the city center. But the price range of Kish hotels is very wide and in general, depending on your preferences and budget, you can spend from about one hundred thousand tomans to more than one million tomans to book a hotel in Kish.

How to book hotels in Kish?

It is rare to find a traveler who has not planned a trip to Kish. Due to this popularity, the number of hotels in Kish is so large that sometimes it confuses us in choosing. Whether the reason for your trip is various Kish festivals or shopping, you should know which Kish hotel to choose. If you are not much of planning and searching person, it is better to buy a travel tour. But if you want everything to go according to your wish, it is better to do the hotel reservation yourself.

 You may ask, how should we be sure of the quality of the hotel? The answer is simple. Just search for the name of the hotel you want in Iranamaze, all the information is in front of you. Mountain tours, Iran Desert Tours​, and hotels are all a click away. So carefully check the facilities, location and other things and compare it with other hotels. But the second point is your budget. As we said, to book one of the hotels in Kish, you have many choices in front of you. From expensive and luxury accommodations to cheaper hotels. So apply your preference in the search filters and proceed accordingly.

What are the ways to find a cheap hotel in Kish?

Some people think that finding a cheap hotel in Kish is more like a dream. But don’t worry! You can choose affordable hotels in Kish for accommodation. For this purpose, you must first determine your budget and know what facilities you want. So, when booking a hotel in Kish, skip the best Kish hotel and go for the cheaper ones. If you have chosen Iranamaze; On the hotel page of this island, select the search filter based on price. Specify the price range and check the hotels that appear on the page.

You can also base your classification on hotel stars. For example, get an invoice from 5-star hotels in Kish or even 4-star hotels. Because undoubtedly the cost of staying in these hotels is high. Now you know which Kish hotel is more suitable for you. In the next step, go to study the features of the hotel. You should see if the price of the hotel matches its facilities or not. We suggest that you pay a lot of attention to this point and do not ignore the facilities for the price of cheaper accommodation.

What are the important points of Kish hotel reservations?

If you want to know which Kish hotel you should go to, consider the location first. Then based on whether water sports, historical attractions, or shopping centers are your priority; Choose the nearest hotel. Another point is the accommodation facilities and services. Checking the facilities of a hotel is the most important thing you should do before booking. For example, if you are going to this island by plane, make sure there is an airport transfer. Check the facilities of the rooms such as windows, type of bed, refrigerator, air conditioning system, etc.

In addition to the above, never forget to read user reviews. Even if you have chosen one of the best hotels in Kish. These comments go beyond the introduction of hotel facilities and pictures and include the positive and negative experiences of travelers. If you are the type of traveler who is looking for specific amenities, be sure to do a comprehensive review beforehand. Which hotels in Kish have good pools or which are the hotels facing the sea in Kish? In the end, we remind you that considering the weather and the best time can have a great impact on the quality of your trip.

Kish Hotel Cost

The cost of accommodation is undoubtedly an important factor in the choice. Although Kish is considered one of the most expensive tourist destinations, the prices of its hotels vary. For example, the cost of one night’s stay in one of the luxury hotels in Kish, such as Toranj, is at least one million tomans. Of course, there are many luxury and five-star hotels on the island; But some hotels are cheaper. For example, we can refer to Sara Hotel, Aramis Hotel, or even Eram Hotel. In these accommodations, you can pay about 300 thousand tomans or less for one night. Remember to set the price range when booking the Kish hotel in Amiz Iran. In this case, you will spend less time finding the hotel you want.

Kish Island is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Iran and is a good destination for those who want to experience relaxation along with exciting entertainment and great shopping in their trip. Kish hotels, which are divided into two categories of beach and city hotels, welcome many guests from all over Iran and even outside Iran every year, and tourists can experience staying in the most modern and beautiful hotels in Iran by traveling to Kish. Reading this article before traveling to Kish will help you to get the necessary information about hotel prices in Kish, hotel facilities, how to book a hotel in Kish, etc.

Hotel Prices in Kish

The prices of Kish hotels are very diverse. You can and usually will benefit from different facilities according to the cost you pay. But it all comes back to your purpose of travel.

Some people prefer to spend more of their budget on shopping or using entertainment centers during the trip and stay less in the hotel, so they prefer cheap hotels in Kish, but some other people want to stay in a luxurious hotel with many facilities. so that they can rest and rejuvenate during their stay.

In any case, considering the variety of hotel prices in Kish, anyone can book a hotel by checking the hotels and their prices, which is the desired price, facilities, and location (for example, being close to shopping centers or being close to beautiful beaches and entertainment centers) to meet his expectations of traveling to Kish.

Obviously, the lower the number of hotel stars, the lower the price of the hotel. In addition to the number of hotel stars and their facilities, seasonal changes are also effective in the price of Kish hotels. Hotel prices in Kish are more reasonable in summer and are the highest in the winter months until mid-April. Of course, if you decide to travel to this beautiful island in the summer, keep in mind that the weather in Kish will be very hot this season.

The Best Hotels in Kish

The best hotel in Kish can be different depending on whether you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and recreational facilities of Kish or stay in urban areas and be close to shopping centers, but in general, Toranj Hotel and Dariush Hotel can be considered the best hotels in Kish. remembered. Next, we take a look at Kish hotels that have good facilities and services.

1. Toranj Hotel, Kish

This hotel is built on the waters of the Persian Gulf with a unique design and is one of the most special hotels in Kish. Staying at Toranj Hotel can be very enjoyable and memorable. Toranj Hotel has five stars and is considered the best hotel in Kish. The accommodation spaces of the hotel are placed next to each other, and if you look at this complex from above, you can see the design of a beautiful paisley. paisley is a curved cypress, which is considered a symbol of humility and modesty by Iranians.

Toranj Kish Hotel has 100 accommodation units. The hotel rooms are equipped with the standard facilities of a five-star hotel. The important feature of the hotel rooms is having a private balcony facing the sea. The experience of watching the sunrise and sunset in the endless sea can be one of the good memories of your trip. We suggest that you don’t forget your camera to record such moments.

You can book all kinds of rooms and suites at Toranj Hotel. The hotel rooms are divided into three categories: Tangerang, Sea, and Sunset. From the reception halls of the hotel, we can mention Khurshid Restaurant, Beach Restaurant, Taj Toranj Restaurant, Golf Cafe, Beach Coffee Shop, and Beach Lamkdeh. By staying at Toranj Hotel, you will enjoy facilities such as a conference hall, car rental, photography studio, laundry services, spa salon, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, etc.

2. Dariush Hotel, Kish

What catches your attention more than anything else in Dariush Hotel is the beautiful green space and the use of beautiful symbols of Persepolis in the hotel complex. The beauty of a large part of the Dariush hotel complex can be attributed to the example of the ancient Apadana palace. One of the good features of the Dariush Hotel is its proximity to the sea and standard facilities.

At Dariush Kish Hotel, you can book all kinds of double rooms facing the sea or facing the garden. The suites of the hotel are also ready to receive guests with the titles Royal Suite, Luxury Studio Suite, and Atosa Suite. Dariush Hotel has several restaurants and coffee shops that you can count on for a delicious meal.

Dariush five-star hotel with wonderful facilities such as a beautiful private lake, outdoor pool, Thai massage, fish spa, diving, gym, billiard hall, tennis court, paintball court, and the possibility to visit the dolphin park and the bird park is one of the best hotels in It is considered a cult.

3. Parmis Hotel, Kish

If you prefer to be close to shopping centers during your stay in Kish, Parmis five-star hotel is a good choice. One of the special features of this hotel is the use of modern cars for city tours for hotel guests.

Parmis Kish Hotel’s accommodation facilities include rooms, suites, penthouses, and special suites for the bride and groom. The hotel rooms are equipped with modern and standard facilities and will undoubtedly satisfy you. At Parmis Hotel, various catering units including a traditional restaurant, spaghetti house, canteen, and coffee shop are ready to serve the guests.

The facilities of Parmis Hotel include internet, parking, meeting hall, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, massage room, dedicated computer games room, etc.

4. Shayan Hotel, Kish

One of the most luxurious hotels in Kish is the five-star Shayan Hotel. This hotel, which is part of the Pars International Hotels Group, is close to the Kish recreational beach and some of its suites are located next to the beach.

In Shayan Kish Hotel, you can book different accommodation spaces such as double rooms, duplexes, ordinary suites, beach suites, royal suites, and villas. The hotel rooms have good facilities and the equipment is properly selected and arranged for the comfort of the guests. With several catering units, including Shambiler restaurant, Loshato restaurant, coffee shop, and traditional dining room, you will find your favorite food on the menu ahead, whatever your taste.

The facilities of the Shayan Hotel include a conference hall, amphitheater hall, parking lot, billiard hall, table tennis, tourist services, airport transfer, etc.

5. Marina Park Hotel, Kish

Another one of the best hotels in Kish, which has great recreational facilities, is Marina Hotel. By staying at Marina Park Kish Hotel, you can experience good hours. Marina Hotel is also a five-star hotel that serves its guests in harmony with its stars.

You can book a variety of twin and double rooms facing the park or the sea at Marina Kish Hotel. Deluxe suites and junior suites are good choices for staying in a larger space. These suites have a separate bedroom and living room.

The facilities of this hotel include several restaurants and coffee shops, a private beach, marine activities (boating, jet skiing, sea tours), a beach food court, a tennis court, a gym, a swimming pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi, etc.

6. Kish Panorama Hotel

Kish Panorama Hotel was established in 2018 and offers wonderful facilities to its guests. This five-star hotel is located near Sarina Kish shopping center. The services and facilities of Panorama Hotel include a restaurant with a coffee shop, a travel agency, a water pool, etc.

The hotel rooms include a double room, a twin room, a luxury double room, a triple room, a connecting room for four people, etc. By staying at Kish Panorama Hotel, you can easily and in a short time go to Kish shopping centers, the dream beach of the Persian Gulf, and Kish entertainment places.

7. Aramis Plus Hotel, Kish

Aramis Plus Hotel was established in 2019. This newly built five-star hotel has been able to attract many travelers and is considered one of the best hotels in Kish. The proximity of Aramis Plus to the Persian Gulf coast is one of the important advantages of the hotel.

This hotel has 171 rooms with excellent facilities, including internet, a swimming pool with sauna and jacuzzi, a unique studio, a special conference and convention hall, safe deposit boxes, a particular room for storing bags and luggage, etc. By staying in this hotel, you can easily access Kish shopping centers such as Fardis, Roya Mall, etc.

 There are also good four or three-star hotels in Kish that can be booked; But pay less compared to a five-star hotel. Among them, we can mention the four-star Flamingo Hotel, located near the marina and the shopping center, and the four-star Sadaf International Hotel with suitable entertainment and accommodation facilities.

Cheap Hotels in Kish

Many people prefer to spend less money on accommodation while traveling and spend more of their time and money on entertainment and shopping. Contrary to what it seems, in Kish, you can also find a hotel with a reasonable price.

There is no shortage of cheap hotels in Kish, especially in the summer season, you can find good hotels at reasonable prices on Kish Island. It is true that the weather in Kish is hot and humid in the summer season, but the Kish summer festival and reasonable hotel prices during this season of the year attract many tourists and travelers to this beautiful island.

In addition to the hotel, there are also hotels, apartments, villas, and houses for rent in Kish where you can stay at a lower cost than the hotel and enjoy your trip, but if you prefer a hotel, the online hotel reservation site in Kish will help you. They help you find cheap hotels in Kish and save you money.

Introducing Some Cheap Hotels in Kish

Four-star Surint Maryam Hotel: Maryam Kish Hotel is one of the four-star hotels with reasonable prices in Kish, which, due to its proximity to shopping centers and easy access to the beach, can be one of the first options for staying in Kish. Although the price of this hotel may not seem cheap at first glance, considering the facilities and services provided in the hotel, this cost will be affordable.

Four-star Eram Hotel: This hotel is located on Khayyam Blvd. in Kish and has good facilities. Rooms overlooking the Persian Gulf, a sports club, a billiard hall, and two sets of swimming pools are only part of the facilities of the Eram Kish Hotel. Although this hotel is four stars; it has a good price for Kish hotel reservations.

Fanos Hotel Kish: Fanos Hotel is located on a beautiful coastal road in the old city of Harira and close to the fish market. By staying in this hotel, you can easily access the attractions of Kish, such as the underground city of Kariz, the Arab market, etc.

Two-star Aali Qapu Hotel: Among other cheap hotels in Kish, we can mention the two-star Aali Qapu Hotel. This Kish hotel is close to shopping centers and has a good price considering its facilities.

One-star Kasadek Hotel: This hotel is located in front of the Zeitoun market on Kish Island. Kasedak Hotel is one of the cheapest hotels in Kish, which only accepts non-Iranian travelers. Its facilities and services are suitable and attract everyone’s opinion.

Two-star Paniz Kish Hotel: This hotel is located on Rodaki St., next to Roya Mall in Kish Island, and is considered one of the best cheap hotels in Kish. Its short distance from the beach has made many tourists choose Paniz to book a hotel in Kish. By staying in this hotel, you can easily go to Kish shopping malls, such as Fardis shopping center, branches one and two.

Gladys Kish Hotel: This hotel is located on Iran Boulevard, next to the water and electricity department. The amenities and services of Gladys Hotel are suitable and have been able to attract the satisfaction of travelers. Upon arrival, the green and attractive atmosphere of this hotel manages to amaze everyone who walks in.

Two-star Khatam Kish Hotel: This hotel is located on Mirmahna St., Niayesh Blvd. The proximity of the hotel to the Arab market and quay is one of its advantages.

Other cheap hotels in Kish include Helia Hotel, Sara Hotel, Parmida Hotel, Holiday Hotel, etc.

Hotel Reservation in Kish

Although staying in most hotels in Kish and traveling to this beautiful island can be enjoyable and memorable in any case, it is better to specify your priorities first when booking a hotel in Kish. For example, see if being close to shopping centers is more important to you, or being close to the beach and entertainment centers, or if you prefer to stay in a hotel that provides enough recreational facilities such as a playground and a bicycle track inside the hotel itself.

Introducing 10 of the Best Hotels in Kish

1- Toranj Hotel, the experience of staying in the middle of the Persian Gulf

The 5-star Toranj Hotel is one of the most diverse choices for accommodation among Kish hotels. A collection that was built in 2014 in Bakhsh, one with the design of a paisley pattern on the water and the other in a layered way, on the beach of the island. All the rooms of Toranj Kish Hotel have a glass window on the floor of the room and a balcony where you can easily enjoy the eye-catching beauty of the Persian Gulf and the golden sunrise and sunset of the island.

2- A dream vacation at Marina Park Kish Hotel

A 5-star hotel that was built in 2009. The beautiful area with all kinds of natural decorative plants and also very beautiful water features shows the magnificent view of the hotel. Having a private beach and rooms with a sea view next to quality restaurants are among the reasons why Marina Hotel is on the list of the best hotels in Kish. This hotel, with its own parking, boats, and pleasure boats in a beautiful park of 17 hectares with a pleasant atmosphere and spectacular water views, is a good choice for the discerning.

3- Panorama Hotel and luxury vacation experience on Kish Island

Panorama Hotel is one of the newest and most modern hotels in Kish, which has been operating since 2018. A 15-story building with 257 rooms that has modern amenities. The accommodation rooms are located from the second to the thirteenth floor, and the design of the floors is in such a way that super standard accesses are considered to provide services. The location of easy access to various shopping centers and sightseeing places are popular features of the hotel among tourists.

4- Dariush Grand Hotel, a collection inspired by Persepolis

The large and 5-star Dariush hotel is built in the style of Persepolis and has an area of ​​12 hectares. The collection includes 184 luxurious rooms and suites facing the sea or the garden, which makes the memory of traveling to the best hotels in Kish unforgettable. Having an open swimming pool for men and women, free airport transfer, diving equipment, free breakfast, the possibility of using tennis courts, a billiard room, a beautiful private lake, a gym, and visiting the dolphin park and bird garden, and many others, from The facilities of this dream hotel, are all historical themed.

5- Shayan Hotel, one of the oldest and best hotels in Kish

It is a five-star hotel in Kish with very beautiful architecture that meets all the expectations of travelers. This hotel was built in 1975 and has an area of ​​55 thousand square meters. The hotel has 191 rooms and provides a great space for families. Take this seriously Shayan Kish Hotel can be considered the best hotel on this island. The reasonable price of the rooms along with facilities such as the proximity to the largest marina on this island makes a good stay for travelers. Also, apart from the hotel rooms, you can book beach units that have a more private environment.

6- Mirage Hotel, one of the best newly established hotels in Kish

Another five-star hotel in Kish that was opened in recent years (2017) is called Mirage Hotel. Benefiting from modern architecture the design of rooms and buildings is a great advantage for this hotel. The building of this 8-story hotel has a sea view and is only 800 meters away from the Kish recreational beach. Mirage Hotel has 178 rooms and is close to the famous shopping centers of this island. This hotel has a separate swimming pool for men and women, which is free for guests to use. Also, a steam sauna and dry sauna are facilities in the hotel pool.

7- Kish International Hotel is one of the five-star hotels on the island

This beautiful hotel with an area of ​​16 thousand square meters has 14 floors and 336 rooms and suites. In the design and furnishing of the rooms of this hotel, all the needs of the travelers have been met. Although this place is considered one of the best hotels in Kish, it has reasonable prices. The restaurant and coffee shop of the hotel has a full menu of Iranian or fast food dishes. The entertainment complex of Kish International Hotel also includes a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, a children’s playroom, and a relaxation room with pleasant aromas. For female guests in the hotel, there is a hairdresser and a beauty salon.

8- Iran Kish Hotel is suitable for family trips

One of the most attractive and best hotels in Kish, which has a tower-shaped and cube-shaped building, is Iran Hotel. This five-star hotel was built in 2014 with 128 rooms. If you have booked your room in this hotel, you can use the unique facilities and features of the hotel. For example, you have a short distance to the pearl market or Kish karting entertainment complex. The distance of this hotel to the sea is one kilometer. Iran Kish Hotel restaurant has a menu with a variety of Iranian, Farangi, seafood, vegetarian, fast food, and Arabic dishes

9- Vida Hotel is one of the luxury hotels in Kish

One of the best hotels in Kish, designed with the highest standards of the tourism industry, is called Vida Hotel. This 5-star Kish hotel has good access to the beach, the international campus of Sharif University, and the tourist attractions of this island. It is close to the men’s and women’s beaches and offers its guests a 50% discount at Dolphin Park. The rooms of this hotel have a view facing the sea or facing the island park.

10- Kourosh Hotel is the first environmentally friendly hotel in Iran

This hotel is built on 16 floors and is one of the highest hotels in Kish. This newly established hotel has 198 rooms and is 1.4 km away from the beach of the island. Kourosh Hotel was built in 2018 as the first green hotel in Iran, due to solar energy used in most of its parts and the fact that environmental standards are observed in its construction and maintenance.

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