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The Greek Ship in Kish

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Kish’s Greek Ship and the Story of the Sitting Bride

History has proven to us that nothing is permanent. There were many ships and airplanes that were considered huge and unique structures in their time; But due to the occurrence of other incidents, they could not continue their activities and only a name or a story is left to tell about them. One of these interesting events happened right in our own country.

An example of these deaths is the Titanic ship, which can be boldly said that almost no one in the world has not heard the name of the Titanic ship and its sad story. This huge ship sank after hitting an iceberg with 1514 passengers and crew. But the Titanic was certainly not the first or the last ship in the world that stopped due to an incident, and there may be such incidents in any region and at any time, each of which has its own interesting story. The Greek ship also known as the sitting greek bride is one such example that is one of the most popular sites in our best Iran tours packages.

A Greek ship aground on the island of Kish

Is the Greek ship sinking?

Yes, this ship is very worn out and if it is not restored, the possibility of saying goodbye to this ship with Kish Island is very high. On the other hand, officials say that maintaining this ship costs a lot, despite the fact that Kish is the most profitable free zone in terms of tourist arrivals.

Why did the Greek ship sink?

The most logical reason was the foggy weather and the lack of lighthouses in this area, which caused this ship to be stuck in this place forever.

Where is the address of the Greek ship on Kish Island?

This beautiful structure is located on Goroob Street, Kish, Goroob Square, and near Goroob Beach Park.

How much does a Greek ferry ticket cost?

In the past, due to the fact that it was possible to visit the inside of the ship with diving equipment, a fee was charged, but recently, due to the erosion of the ship and the high risk, this program is no longer implemented, and you will not be charged anything for walking on the deck and watching the sunset.

Where is the Greek ship?

Where is the Greek ship Kish and why did it run aground?

The Greek ship is one of the tourist attractions of Kish. This ship ran aground on August 4, 1966 near Bago village. The Greek ship, which was built by William Hamilton’s company in Glasgow in 1943, had changed hands between different English and Iranian owners, and the last owner was a Greek person.
The weight of this ship at the time of construction was 7061 tons and its length was more than 136 meters. The names of this ship were (Empire Trumpet, Naturalist, Kourosh-e Parsi, Hamadan, and finally Khoula F). The reason for the sinking of the Greek ship is still shrouded in mystery and there are many speculations about it.
Many people think that it is a Portuguese ship that is anchored in this city and a Greek ship is located in Qeshm city, but the truth is that this ship belongs to Greece, which is located on the island of Kish, and in the last few years it has become one of the It has become a tourist attraction.

If we want to tell you the exact address of this spectacular structure, which is considered one of the entertainment places of Kish, the Greek ship is located on Gorob Street, Gorob Square, Kish, and in Gorob Beach Park.

History of the Greek Ship

The Greek ship passed by the island of Kish

As mentioned above, this ship was built in 1943 by the William Hamilton company in Scotland with a weight of 7061 tons and a length of 136 meters. (currently, it weighs less due to severe decay) for the first time in 1943 AD (equivalent to 1325 AD), the Ministry of War Transport in London bought this ship and named it Empire Trumpet.
After three years, in 1946, the ship was bought by the Charnet Steamship Company in Liverpool and renamed the Naturalist. This company sold the ship to the Iranians in London in 1959 after using it for 13 years and its name was changed to Korosh Parsi. After six years in 1965, this ship was bought by Iran Shipping Company in Khorramshahr and this time it was named Hamedan.
After a year, this ship was sold for the last time to a Greek businessman named P. Frangoulis, who changed the name of his ship to Khoula F.
In the summer of 1345 AH, the natives of Bago village were surprised to see a very large ship floating in the sea (probabilities and reasons for this issue are given, which we will discuss further). The Greek ship that had traveled to Iran was returning to Greece and sank on the shores of Kish Island.
After this incident, many efforts were made to free this structure, which continued for 80 days, but due to the heavy weight of the ship, there were no results, and only these activities were faced with high costs. After 80 days, the passengers had to leave the ship.
On the other hand, the cargo of the ship was oil, and it was very valuable, which was completely imagined, and this ship remained fixed on Kish Island until today.

Different Stories on the Greek Ship’s Grounding

Narration of the legends of the Greek ship

There are many stories about the Greek ship running aground, for example, some say that the captain of this ship falls in love with an Iranian girl, but the girl’s family opposes this. One day, the captain makes a date with the girl to take her to Greece in waiting for the girl the captain took it too close to the shore.
Another mentioned story is that the owner of the ship was in a very heavy financial bankruptcy, for this reason, with the cooperation of the ship’s captain and sailors, they grounded the ship so that they can receive damages from the insurance companies. Also, some natives of this area have said that the captain of this ship was under the influence of alcohol and this situation caused this incident.
But there is a more logical reason than other statements and more people have confirmed the truth of this issue that the weather was very foggy and due to the lack of lighthouses the ship came to the island and this happened.

Entertainment and Attractions Around the Greek Ship

Due to the high popularity of this tourist attraction in recent years, many recreational facilities and services have been added to this area of ​​Kish Island, and if you visit this beautiful place, you can not only go on the deck of this ship and enjoy the sunset there but also Take advantage of the beach park with an area of ​​60,000 square meters, cafe, amphitheater, Iranian restaurants, and Lebanese, skate rental stations, etc. near this ship.
Considering the facilities mentioned and the introduction of the Greek ship, if you travel to Kish Island, you must visit this beautiful and pleasant area. In the past, it was possible to visit the inside of a Greek ship with a diving suit, but recently, due to excessive erosion of the ship, this attractive feature is no longer possible.
However, there is no fee to visit this ship, and most visitors can visit this beautiful site by the sea and watch the sunset, which creates a very beautiful atmosphere for photography. This ship is considered one of the attractions of Kish in the true sense of the word, which has drawn many tourists.

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