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Khor desert and Biabank

Khur va Biabanak Desert

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Khur va Biabanak Desert in the east of Isfahan province, in fact, this desert is a part of the city by the same name. The desert with its unique sand dunes and nature is known as one of the most beautiful deserts on Iran tours. This area consists of two habitable parts and a desert part, both of which have their own beauties. Khur va Biabanak Desert with a collection of salt lakes, small and large hills and salt waterfalls can be a great reason to travel to this part of our country.

Introducing Khur va Biabanak Desert

Khur va Biabanak city is one of the most unique desert areas that has preserved history, nature, entertainment, and beauty together. The proximity of this desert to Isfahan, Khorasan, Yazd, and Semnan has made it one of the best choices for desert climbing.

Unlike in the past, when this area consisted of only three villages, Abiazeh, Garmeh, and Iraj, today this area is known as a city and urban life today is seen in Khur va Biabanak Desert. Passing through the habitable part and stepping into its desert area, you will encounter a world of beauties that are unique in their kind. Starry nights, hills with golden and flowing sands, and silence that caresses the ears of the heart and soul have all caused desert trekking to grow rapidly in this part of our country.

Khor and Biabank to Isfahan

Desert Attractions

When we talk about desert climbing, we subconsciously think of an area full of quicksands and vegetated hills. In Khur va Biabanak Desert, you can also experience the pleasure of walking and jumping over these hills and taking wonderful photos. But along with all this, the existence of other attractions and beauties of this region can not be ignored. Among the sights of Khur va Biabanak Desert, the following can be mentioned:

Salt Lake

It is safe to say that one of the main reasons for choosing to travel to the estuary and desert is its wonderful and amazing salt lake. The formation of regular geometric shapes with raised and salt walls in an area of ​​2000 square kilometers are one of the wonders of nature in this area.

In fact, this lake is seasonal and the water depth in it is very shallow and its surface is covered with polygons or geometric shapes. In addition to the unique face of the lake in spring and autumn, just choose the cold winter season to step into this corner of the estuary and desert to be completely surprised. The black color of the area creates a wonderful combination with the polygons, and this is what attracts geologists and desert lovers to them.

It is important to know that the salt lake is not only valuable because of its beautiful appearance, but is also one of the largest potash mines in the world.

Salt Waterfall

Due to the presence of potash in the estuary and desert, part of it is allocated for mineral extraction. The creation of an artificial waterfall with a height of 30 meters in recent years in this area has provided good recreational conditions in the desert. The turquoise color of the waterfalls and the sound of water falling in the heart of the desert have given a new color and view to the desert and have played an important role in increasing the number of tourists in this area.

At a very short distance from this desert, you can visit the historical villages of Abiazeh, Iraj, and Garmeh, as well as the famous village and desert of Mesr. Undoubtedly, visiting these areas can make your travel bag more experienced and heavy. For example, in the village of Abiazeh, you can see a historical castle that is a remnant of the Sassanid period. The groves of Garmeh village, along with the remains of the historic castle and the tranquility of the village, can also make the days of traveling to this area more beautiful.

Recreational Facilities in Khur va Biabanak Desert

The main recreations that most people travel to experience the Khur va Biabanak Desert and other deserts are setting up night camps, hiking, photography, watching the starry sky, and stargazing, as well as walking and touching the sand. Be. But in this area, there are many recreational and welfare facilities that alone can be a reason to travel to the estuary and the desert.

Khor and Biabank desert tour

Salt Village

In recent years, Potas Kavir Complex has set up a salt village with excellent facilities to increase the welfare and comfort of tourists, as well as to help attract more domestic and foreign tourists to this area. In addition to quiet and well-equipped accommodations that can be a great option for multi-day trips, there is a swimming pool and other sports facilities.

As salt therapy has many fans and this area is rich and unique in terms of salt and other minerals, as a result, energy therapy tours are held in this village. You can also use the pool and salt baths of the complex.

In this set, the necessary equipment for star observation is also considered, the existence of which, along with the equipped suites, provides everything for gaining new experiences.

Desert Farms

You may be interested to see the lush nature and agricultural lands in the heart of the estuary and desert. In different parts of this region, farms such as Kamalabad, Beheshti, and Shatshab farms can be seen, each of which offers exceptional opportunities and all of them belong to the Potas complex.

For example, at Kamalabad farm, you can ride camels and enjoy wildlife and relax in one of its residences. In Paradise Farm, the focus is more on sports activities and motorcycling, and so on. Finally, by going to Shatshab Farm, you can visit and buy the handicrafts of the natives of the region and experience the art in the heart of the desert

Many desert climbing groups choose desert estuaries and deserts for short trips on different days of the year under different pretexts. Many of them travel to the heart of the desert in two-wheel drive cars and experience off-road with unparalleled excitement. The sand dunes and deserts of this region have the necessary capacity and potential for sports and recreation such as motorcycling and off-roading.

Of course, the entry of this type of recreation into the salt lake causes a lot of damage and destroys the polygons. To preserve the beauty of nature and its durability for many years, it is better not to enter this type of car into the salt lake.

The Best Time to Visit Khur va Biabanak

To choose the best time to travel to this desert, in the first stage, you have to see what you are looking for. Would you like to travel to Khur va Biabanak when there is still a trace of salt lake water or is the black color of the area more attractive to you? In general, and according to the climatic conditions of the region, the best time to travel and the desert is autumn. But to see the black lake in winter, you have to choose that the air burner can be a little annoying.

Sightseeing places of Kavir Khor and Biyabank

Other Tourist Attractions of Khur va Biabanak Desert

At a short distance from this desert, you can visit the historical villages of Abiazza, Iraj, and Garmeh, as well as the famous village of Mesr. The historical castle of Abiazeh village belongs to the Sassanid period.

Bayazeh Castle

One of the sights of Khur va Biabanak Desert of Isfahan is the beautiful castle of Bayazeh village. Bayazah Castle is the first five-story castle in the world where the only materials used are clay and mud.

There are trenches all over the castle. The castle was extremely safe in terms of defense. The door of this castle and the mechanism of draining the water of the aqueduct show the vigilance of the people in the not-so-distant past against the enemy.

Research also shows that holes have been made inside the castle for soldiers to hide.

Jandaq Castle

The historical castle of Jandagh, located in the city of Khur va Biabanak, is considered a remnant of the Sassanid Empire. Since this desert is on the Silk Road. This castle is located as a castle or caravanserai in this area in the Sassanid period. People interested in traveling can visit Jandagh village and the sights inside this village, which include Anoshirvan Castle, Jandagh Castle, etc.; To visit.

Jandaq Mosque

Jandaq Mosque, which is located in Nain city, has original and beautiful Iranian architecture. The courtyard of the mosque, which is rectangular in shape, has three pavilions on each side. The brick dome of this mosque is located on the south side of the mosque. The existence of a Hosseiniyah and two naves are other components of the Jandaq Mosque.

Garmeh Village

Garmeh is one of the villages in the Nakhlestan district which is known as the central part of Khur va Biabanak Desert city of Isfahan province. The people of this area speak the dialects of Garmi, Khury, and Iraji. Garmeh, which is located near the desert, can be a good place to stay.

Narin Castle

Narin Castle or Orange Castle has been one of the defensive elements and castles of this area in the distant past. What makes this castle a tourist attraction are the basic building materials of this castle. This castle is still being studied and explored because there are many rumors and speculations about this spectacular attraction.

Farrokhi Grand Mosque

Other places of interest in Khur va Biabanak Desert include Farrokhi Grand Mosque. This mosque with its beautiful architecture has two naves, spring, and winter. Farrokhi Grand Mosque was built in 1249 with small domes and tall columns in this area. Every year, a large number of domestic and foreign tourists travel to this area to see this work of art.

Farrokhi Village

Farrokhi village is one of the original and spectacular villages of Khur va Biabanak Desert. This village was known as Darulaman in the past because all the people in the areas who were enemies of the king at that time lived in this area in a safe environment.

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