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Isfahan hotels

Isfahan Accommodation Guide

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Isfahan and Its hotels

Isfahan is half the world! claims an Iranian saying. Although this colloquial proverb may be exaggerating things a bit, hardly anyone will not be captivated by this city’s beauty. From Zayandeh Rood to Naqsh-e Jahan Square to Chehelston the city has many renowned attractions. A city that was the capital of Iran during the Safavid period, and today it is the capital of culture and art. Watching beautiful architecture and buildings, and staying in hotels or traditional residences in Isfahan doubles the pleasure of the trip. here at IranAmaze in addition to our “best Iran tours packages“, we have a list of the best hotels in Isfahan for booking, and you are only a few clicks away from making a good memory of your trip to Isfahan.

Reservation of Hotels in Isfahan

You can see different types of accommodation on the Iranamaze website and easily complete the reservation of your desired option. 5-star hotels such as Abbasi Hotel and traditional residences such as Qasr Manshi Traditional Residence can be booked with the best prices and discounts. And they will make a dream stay for you in Isfahan. The process of booking a hotel in Isfahan online and from Iran is done in just a few minutes.

The Price of Hotels in Isfahan

You can book a hotel and accommodation for any travel budget on the Iranamaze website. From economic and cheap accommodations such as guesthouses and guest houses to luxury and 5-star hotels. Just sort the list of Isfahan hotels according to the price range you are considering. The cost of stay depends on the season and date of the Isfahan hotel reservation, and it is better to make the reservation at least 1 month before your trip. Iranamaze has made it possible to book hotels in Isfahan with reasonable prices and discounts

List of Good Hotels in Isfahan

The opinions of Iranamaze users can be read for most of the hotels in Isfahan. And this will help you book the closest option according to your taste. Therefore, if you are in doubt about choosing several hotels, you can easily compare the points of the hotels in terms of the quality of services and facilities, location, and the attitude of the staff. Keryas, Atigh, Partikan Traditional Hotels / Guest Houses are included in the list of the best hotels in Isfahan.

Around some historical places and sights of Isfahan, you can stay in attractive hotels. If you want to be close to Naqsh Jahan Square, you can see the list of hotels near Naqsh Jahan Square. In addition, you are close to other attractions such as Chehelston Palace, Chaharbagh Street, and Hasht Behesht Palace and Garden. By viewing the location of the Isfahan Hotel on the map of Iran, or the address, you can find the area of ​​your desired stay more easily.

Why travel to Isfahan?

No matter how long the trip to Isfahan takes, this beautiful city still offers you entertainment and visits to prove to its travelers that it is half of the world. From historic and magnificent mosques to the bridges over the Zayandeh Rood, from the square to the river, from the charming Abbas Abad street with towering trees to the back alleys of the Jolfa neighborhood, from traditional wine cellars to modern cafes, from Bryan to Doug and Goshfil, they are experiences. which will not be obtained except by traveling halfway around the world. By booking a hotel in Isfahan, wherever you stay in the city, you will be close to several places of interest in Isfahan. Isfahan, known as half of the world, is a symbol of Iranian culture and art with its rich history and architectural masterpieces. In 2006, it was introduced as the cultural capital of the Islamic world and most of its historical buildings were registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city of Isfahan has been able to compete with other cities in the capital of Iran for many years and in different periods. One of the most beautiful and unique squares in the world is located in the heart of this city, and the Zayandeh Rood, which passes through the city, has given a mild climate to this desert city.

What is the best season to travel to Isfahan?

Isfahan is considered a desert city. It has a moderate and slightly dry climate, and like all desert cities, the temperature difference between day and night is large. Remember that if you enjoy the sun and pleasant weather during the day, you should probably expect strong and cold winds at night. Snowfall and rain are few in Isfahan and if it rains, it will be short and intermittent. However, in terms of weather, autumn is the best season to travel to Isfahan. If you want to travel cheaper, choose winter. If you want cool desert summer nights, go to Isfahan in summer. And if seeing the presence of travelers from every corner of Iran and the world and the magnificent image they give to half the world is attractive to you, spring and Nowruz is the time for your trip to Isfahan. It might not be bad to say that Isfahan is a four-season tourist city and the best time to travel to Isfahan depends on your purpose of travel. Isfahan is one of the busy cities and full of travelers. With the help of online hotel booking in Isfahan from Iranamaze, you can safely plan your trip to Isfahan in any season.

How to go to Isfahan?

Plane, train, bus, and car are the vehicles that will bring you to Isfahan. Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport is about half an hour away from the city. Isfahan Railway Station is located in Azadi Square, Isfahan, which is 30 minutes away from the city center. And the 4 bus terminals of Kaveh in the north of the city, Safa in the south of the city, Jay in the east, and Zayandeh Rood in the west are your entry points to Isfahan. Iranamaze provides complete services for traveling to Isfahan with hotel reservations, plane, bus, and train ticket sales, and according to discounts and special offers, you can get complete and low-cost travel services from Iranamaze. Also, if you are traveling to Isfahan with a private car, you can use various routes leading to Isfahan, and before traveling, be sure to search for and choose a shorter and less dangerous route.

Where should we go in Isfahan and what souvenirs should we buy?

A trip to Isfahan is a complete and perfect trip, which includes fun and sightseeing and seeing the modern context of Isfahan, and it can be a time travel in history that takes you to the historical context and lifestyle of kings and the time of carriages and moving with horses. In Isfahan, you will have plans for the day and walking in the city, as well as for a night tour and listening to group songs under Khajo Bridge. Naqsh Jahan Square, Isfahan Grand Bazaar, Qaysarieh Bazaar, Isfahan Jame Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Chehelston, Si O Se Pol, Pole Khajo (Bridge), Ali Qapu Mansion, Monar Jonban, and Hasht Behesht Mansion are just some of the historical sights of Isfahan. Therefore, before your trip, be sure to plan your trip according to the size of the city of Isfahan, so that the tourist attractions and entertainment, cafes, and restaurants that you want to go to during your trip to Isfahan are close to your place of residence. The corner of the city has not missed any of the sights there. Aquarium, Najvan Park, Jolfa neighborhood with all its restaurants and cafes, and Mount Soffeh are among the recreational places of Isfahan that must be seen. In addition to these, there are many villages with pleasant weather around Isfahan, which are worth visiting. Gaz, Polki, Sohan Asali, enamelware and inlay, and calligraphy cloths are well-known souvenirs of Isfahan, which are usually found in Naqsh Jahan Square and Isfahan Grand Bazaar. By booking hotels in Isfahan online from Amaze Iran, by seeing the location of the hotel on the map and reading the description of each hotel, you can book the hotel closest to the sights you want and have the best travel planning to Isfahan.

What is the price of a hotel in Isfahan?

Your trip to Isfahan may be recreational, business, or educational. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are traveling, the variety of prices and quality of hotels makes you not leave the Iranamaze site without choosing a hotel. Hotel prices in Isfahan are very different according to the size of this city and the variety of hotel services, and for every purpose you travel, there is a place to stay at the price you want. 5-star luxury hotels renovated and equipped accommodations with luxury amenities, cheap 1-star hotels with fewer amenities, boutique hotels, or guesthouses. All these choices will be your options with a price between 50 thousand tomans and 2 million tomans. On the reservation page of Isfahan hotels in Iran, you will have a variety of choices for hotel reservations. Using periodic discounts and special offers, the cost and price of the rooms will not be your main concern.

What are the cheapest hotels in Isfahan?

If you are looking for a cheap hotel reservation in Isfahan, it is better to search between 1 to 3-star hotels and guest houses and inns. By entering the Isfahan hotels reservation page and using the star filter on this page, you can see only 1 to 3-star hotels. Also, there is a “lowest price” button at the top of the page, and by selecting this button, all the hotels in Isfahan will be displayed in order from the cheapest to the most expensive. In Isfahan, due to the boom in tourism and crowds, especially during holidays, the prices of luxury hotels and 4 and 5 stars are a bit high. But if you are a regular guest of Iranamaze, you can book the best hotels in Isfahan with a high discount by knowing about the festivals and discounts and proposals and having an affordable stay in a luxury hotel.

How to book hotels in Isfahan at the best price?

The hotel’s price is the main concern of travelers for traveling to the destination city and booking a hotel. On the Iranamaze site, by booking hotels in Isfahan online, in addition to booking the hotel online and easily, you will receive a special discount compared to in-person purchases by concluding special contracts with the Iranamaze supply chain team. Online booking of Isfahan hotels from the Iranamaze website helps you book hotels in Isfahan at the best price according to your travel budget by using filters and categories, photos and information, location on the map and details of dates and room prices, and discounts and points. Benefit from the companionship of Iran

Is it possible to stay in historical houses?

Most hotels in Isfahan and accommodation centers in Isfahan have tried to have authentic and traditional Iranian architecture so that staying in them has the feeling of staying in the buildings of the old kings of this city. But if you really want to stay in a residence that is several years old, the traditional residences of Isfahan that have been restored and restored and equipped with comfortable facilities for accommodation are a good choice. When booking hotels in Isfahan, be sure to read the description and history of the accommodation. In the residences of Isfahan, you will spend several days and nights in a space with magnificent Iranian architecture, mirrored walls and ceilings, courtyards, ponds, and gates. To choose traditional Isfahan hotels or residences and boutique hotels, use the filters on the Isfahan hotels reservation page.

The city of Isfahan, which is one of the most historical cities in Iran, in addition to having a lot of historical attractions that you can visit on your trip to this city, it also has many historical houses that have been renovated in recent years and you can now visit them. stay For this reason, in this article, we are going to introduce two of the traditional hotels of Isfahan where you can stay so that whenever you plan a trip to this beautiful city, you should consider these traditional hotels for your stay. Be

Keryas Traditional Hotel

One of the famous traditional hotels of Isfahan, which is a short distance from Naqsh Jahan Square, is the traditional hotel of Keryas Isfahan. This traditional hotel, which is located in the back alleys of Isfahan’s Governorate Street, is 150 years old and its construction dates back to the Qajar era. But this old house, which was known as Nizam al-Islam House, was renovated in 2017 and has been hosting its travelers since then with 15 rooms. The rooms of this traditional hotel are located on the ground and first floors. In addition to Naqsh Jahan Square, this hotel is also a short distance from Isfahan Hasht Behesht Garden.

Isfahan Traditional Hotel

Among other traditional hotels of this city, we can mention Isfahan Traditional Hotel. This traditional hotel is located on Hakim Street, Isfahan, exactly on the north side of Naqsh Jahan Square, and is very close to Isfahan Grand Bazaar. The traditional hotel of Isfahan dates back to the Safavid era and about 500 years ago. At that time, this hotel was known as Saman House. The traditional hotel was renovated in 2005 and since 2006 with 16 rooms from 1 to 6 beds, it has been ready to welcome travelers who love to stay in such a hotel.

Reservation of Traditional Hotels in Isfahan

The beautiful and historical city of Isfahan has many traditional hotels and residences where you can stay. To book any hotel in Isfahan at the best price, just visit the Iranamaze website. By specifying Isfahan as your place of residence and also specifying the date of entering and leaving the hotel, you can receive and check the list of hotels and accommodations offered by Iranamaze on the Iranamaze website. You can choose and book the hotel you want by checking the facilities of each hotel as well as its location and cost and confirming your reservation by paying online.

Introducing the City and Hotels of Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the best cities in Iran for travel. Isfahan was the capital of Shah Abbas Safavid in the past and today it is one of the largest cities in Iran. In this city, there are many places of interest, such as Monar Jonban, Si O Se Pol (bridge), Chehelston Palace, Naqsh-e Jahan, Khajo Bridge, Aali Qapu Mansion and Varzaneh Desert near Isfahan. If you are interested in visiting the desert consider our 3-Day Varzaneh Desert & Isfahan Tour. In the following, we introduced the city of Isfahan and the best hotels in this city.

The Beautiful City of Isfahan

Isfahan, which is known to half the world, has the most beautiful manifestations of Iranian-Islamic art and architecture. These beautiful architectures are highly attractive to Iranian and foreign tourists, therefore many tourists travel to Isfahan every year. There are many historical monuments in this city, most of which are registered in UNESCO as historical heritage. Since Isfahan has a dry climate, the best time to visit this city is in the middle of spring when the weather is mild. Apart from the sightseeing buildings, handicrafts and delicious food of this city also attract many people.

How to book a hotel in Isfahan?

Isfahan has numerous accommodations, from 5-star hotels to cheap accommodations, all of which are easily accessible. It should be mentioned that most of the famous hotels in Isfahan city are located near the main tourist places of this city so that there is no problem related to transportation for travelers. It is good to know that the traffic plan is implemented in Isfahan, so paying attention to this point is better when booking a hotel. Another important point about booking a hotel in Isfahan is to pay attention to the fact that the low price of some accommodations may not tempt you, because the accommodation in question may not provide suitable standard facilities to travelers. This can also happen to multi-star hotels, so choose your hotel carefully. It should be mentioned that for booking a hotel or any kind of accommodation, it is good to use the opinions of previous guests of the hotel. To book the best hotels, you can use the Iranamaze website and make your hotel reservation in the easiest possible way.

Which are the most luxurious hotels in Isfahan?

Isfahan hotels have special facilities that distinguish each one from the others. By going to the Isfahan hotels page on the Iranamaze website, you can see the best and most luxurious hotels and choose and book the hotel you want according to its 4-star and 5-star properties, as well as the facilities mentioned for each hotel. For example, Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan with its unique and historical architecture as an attractive museum hotel has attracted the opinion of many tourists in Isfahan.

Which hotels are the best hotels in Isfahan according to travelers?

Since each person has his own factors for choosing a hotel, we cannot say with certainty which hotels are the best hotels from the point of view of travelers. Therefore, it is better to consider the features and facilities of the hotel and choose according to the factors you want. For example, the proximity of a hotel to a certain place may be more important to you, so choosing a 2 or 3-star hotel or even an apartment hotel with such a feature will be better than a 4 or 5-star hotel without this feature.

What is the price of hotel reservations in Isfahan?

One of the most common questions that arise in travelers’ minds when traveling to any city is the cost of hotel reservations and the cost of each night’s stay. If you are a traveler of Isfahan city and want to find information about the cost of booking a hotel in this city, to know the prices, you should go to the Isfahan hotels page of the Iranamaze website and see a list of all hotels along with their prices. You can also use filters to narrow down the hotels you want. For example, list the hotels based on their stars or select a specific feature of a hotel in the filters and find the hotels that have the desired feature.

How to find a cheap hotel in Isfahan city?

Luxury hotels require a lot of money due to their high facilities, so people who are looking for cheaper hotels can find two-star hotels or apartment hotels in this city by searching the Iran website, which charges less for each night’s stay. And according to their desired facilities, choose and book a hotel or apartment hotel. It should be mentioned that except for these two cases, the traditional residences of Isfahan also charge a lower fee for each night’s stay. Although these traditional residences do not have the facilities of a hotel, due to their old and traditional nature, they create an interesting experience for travelers.

What is the price of hotel reservations in Isfahan?

One of the most common questions that arise in travelers’ minds when traveling to any city is the cost of hotel reservations and the cost of each night’s stay. If you are a traveler of Isfahan city and want to find information about the cost of booking a hotel in this city, to know the prices, you should go to the Isfahan hotels page of the Iranamaze website and see a list of all hotels along with their prices. You can also use filters to narrow down the hotels you want. For example, list the hotels based on their stars or select a specific feature of a hotel in the filters and find the hotels that have the desired feature.

How to find a cheap hotel in Isfahan city?

Luxury hotels require a lot of money due to their high facilities, so people who are looking for cheaper hotels can find two-star hotels or apartment hotels in this city by searching the Iran website, which charges less for each night’s stay. And according to their desired facilities, choose and book a hotel or apartment hotel. It should be mentioned that except for these two cases, the traditional residences of Isfahan also charge a lower fee for each night’s stay. Although these traditional residences do not have the facilities of a hotel, due to their old and traditional nature, they create an interesting experience for travelers.

Booking a hotel in Isfahan will be easy if you know where you plan to visit. In this case, you can browse among the hotels based on the location factor and select each one that is close to the attraction you want. So you will have a list of hotels and now you only have to compare the facilities, services and prices of the hotels. In the article, these hotels in Isfahan are the least far from its tourist attractions, Iranamazehas made it easy for you to book a hotel.

Monar Jonban and Nearby Residences

Everyone in Iran knows Manarjanban and has visited it at least once. A building with unique features that were left over from the Ilkhanian period and its azure and turquoise tiles on the roof dazzle the eyes. Monar Jonban is on Ateshgah street and its seven-and-a-half meter minarets split the sky of Isfahan.

If we want to talk about the hotels that are the least far from this building; We must say that the closest hotel to Monar Jonban is 13 minutes away from it. Forty Panjere Apartment Hotel, which is a four-star hotel, reaches this beautiful historical work from Mirza Taher Street. Another accommodation close to Monar Jonban is Sarai Ardibehesht Hotel; A two-star hotel with a cheap price, which also leads from Mirza Taher Street to Monar Jonban. If you are looking for a more luxurious stay, booking Asman Hotel is a good option for you. A three-star hotel that is 16 minutes away from your destination and can be reached through Atashgah Boulevard.

Si O Se Pol (Bridge) and Neighboring hotels

Si O Se Pol (Bridge), which is the symbol of Isfahan and rests in the bosom of the Zayandeh Rood, is a masterpiece from the reign of Shah Abbas I. Of course, this bridge, which is considered a masterpiece in the world of bridge building, also has different names; From Allah Wardi Khan Bridge to Jolfa Bridge and Chehl Cheshme whatever the name is, 33 bridge spans have brought the name of Si O Se Pol to it.

Fortunately, the Si O Se Pol is among those buildings where most of the city’s hotels are adjacent. Among these hotels, we will share the names of some of the closest ones. The most luxurious hotel near the Si O Se Pol is the five-star Abbasi Hotel, which everyone has heard about. It is only 3 minutes away from this hotel to the bridge, that is from Pasdaran street. Of course, two other hotels are located at the same distance and on the same route from Sisah Bridge, which is Venus Hotel and Safir Hotel. It is a 3-minute walk from the three-star tourist hotel to the bridge, and you will reach it by crossing Motahari and Shamsabadi streets.

As we said, the number of hotels that are adjacent to the Si O Se Pol is not small. There are three other residences located 4 minutes away from it. One is the four-star Ali Qapu Hotel and the Part Hotel, which reach the bridge from Shamsabadi Street. The other is Hasht Behesht Apartment Hotel, which will take you to your destination from Pasdaran Street.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square and the Distance to Isfahan Hotels

Naqsh Jahan is one of the historical relics of Isfahan that has been noted in different historical periods. The square was built in the Timurid period, developed in the Shah Abbas period, was neglected in the Qajar period, and then flourished again. It is said that in this square of 85 thousand square meters during the period of Shah Abbas; the Army parades, polo games, and various rituals have been held.

The closest accommodation to the square is Partikan Apartment Hotel, which is only 1 minute away. The three-star Partikan reaches Naqsh Jahan from Saadi Street. The good news for fans of cheap hotels is that a cheap two-star hotel is located in the same distance and direction from the square, and that is Jam Firouzeh Hotel. Hasht Behesht is also only 3 minutes away from Naqsh Jahan, and to reach your destination, you have to go through Saadi Street and Ostandari Street. And finally, the Star Hotel is 4 minutes away from Khalifa Soltani Street.

Chehelston Palace; a few steps away from the city’s hotels

The beautiful Chehelston Palace, which is one of the other magnificent monuments of the Safavids, is a building in the Shah Abbas Royal Garden on the lower Chaharbagh Street. From the beauty of the garden covered with maple, elm, and plantain trees to the architecture of the palace which is a combination of Iranian, French, and Chinese styles; Everyone has turned Chehelston into one of the symbols of Isfahan’s glory. Now we go to the closest hotels to this valuable historical monument:

• Saba Hotel is 4 minutes from Chaharbagh street

• Hasht Behesht Apartment Hotel 4 minutes from Hasht Behesht St

• Abbasi Hotel 4 minutes from Bagh Goldeste Street

• Safir Hotel, 4 minutes from Bagh Goldeste Street

• Isfahan Traditional hotel 5 minutes from Sepeh and Hakim streets

• Jam-e Firouzeh Hotel, 5 minutes from Sepeh and Ostandari streets

• Venus Hotel 5 minutes from Bagh Goldeste Street

The attractions of Isfahan are not only the result of history. For example, in this city, there is an extremely large and spectacular aquarium that has unique features: it is the first aquarium tunnel in Iran, and many species of fish from five continents live in it, some of which are among the most dangerous and rare. In addition, each aquarium has a different shape; One cylindrical, one wall frame, and the other touch. In short, don’t miss this fascinating aquarium in Najuan Park!

If you think that your accommodation should be near the park, we will introduce you to three hotels: Part Hotel and Aali Qapu Hotel, from which you can reach the aquarium in 4 minutes along Sheikh Bahai Street and Shamsabadi Street. The other hotel is a tourist, which is also from Shamsabadi street and reaches the aquarium within 5 minutes.

Atashgah; a little further from Isfahan hotels

Atashgah may be a lesser-known attraction in Isfahan, but it is worth visiting. A building on top of Mount Ateshgah, around the city of Isfahan and near Zayandeh Rood, dates back to the Sassanid period. It seems that this building, which is made of sedimentary rocks, was one of the big fire temples during the Sassanid Qabad period. Although this building is not located near the hotels and residences of the city like Si O Se Pol or Chehelston, there are hotels from which you can reach the Atashgah:

• Isfahan Hotel 19 minutes from Ateshgah Blvd

• Hakhamaneshian Partak Apart Hotel Partak 19 minutes from Amirkabir road

• Suhrvardi Boutique Hotel 20 minutes from Atashgah Blvd

• Chehel Panjereh Hotel, 20 minutes from Atashgah Blvd

Vank Church and the residences near it

Vank Church in the Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan was once a place of worship for the city’s Christians and now it is a beautiful museum for visitors. The architecture of the church is a fusion of Iranian and Armenian styles, and the extraordinary paintings on the walls and ceiling of the building dazzle the eyes of art lovers. Vank is the largest church in Iran and its construction is attributed to the time of Shah Abbas II.

Among the hotels close to Vank Church, Jolfa Hotel can be mentioned, which is located 5 minutes away from it and reaches the church from Mehrdad Street. Parsian Suite Hotel and Parsian Kausar Hotel are two other hotels that lead to Vank after 7 minutes and cross Toheed and Mellat streets.

Mount Soffeh; from city hotels to the roof of Isfahan

Koh-e Sofeh is a favorite resort of the Isfahan people, which is also called the roof of Isfahan. Both those who are interested in mountain climbing and a family picnic, and those who follow exciting sports such as bowling, can go to Mount Safa in the south of Isfahan. Watching the wildlife and countless springs and caves of this area and riding the cable car will not be without pleasure. It should be added that the city’s hotels are not far from this area. Nevertheless, we introduce you to three hotels that will be less than 20 minutes away from the page by staying in them:

• Hammam Hotel 10 minutes from Dastjardi highway

• Jolfa Hotel, 17 minutes from Sefe Blvd

• Mahan Hotel 19 minutes from the national highway

When is the best time to book a hotel in Isfahan?

In May, the pleasant spring weather of Isfahan remains strong, but there is no news of the flood of people and the staggering costs, especially the prices of hotels. In the fall, the weather in Isfahan is cool and the autumn rains start at the end of October. In addition, there are no tourists this season and the prices are back to normal. But in terms of price, winter is the cheapest season.

What are the ways to find a cheap hotel in Isfahan?

Booking a cheap hotel in Isfahan is not far from expectation. There are many hotels that offer reasonable prices to travelers with suitable facilities. You can go for two-star hotels or Isfahan apartments or even traditional residences that have a cheaper price.

How to Book a Hotel in Isfahan?

When you have finalized your travel plan, search for hotels in this city on the Iranamaze website. If you are a professional in hotel booking, you should know that price, star, and type filters can make your work easier. In addition, showing the location of the hotel on the map allows you to measure the distance between the hotel and the sights of the city and not book a room in a hotel far from the city center.

When do you choose to travel to Isfahan?

It is you who decides when to travel to Isfahan, but not alone! There are factors that willy-nilly play a role in your decision, for example, the weather of Isfahan. However, the difference between the climate of the city you are traveling to and where you live can sometimes be a problem for you.

What is the weather like in Isfahan?

Isfahan is known as a city of four seasons. The mountains of Zagros, Zayandeh Rood, and the central desert of Iran have brought a different atmosphere to every corner of Isfahan. For example, the west and southwest of Isfahan have a good climate with rainfall and semi-humid weather. But in general, Isfahan is a dry and temperate city, where the heat sometimes reaches 40 degrees and the cold goes below zero.

Spring in Isfahan is like other cities; The weather is great and sunny. There is no news of rain or heat. For this reason, Isfahan experiences its busiest days during the Eid holidays. There are many people who cannot tolerate this annoying crowd. Therefore, they wait until May. In April, the pleasant spring weather remains strong, but there is no news of the flood of people and the staggering costs, especially the prices of hotels in Isfahan. Spring is also a good season to visit deserts near Isfahan, check out our Iran Desert Tours​ for more information.

Everyone knows the summers of Isfahan. The heat of the air becomes troublesome and there is no escape from the burning sun. However, Isfahan is not empty of travelers even in summer. Not only for Iranians who are freed from school in the summer; Moreover, but for foreign tourists, the heat does not prevent them from traveling to Isfahan. It is better to say that summer is not a good season to visit Isfahan; For several reasons: hot weather, high prices, and crowding.

In autumn, the weather in Isfahan is cool and the autumn rains start at the end of October, there are no tourists and prices return to normal. If these two factors are more important to you, you have time to travel to Isfahan before it starts raining.

The weather in Isfahan sometimes reaches below zero in winter. Sometimes the precipitation appears as snow, but the sky of this city is more interested in heavy rains than snow. In fact, winter is not a good season for those who are not used to the dry cold of Isfahan. Although for travelers who don’t mind the cold, winter is the cheapest season.

Festivals and Artistic Programs of Isfahan

In December, Isfahan also hosts many guests who travel to it under the pretext of Isfahan Day. Not only foreign tourists, but representatives of more than 10 countries also go to Isfahan for a few days to participate in the first Azar programs. During this period, the ancient rituals of Isfahan such as Khaju Khani are held and life during the Seljuq and Safavid periods is depicted. Local sports of Isfahan, such as polo, impersonation and impersonation, street theater, conferences, lectures, music concerts, and the protection of Isfahan’s elders are among the other programs that make Isfahan a host for tourists on this autumn day.

Which hotel do you book in Isfahan?

The guests of Isfahan are made up of different strata. In other words, travelers are looking for several goals when booking a hotel in Isfahan:

• Some are looking for luxury and five-star hotels in Isfahan. Price may be the last priority for these people. The best choice for this group of travelers is Abbasi Hotel and Parsian Kotsar Hotel.

• Some prefer to experience staying in traditional hotels in a city like Isfahan. Are you in this category? Take a look at the traditional hotels of Isfahan.

• There is another group of Isfahan tourists for whom the price is of particular importance. Of course, this does not mean that the quality is sacrificed for the price. What are the best and cheapest hotels in Isfahan? It shows some good and economical hotels in Isfahan to these travelers.

• Those who travel with family and want to stay in a place like their home, prefer an apartment hotel. Chehel Panjere Apartment Hotel, Partikan Apartment Hotel, Partak Achaemenshian Apartment Hotel, Hasht Behesht Apartment Hotel, and Tubi Apartment Hotel; There are accommodations that these people are looking for.

• For a large number of Isfahan residents, the combination of hotel facilities and its location is important. You may be in this category. Read the best hotels in Isfahan.

If you have visited Iranamaze and Isfahan Hotels page to book a hotel in Isfahan, you must have become familiar with the various filters. These filters shorten the way to find the hotel you want and based on the priorities we mentioned above; They show your favorite hotel.

The location of Isfahan Hotels

Previously, in the article 20 of the most important attractions of Isfahan for sightseeing, shopping, and sightseeing, we introduced you to some of the countless sights of Isfahan. Now it is not bad to know which of the hotels in Isfahan are located near these attractions. Undoubtedly, the closer your hotel is to these places, the easier your work will be.

The closest hotels to Naqsh Jahan Square

• Setareh Hotel: Located in the place itself

• Malek Hotel 4 minutes

• Avin Hotel: 5 minutes

• Sepahan Hotel: 7 minutes

• Ibn Sina Hotel: 7 minutes

The closest hotels to Monar Jonban

• Saraye Ardibehesht Hotel: 13 minutes

• Isfahan Hotel: 13 minutes

• Vienna Hotel: 13 minutes

• Aseman Hotel: 14 minutes

• Chehel Panjereh apartment hotel: 15 minutes

The closest hotels to Chehelston

• Jam-e Firuzeh Hotel: 2 minutes

• Sheikh Bahai Hotel: 4 minutes

• Saba Hotel: 4 minutes

• Venus Hotel: 5 minutes

• Khatun Apartment Hotel: 5 minutes

The closest hotels to Si O Se Pol (bridge)

• Parsian Kausar Hotel: located in the place itself

• Part Hotel: 3 minutes

• Abbasi Hotel: 4 minutes

• Ambassador Hotel: 4 minutes

• Tourist Hotel: 4 minutes

The closest hotels to Zayandeh Rood

• Khajo Hotel: 4 minutes

• Mahan Hotel: 5 minutes

• Nations Hotel: 6 minutes

• Sepahan Hotel: 7 minutes

• Zahra Hotel: 7 minutes

The closest hotels to the Isfahan Bazaar

• Jam-e Firouze Hotel: 4 minutes

• Saba Hotel: 4 minutes

• Victory Hotel: 6 minutes

• Avin Hotel: 6 minutes

• Ibn Sina Hotel: 7 minutes

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