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Does Iran Stamp Tourist’s Passport?

After issuing some restrictions from the US governments about traveling to Iran, travel to Iran without a passport stamp is possible.
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During diplomatic deals, tensions between the US and Iran decreased. Iranians could travel more freely to other countries. Also, tourists felt safer about going to Iran. But after rising tensions, circumstances changed again. The US government has issued a restriction rule. Due to this rule, travelers who visit certain countries cannot travel to the US without a visa (citizens of 38 countries can go to the US without a visa). Iran is one of these countries. But Iran’s government didn’t want to lose foreign tourists because of such rigorous regulations. So they issued a new rule.


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A New Rule on Stamping Passports

Most nationalities need Iranian visa to enter Iran. But pay attention that getting an Iranian visa for US citizens can be a little bit different. Every tourist has an authorization number that confirms he/she has got the visa.

To simplify travel to Iran without enduring potential long-term repercussions, Iranian tourist authorities have mandated the elimination of visa stamping. Initially implemented as a pilot project for approximately one year, as of January 2019, stamping visas are officially discontinued. Consequently, your entry and exit stamps will now be placed on an authorization number rather than directly in your passport.

Your Iran entry & exit stamp will be included on the reference form instead of your passport.


You can enter Iran without any stamp on your passport at Tehran, Mashhad, and Shiraz international airports.

JhonnaLou, from UAE, on TripAdvisor

My friend recently visited Iran, they don’t stamp your passport anymore. They just print your visa on a small piece of paper. He got it on arrival. Not sure if the same procedure applies to other kinds of applications.

Can I Travel to America if I’ve Visited Iran?

If you are planning to travel to Iran, there are no more passport stamps for tourists right now. So nothing is registered in your passport and you’ll receive a paper visa. So, you can apply for a US visa or enter this country without any problem.

Ken, from CA, on TripAdvisor

I’m currently in Iran right now, they don’t stamp your passport and you can travel to the USA anytime you want. You have to apply for a visa on arrival online, when approved you can print the paper and present it upon arrival. They’ll only save your info online and you must keep that paper with you. Iranians and nice & you should visit Persia.

Mufajel75, from UK, on TripAdvisor

2019, I am a UK citizen and have just returned from a visit to Iran and then applied for a USA tourist visa (my visit to Iran nullified my existing ESTA) the guy at the US Embassy in London was interested in why I visited Iran and where I went and once it was clear my travels were purely for tourism and that I was pretty well traveled I got a 10-year multi-entry tourist visa to the US. Entry to the US was also easier than with an ESTA with fewer questions etc on landing than when I had traveled on an ESTA. My advice is to be completely honest and upfront and they should have no reason to deny entry to the USA. Both countries are great for visiting and neither should be missed due to misinformation!

Ausmochic A, from Australia, on TripAdvisor

…You are correct, there are passenger manifests, but the NSA can only access the data within their own country. They could request such from another country but that country must have a data-sharing agreement with the US. For example, if you fly to Iran via Russia, Turkey, or China, the USA can not access the passenger list automatically.


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