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Travel Iran: 5 Reasons Why Take An Iran Guided Tour

Iran guided tour allows you to enjoy discovering and exploring all over Iran with the benefits of a professional team. There are tons to see and experience in Iran. Guided tours of Iran customize to your style, schedule, and budget.

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In this guide for travel lovers in IranAmaze, we’re going to list Pros of Iran guided tours, and give you a few extra practical suggestions about which guided tours are trustworthy.

If you are ready to enjoy your travel to Iran without any usual headaches, It’s time to take an Iran guided tour. Instead of spending hours for planning, you take a guided tour with a local guide, who allows you the chance to experience a locale like a local. In less known countries like Iran, a guide helps you to embed yourself in a culture, rather than simply viewing it from a distance.

Benefits to Iran Guided Tour

Having a knowledgeable guide can improve your travel experience because you can travel like a local and always you have someone watching over your back. Also, pre-arranged trip planning without usual hassles may be more time-effective. In addition, Iran guided tour is essential for US/UK/CA citizens.

In this part, we’ll walk through these tips together to clear up any doubts from your mind about why taking an Iran guided tour can enhance your travel experience.

Having a knowledgeable guide can improve your travel experience

Travel Like A Local

A professional leader is not only a guide but also a facilitator. He (she) helps you to meet fewer problem during your travel to Iran. A knowledgeable Iran local tour guide knows the local culture and can facilitate your efforts to meet local people without cultural challenges. For example, as Iran is an Islamic country, visiting Iran during Ramadan can be very exciting. You can learn about Ramadan traditions and enjoy Iftar. But visiting Iran during Ramadan for non-Muslims can be a tricky decision to make. Especially when you have no picture of the circumstances of this month in Iran, it can be more complicated. An Iran local tour guide can help you to be culturally aware and take delight in the atmosphere.

Your educated tour leader speaks English fluently and knows Persian too. Some activity or places generally are not available without a local guide. A local guide knows all the hangouts in his/her city and can provide insider access that enables you to experience a place like a local. You’ll go local secret spots the most of other tourists will never see. For instance, you can’t experience high-altitude treks or join some ethnic ceremonies (or even know it!) without a local guide. By having a guide by your side, you can stay close in touch with local people.

Above all, experiencing real Iranian culture is impossible without an Iran local tour guide. For example, in late December Iranians celebrate “Yalda night” the longest and darkest night of the year that is held differently in different regions. If you would travel to Iran in late December, you mustn’t miss the opportunity to join the Yalda ceremony.

A knowledgeable Iran local tour guide knows the local culture

Improve Your Travel Experience

Depending on the tour you choose, there are many places in Iran where are not famous for tourists. For instance, Khaju Bridge at night is very pleasant. People gather together. They listen to the water rolling down the river. Sometimes somebody starts to sing. His voice reverberates through the bridge. Your top-notch local guide knows all these haunts and helps you to try it.

Iran local tour guide can give you tips to find good restaurants. You can taste culinary backstreet. For example, in Rasht Bazaar there is a restaurant which makes local foods deliciously. You can visit beautiful Rasht, buy from its amazing Bazaar and enjoy tasty local food in an Iran tour.

Finally, an experienced and professional guide knows a specific historical region well and can bring history to life. Depending on your travel, you need more and professional information about the visited place. Instead of looking for information on the internet, you can concentrate on what your tour leader says.

Khaju Bridge at night is very pleasant.

Save More Time

Travel with Iran guided tours, with a professional leader, is the best way to save more time. You don’t have to search for hotels; flights; buses or connections. Your tour will arrange an itinerary that includes all the places you want to visit in a way that optimizes the available time for the tour.

Also, due to knowing the best booking ways, sometimes Iran budget tours are cheaper and more efficient than booking everything by yourself.

Moreover, it is good to mention that traveling to Iran is different from Europe. Booking everything online is harder or even impossible. Due to sanctions, Master card or Visa card isn’t available in Iran, so booking with them is hard or impossible.

Taking a guided tour means forgetting all the hassle of daily responsibilities. They book the best flights; search the best accommodation and arrange the best activities. Your only responsibility is to enjoy the journey!

More Safety

Iran is safe, but always having someone watching over your back is heartwarming. Trying to go alone in a new place where you don’t know the language or you don’t have a plan set up beforehand can be stressful or even dangerous. In Iran private tours or Iran small group tours, you’re never alone; but you can go by yourself too. Fear of the unknown world is the main reason why people don’t get out and travel. But when you travel with a guide, you have a chance to relax rather than worry about your safety.

But when you travel with a guide, you have a chance to relax rather than worry about your safety

Iranian Visa For US/UK/CA Citizens

Most nationalities must apply for a visa for travel to Iran. But to travel Iran as US/UK/CA citizens, you must book an Iran guided tour using an operator licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Without booking an Iran tour for US/UK/CA citizens, it’s impossible to get a visa.

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Some Guided Tours Are A Terrible Way To Travel!

Imagine you didn’t sleep last night well. Tour guide crammed a lot of activity in just a few hours. Visiting place is crowded. You can’t see your tour guide, let alone hear him!

Those are just several Cons of an unprofessional guided tour. Here are several tips about professional Iran Guided tours which make them unique.

Strict Planning

Planning was an advantage of taking a tour, wasn’t it? Yes! But it depends on your tour. An inflexible, rigid itinerary can make you mad. Waking up early in the morning is hard. You prefer to stay up after lunch and do something. In traditional tours, you would miss the bus, but excellent schedules are flexible with your lifestyle.

Maybe you need time to soak up the soul of a city, but traveling too quickly just make you exhausted and feel you’re whisked from one place to another. Or maybe you like to see as much as possible attractions in Iran, so you want to use every moment. Flexible Iran escorted tour itinerary, let you adjust the pace of your trip as you wish.

Big Crowds

Being in a large group ruins the experience of many places. Mother of nature has the healing silence. But among big crowds, there is no silence.

Another problem with big groups is less flexibility. Travel schedule can’t be flexible due to the big group (How can adjust a schedule with about 30 persons?!).

Also, it’s less likely to connect local people. It seems the group is isolated from the local community. Only “tourists” are going from one place to another.

Being in a large group ruins the experience of many places

Less Locality

One of the best ways to get to know the area is to have a guide. As we discussed before, some experiences are possible only with locals. Local guides or companies offer local experiences. They know the surrounding area so well. Maybe a gifted local guide knows urban myths, and you can accompany him/her in the beautiful legends. These activities; places or even experiences are less likely to happen without a local tour. So it’s a smart idea to take an Iran guided tour that benefits from local experts. Otherwise, maybe you end up not totally satisfied with your tour.

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