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Hotels in Kerman

Hotels in Kerman

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Why travel to Kerman?

Kerman, or Karmania in ancient Persian, is one of the ancient cities and the fifth historical city of Iran, which some estimate to be 4000 years BC. Throughout history, Kerman was chosen as the capital of Iran several times and is known as the paradise of mines because of the many mines it contains. Gardens, historical monuments, handicrafts, and local foods and sweets of Kerman are some of the reasons to visit Kerman, this historically rich city.

What season is the best time to travel to Kerman?

Kerman is one of the desert cities of Iran and has a desert climate and so you should apply the rules of Iran desert tours. However, due to the size of the city of Kerman, the weather in different parts of Kerman is different from each other. In addition, Kerman is ranked as the fourth highest province in Iran, and this has caused it to have a cooler climate than other desert cities such as Yazd and Qom. In terms of weather, the best times to travel to Kerman are spring and mid-summer to mid-autumn. If you are planning to go desert hiking, it is better to travel to Kerman from late autumn to the end of winter. Be aware that spring, especially during Nowruz, autumn, and winter are the busiest months to travel to Kerman, and summer is one of the quietest times due to the heat.

Which of the hotels in Kerman are located near tourist attractions?

To book a hotel in Kerman, you must specify your purpose of travel and consider which part of Kerman is preferable for you. If you want to have easy access to Kerman airport and the international exhibition, you can go to Republic Boulevard hotels. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of Kerman city center, hotels near Shahada Square, Arg Square, and Kerman Market are suitable options. You can find the list of Kerman hotels with locations and addresses in IranAmaze.

What are the conditions for canceling a hotel reservation in Kerman?

If you have to cancel your reservation at Kerman Hotel for any reason, you can contact the Iranameze support team. Iranamaze does not charge a fee for canceling a hotel reservation, and after your call, Iranamaze support staff will find out about the amount of cancellation penalty by the hotel and inform you. Iranamaze support team tries to minimize the cancellation penalty of hotel reservations in Kerman.

What should we buy as a souvenir on a trip to Kerman?

Apart from Kerman’s famous cumin and pistachio, if you were looking for Kerman’s local foods during your trip to Kerman, you can try Klumpeh, Komach, Qawut or Qawut, and Changmal and buy them as souvenirs. You can also include Haleem Badmjan, Falodeh Kermani, Ash Shuli, or Umachu in your Kerman tour list. Kerman has the most beautiful arts and crafts; Kerman carpets, Kerman pates, inlays, and copper dishes are some of the crafts of Kerman’s tasteful people that you can buy as souvenirs and mementos of your trip to Kerman.

How to book hotels in Kerman at the best price?

On the Kerman city hotels page, there are filters and categories to help you find the hotel you want. You can search Kerman hotels based on price, accommodation type, and star and see the list and price of Kerman hotels. Iranamaze often offers special discounts on the best hotels in Kerman so that you can have an affordable stay.

Where should we visit in Kerman?

A trip to Kerman is a trip in history and nature, diverse and beautiful gardens in the desert climate have given a special effect to this desert city. On your trip to Kerman, you can visit historical attractions such as Ganj Alikhan Complex, Shazdeh Mahan Garden, Kerman Bazaar, Bam Citadel, Vakil Complex, Rain Citadel, Herandi Museum Garden, and Zoroastrian Fire Temple. Don’t forget to make a list of the places you want to see before traveling to Kerman so you don’t miss a place. Shahdad Desert and Shahdad Young Lake are located 97 km from Kerman, and Hazar Mountain with its Rhine waterfall and good weather is suitable for sightseeing around Kerman.

How to travel to Kerman?

Private cars, trains, planes, and buses are all vehicles to go to Kerman. Maybe the trip to Kerman by private car is long, but on the way, you will pass many beautiful cities and places of interest, which will double the pleasure of the road trip for you. If you travel to Kerman by train, you will get off at the Kerman railway station, which is located in the southwest of the city. If you go to Kerman by bus, the Adineh Kerman passenger terminal will be your destination. If you were planning to travel to Kerman by plane, Kerman International Airport is located in the east of Kerman and you have about 16 kilometers to the city center.

 It doesn’t matter if you go to this city to enjoy the desert air or to see the adobe of Kerman. If you want to travel to Kerman and are looking for the best or the cheapest hotel in Kerman, do not miss this article because this article introduces the types of hotels in Kerman. In the following, we will tell you about the price range of hotels in Kerman, from the best hotels to the cheapest, as well as mid-range hotels. In the end, we will show you the easiest way to book a hotel in Kerman.

The Price of Hotels in Kerman

In Kerman, you will have different options depending on your budget and taste, the location you want, and the facilities you expect from a residence. In Kerman, there are all kinds of hotels, guesthouses, apartment hotels, and eco-tourism lodges for your stay.

If you want to stay in a five-star hotel, you have only one choice in Kerman; Pars Hotel is the only five-star hotel in this city. In addition, you can also stay at Kapri Qalaganj Hotel, which is located about 400 km from Kerman. Of course, it does not mean that you will not find other hotels in the same five-star category.

Finding a cheap hotel in Kerman is also a simple task. You can book a cheap hotel in Kerman for about 120 thousand tomans per night. You can also book the most expensive hotel in Kerman by paying around 700 thousand Tomans per night. Let’s go to the best hotels in Kerman.

The Best Hotels in Kerman

To stay with more facilities, you should go to the best hotels. The best hotels can be different according to the taste and perspectives of travelers. But in general, a hotel can be said to be the best that provides comfort and standard facilities for its guests. Let’s take a look at the best hotels in Kerman.

Pars Hotel, Kerman: as said; The best hotel in Kerman and the only five-star hotel in this city is Pars Hotel. This hotel was built in 2002 on land with an area of ​​32 thousand square meters. Pars Hotel has 8 floors and 164 rooms and suites. All kinds of rooms in this hotel with facilities worthy of the guests will ensure a comfortable and carefree stay for you.

The suites of Pars Hotel, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom luxury suites, Aria Suite and Pars Suite, encourage you to stay in this hotel with desirable and suitable facilities. Pars Hotel has 6 conference and event halls, 2 restaurants, and 2 coffee shops. The gym, swimming pool (sauna and jacuzzi), tennis court, internet, internet cafe, cinema hall, commercial stands, 24-hour taxi service, etc. are part of the facilities of this hotel.

Kerman Tourist Hotel (Branch Number 1): Kerman Tourist Hotel has four stars. This hotel has 61 accommodation units on its 3 floors. All kinds of rooms and suites of the hotel with neat and stylish arrangements will give you the feeling of being at home. The restaurant and coffee shop of Jahangordi Hotel welcome you with a varied menu in a calm atmosphere. Other facilities of this hotel include a ceremonial hall, billiards, air conditioning, laundry, taxi service, spa services, a traditional pantry, internet, etc. It should be noted that Kerman Tourist Hotel has two branches, Branch 1 is among the best hotels in Kerman, and Branch 2 is a 2-star, mid-range hotel.

Golden Days Residence Guest House: The Golden Days traditional residence of Kerman is located on Shahadai Darlek street. Although Kerman Golden Days Guest House is a traditional residence, it is considered one of the best residences in Kerman. The spacious double, triple and four-bed rooms and suites of this guest house give travelers a sense of comfort. The facilities of the guest house are desirable and worthy of attention. Kerman Golden Days Guest House also has a favorable location. By booking this accommodation, you are less than ten minutes away from markets such as Vakil Bazaar, Ganj Ali Khan Bazaar, Mozaffari Bazaar, and Qala Square Bazaar. Ganj Ali Khan Bath and Kozegran Caravanserai are also available at a distance of ten minutes.

Malakuti Apartment Hotel: You can book one-bedroom to three-bedroom VIP apartments to stay in this hotel. Malkuti Apartment Hotel complies with the standards in its apartments and the cleanliness of the rooms is one of the features of this hotel. Other facilities of this hotel include a meeting hall, taxi service, parking, internet, and laundry.

It should be noted that if you would like to stay at an eco-tourism resort in Shahdad, Eco Camp is one of the best resorts, but it is not cheap either. To reach this residence, you need to travel about an hour and a half from Kerman.

Cheap Hotels in Kerman

If you are one of those travelers who want to spend most of their budget on sightseeing and are looking for a cheap hotel in Kerman; In this case, you will have many choices. We will introduce you to hotels with convenient and affordable facilities. Next, we go to the cheapest hotels in Kerman.

Kermania Hotel: Kermania Hotel is a newly built 2-star hotel that offers accommodation worthy of its stars. The cleanliness and tidiness of Kermania hotel rooms will attract your attention. The facilities of this hotel include a restaurant with a capacity of 30 people, internet and parking. Of course, the location of the hotel should be considered one of the good features of the hotel. It is about 10 minutes from Kermania Hotel to the city center and the market.

Kerman Persian Guest House: Persian Guest House Kerman is a cheap hotel in Kerman. The rooms of this guest house are from 2 beds to 4 beds. Toilet, bathroom, water cooler, internet, heating, refrigerator, taxi service, etc. are among the facilities of this guest house. Persian Guest House does not have a restaurant, but you can go to Mushtaqiye restaurant a few steps away from Persian.

Kerman Hotel: Kerman Hotel is a 2-star hotel with a long history in hospitality. If you like the facilities of the hotel, you can book this hotel at an affordable price. The facilities of Kerman Hotel include a restaurant, neat and standard rooms, internet and parking.

Ganj Ali Khan Guest House: Ganj Ali Khan Guest House is located in the old context of Kerman and has sufficient and desirable facilities. The facilities of this guest house include a TV, cooking equipment, refrigerator, heater, etc. Depending on the number of people, you can book a suite or a room at the guest house.

Other cheap hotels in Kerman include Mushtaq Mushtaq Guest House, Saraye Jam Kerman Guest House, Naz Hotel Kerman, Haft Ganj Guest House, and Kerman Shahr Setareha Guest House. By booking these cheap accommodations, you will get affordable accommodation and convenient facilities.

 If you want to choose an accommodation that has moderate price and facilities among the mid-range hotels in Kerman, Govashir Hotel Kerman, Akhawan Hotel Kerman, Assam Apartment Hotel Kerman, Shahbaz Traditional Residence, Hazar Kerman Hotel, Kerman Tourist Hotel Branch number 2 Kerman can be among your choices. By checking and comparing the facilities of these hotels, you can have a stay with better facilities.

A List of Hotels in Kerman

Whenever you want to travel to the historical city of Kerman, don’t hesitate for a moment and go to Alibaba’s online system to reserve tickets. From the famous places of Kerman, such as Ardeshir Castle and Dokhtar Castle, to the most important souvenirs of Iran, the original Kerman pistachio, you can only see in this country. You may go to Kerman, but don’t take the colorful and original souvenirs of this land with you. The next thing that cannot be ignored when traveling to Kerman is choosing suitable and comfortable accommodation.

1- Hotel Jahangardy is one of the 4-star hotels in Kerman

In 2000, the news of the opening of the Jahangardi Hotel in Kerman spread. This hotel has two floors and 61 accommodation rooms that provide various facilities at various prices. Therefore, you should pay attention to the services and facilities of the rooms when making a reservation. Jahangordi hotel is a part of the Irangordi and Jahangordi hotel group and has been able to provide good comfort services to the passengers of this hotel. This hotel is considered one of the best 4-star hotels in Kerman and one of the most luxurious hotels in this city.

In 2017, in order to improve the quality of services, Jahangordi Kerman Hotel was renovated and added to its grandeur with a new look. With its good location, this hotel is more popular among tourists, and by staying in a 4-star Jahangordi hotel, it is easy to access the famous and important places of Kerman, such as the University of Medical Sciences, Kerman Bazaar, Herandi Museum Garden, Aquarium Museum, Moidi Glacier, Hammam and You will have Ganj Ali Khan Caravanserai.

2- Two-star Amin Hotel; Affordable and convenient

One of the old and established hotels in Kerman is Amin Hotel. Although this hotel does not have the facilities of luxury hotels in Kerman, it is known as one of the best 2-star hotels in Kerman. Amin Hotel is built on two floors and has 18 accommodation units. The two-star and comfortable Amin Hotel is located in one of the most convenient parts of the city; by staying in this hotel, you can go to the sightseeing places of Kerman on foot, including Vakil Bazaar, Ganj Ali Khan, and the historical bath.

The rooms of this hotel benefit from a variety of comfort services such as bed service, air conditioning service, television, refrigerator, and dining table. If you want to stay in one of the economic hotels in Kerman, log in to the Alibaba website to book Amin Hotel. Other facilities of this hotel include a lobby, restaurant, room service, and prayer hall, which help you have a more comfortable stay.

3- The three-star Hezar Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kerman

One of the best hotels in Kerman, which is known as one of the all-inclusive hotels in this country, is Hazar Hotel. Hazar Hotel is built on five floors and has 42 luxury accommodation rooms; This hotel started operating in 1993 and was renovated in 2014 in order to improve the quality level of services and update the exterior and interior of the hotel.

Like the previous two hotels, this hotel has a good location; Hazar Hotel is located in the heart of the city and is a short distance from administrative, commercial, and sightseeing centers and Neshat Park (the oldest park in Kerman). Hazar Hotel is one of the best 3-star hotels in Kerman; I have no doubt that by renting a room at Hazar Hotel, you will have a comfortable and memorable stay in this hotel. The atmosphere of the hotel is completely modern and with the modern and stylish decoration of the hotel, you will feel good during your stay at Hazar Kerman Hotel.

4- Poya Hotel is one of the three-star hotels in Kerman

If you are looking for the best hotels in Kerman, put Poya Hotel on your list. Poya Hotel is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, which has a high reputation among travelers with its luxury facilities and excellent service quality. It is interesting to know, that the dynamic hotel is not just a hotel, but has a luxurious hall, restaurant, and cafe, which are all the best in their own way.

The dynamic hotel has 40 regular rooms and 16 VIP rooms, which are concentrated on 8 floors. I am sure that by staying in this hotel, you will experience the feeling of being special in the best possible way. By holding a wedding party and other special occasions, celebrate the best day of your life with the most beauty and splendor in the dynamic hotel hall. By holding a wedding in the hall of this hotel, Pooya Hotel plans a special surprise for the newlyweds and gives them a one-night stay in the VIP rooms.

Among the other wonderful services and facilities of the dynamic hotel are the cafe and restaurants of this hotel. One of the most attractive parts of traveling is trying the taste of high-quality and delicious foods; Puya hotel restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants in Kerman and you can taste the taste of pure Iranian food in this restaurant.

5- Five-star Pars Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kerman

Pars Hotel is considered not only the best hotel in Kerman but also one of the most luxurious and modern hotels in Iran. Pars International Hotel was opened in 2001 in one of the best areas of Kerman city. The total area of ​​Pars Hotel is 3200 square meters, of which 2400 square meters are dedicated to the hotel’s infrastructure. Pars Hotel is one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Kerman, and by staying in this hotel, you will experience memorable days under the sky of Kerman.

197 accommodation units (rooms, suites, and apartment units) equipped and luxury is included on six floors, according to your needs and budget, you can stay in one of the units. This hotel is a member of Pars Hotels Group and like other Pars brand hotels, it has high popularity and reputation. From luxury rooms to royal tables, the restaurants of Pars Kerman Hotel are decorated with stunning beauty and unique arrangement.

Among the modern services and facilities of Pars Hotel, such as Ayane Restaurant, Setare Restaurant, Summer Garden Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Hotel Eye-catching Garden, Luxury Water Complex (swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi), conference and reception halls, exchange office and bank, shop, sports hall, salon Massage, special services for the disabled, live music in the lobby, room service, housekeeping services, cooking facilities (in some units), prayer room, safety deposit box, elevator, laundry (dry cleaning) and French and Iranian toilets in the lobby and floors.

6- Govashir Hotel is one of the 3-star hotels in Kerman

The number of 3-star hotels in Kerman is so much that it will be difficult for you to choose. Don’t worry, I am here to introduce you to the best 3-star hotels in Kerman. The next three-star hotel is Govashir Hotel, which is one of the old hotels in Kerman. Gwashir Hotel was born in 1991 with 4 floors and 80 accommodation units; In 2013, Gwashir Hotel was renovated to update the services and layout of the hotel.

This hotel is considered one of the economic hotels in Kerman, which has provided good services for the well-being of travelers for a reasonable price. Among the services and facilities of Gwashir Hotel, such as parking, prayer room, well-equipped comfort services in accommodation units, housekeeping services, foreign and Iranian services, porter services, taxi service, green space, elevator, Internet cafe, billiard hall, lobby, 24-hour reception, telephone at The lobby has a fire alarm system, television and internet in the lobby, internet in the rooms, emergency stairs and heating and cooling system.

7- Asman Hotel is one of the two-star hotels in Kerman

I can boldly say that Asman Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kerman in the 2-star quality category. When you enter Asman Hotel, you will be delighted by the modern architecture, stylish layout, and well-equipped services of the hotel. In addition to a residential environment, this hotel is ready to host 70 people in the hotel hall. This hall is a dreamy and magnificent environment for small events and celebrations.

8- Kerman Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kerman

Kerman Hotel is one of the old ones in Kerman, which is located in the center of the city due to its oldness and has easy access to sightseeing and entertainment centers such as Mesgarha Bazaar, Big Bazaar, Ganj Ali Khan Complex, and Azadi Square. Kerman Hotel started operating in 1989 with 38 accommodation units on two floors and was renovated in 2014 in order to improve the services and facilities of the hotel.

9- Akhan Hotel is one of the two-star hotels in Kerman

One of the best hotels in Kerman is located on Shahid Sadoughi Boulevard, where you can count on its hospitality and comfort services. The two-star Akhwan Hotel was established in 1984 and was renovated in 2006 to improve the quality of the hotel’s services. As you have noticed, most of the hotels in Kerman have a good location, and Akhavan Hotel is no exception to this rule.

10- Naz Hotel is one of the two-star hotels in Kerman

One of the best hotels in Kerman in the range of two-star hotels is Naz Kerman Hotel. This residence is built on three floors and has 28 accommodation units that started operating in 1981. Naz Hotel is known as one of the oldest hotels in Kermani city, which was renovated in 2010 with the aim of improving the services and facilities of the hotel.

11- Assam Apartment Hotel

An apartment hotel is always considered one of the popular options for families and the reason is clear! By staying at the apartment hotel, you will have a complete unit at your disposal; If you don’t like to eat restaurant food, you can easily cook at Assam Apartment Hotel. Assam Hotel was built in 2016 with 16 accommodation units spread over 4 floors.

12- Hiva Apartment Hotel

Hiva Apartment Hotel is one of the newest hotels or, as we say, the youngest apartment hotel in Kerman. This hotel was opened in 1400 and has 17 accommodation units that are located on 5 floors. One of the strong points of this hotel is the one- and two-bedroom apartment of hotel units, you can rent one of the units of Hiva Kerman Hotel according to the number of people.

Hotel or Apartment Hotel?

In the city of Kerman, there are various hotels and apartments that have different prices according to the services, facilities, and location. If you like to have a well-equipped and large accommodation unit and cook your own food during your stay in the hotel, the apartment hotel is right for you. If you don’t care if the hotel is big or small, or if you don’t have time to cook, stay in one of Kerman’s hotels.

If you are traveling to Kerman for its iconic deserts, check out our 7-Day Dasht-E Kavir (Mesr) Desert Tour, where we explore one of Iran’s most famous deserts.

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