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The best hotels in Bandar Anzali

Bandar Anzali Hotels

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One of the most significant seaports in Iran’s north is Bandar(-e) Anzali. It is made up of the surrounding lands and the island of Mianposhteh. The Bandar in Bandar Anazali itself means port and Anzali according to one story is said to refer to the city of Anshan in the south of the country due to the friendly relations of the Cadusii Scythian tribe controlling the regions around the Caspian sea, at that time (550 BC) and Cyrus, the Great of the Achaemenids.

The long harbor promenade, the swampy delta of the Sefid Rud (River), and the Caspian beaches of the city are all popular tourist destinations in Anzali. Other tourist attractions include the Menareh Clock Tower the Magnificent lagoon, the Customs, and City Hall building called Shahrdari in Persian, Mian Poshte Palace, and the Mo’tamedi Edifice. The famous system for heating and retaining water known as Hammameh Sangi or “Stony Bath” was one of the wonders of the city.

Why book a hotel and accommodation in Bandar Anzali?

Why Should You Travel to Iran? and why travel to Bandar Anzali? The city of Anzali, considered one of the important cities of Gilan and also known as the city of water lilies, has a 40-kilometer coastline. The city’s Free Trade-Industrial Zone is full of shopping centers, beautiful beaches, water sports, popular hotels, restaurants, and a famous and spectacular lagoon. If you travel to Bandar Anzali, staying in this city for one day is not enough to enjoy all it offers. Luckily staying in Bandar Anzali is very affordable, so be sure to book a hotel in Bandar Anzali and spend at least two nights as a guest in this area.

The Best Hotels in Bandar Anzali

Viewing and comparing the stars of hotels and knowing the facilities that hotels offer to their passengers, such as various foods, room service and photos, are the main criteria for getting to know the hotels from a distance, the location of hotels in Anzali city, and many other details can be viewed on the page of each the city’s hotel on the IranAmaze website, there are things that will help you book the best hotel in Bandar Anzali.

Is it possible to book hotels in Bandar Anzali at a better price?

Definitely, if you choose the right time to travel to Bandar Anzali, which is not the peak travel time to Anzali, i.e., spring and summer, and the hotels are not full, you will find the best price in Bandar Anzali hotels. Naturally, during peak travel times, such as the summer holidays or Nowruz or the Persian New Year, the room prices in Bandar Anzali hotels will increase slightly. Still, by booking Anzali hotels from the IranAmaze website, you can rest assured that you will book your room at the best price and special discount at any time.

What are the cheapest hotels in Bandar Anzali to stay in?

The cheapest hotels in Bandar Anzali are usually 1 and 2-star hotels or guest houses. But in some cases, you may be able to book a 5-star hotel in Bandar Anzali at the lowest price with IranAmaze website discounts. To see the cheapest hotels in Bandar Anzali, just sort the Anzali hotels according to the lowest price on the Anzali page in Iran.

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What should be considered when booking hotels in Bandar Anzali?

One of the points that you should consider when booking a hotel in Bandar Anzali is the purpose of your trip to Anzali. With whatever intention and purpose you travel to Anzali, there is definitely a good option among the hotels in Anzali for you to choose. Just think that you are traveling to Anzali with the purpose of having fun and staying in a beach hotel, or you just want to buy from the markets of Anzali’s Free Trade Zone and you want to spend the night in a guest house. Pay attention to the filters to make the best choice based on price, accommodation type, or hotel star. If you are planning to travel to Anzali for the summer holidays, Nowruz (Persian New Year), or any other long vacation, book your hotel at least 20 days in advance so that the capacity of your desired hotel is not full. By checking the room price calendar, try to choose the day when your favorite room has a special discount for traveling to Anzali.

Bandar Anzali is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Iran. This spectacular port hosts many tourists every year who travel to this area due to its natural attractions such as the Anzali lagoon and shopping at commercial centers; For this reason, there are many different accommodation facilities and hotels in this city. In this article, we will introduce Bandar Anzali hotels and help you to book Bandar Anzali hotels.

Bandar Anzali Hotel Prices

There are various hotels in Anzali port in terms of prices and facilities, including four-star, three-star, two-star, and one-star hotels. The price of Bandar Anzali hotels is proportional to the facilities and services provided in these hotels.

Also, the location of the hotel and its distance and proximity to the beach affect the price of the hotel. Considering the variety of hotels and their prices, every person with any taste and budget can find a suitable place to stay when traveling to Anzali. It is worth mentioning that the prices of Bandar Anzali hotels may be higher during busy times such as the summer holidays and Nowruz Eid.

The Best hotels in Bandar Anzali

At first glance, some of the best hotels in Bandar Anzali should be found among four-star hotels. However, hotels with fewer stars can be of higher or lower quality according to your criteria.

Yas Anzali Hotel: Among the four-star hotels in Bandar Anzali, Yas Hotel can be mentioned as one of the best. Yas Hotel is a newly built hotel that was opened in 2018 on the beaches of the beautiful Sangachin region of Bandar Anzali. The excellent location and the satisfaction of the hotel guests with its services and quality are among the factors that place this hotel on the list of the best. Among other luxury and four-star hotels in Bandar Anzali, we can mention Behesht Talab luxury hotel with unique architecture and beautiful green space, the four-star Sefid Kenar hotel next to the 6th kilometer of Astara road, and Dolphin Hotel, which is located in a good location in the Sahel-e Ghoo area.

Kadoosan Anzali Hotel: Kadoosan Hotel is one of the best three-star hotels in Bandar Anzali. This hotel has four floors and is located on the edge of the Caspian Sea. Kadoosan Hotel was opened in 1966 and is a short distance from the commercial centers and sightseeing places of Bandar Anzali. Almas Hotel, Parsian Hotel, Melal Apartment Hotel, Safir Apartment Hotel, and Naz Khazar Apartment Hotel are other three-star hotels in the Anzali Port.

Olympic Hotel Anzali: One of the best hotels in Bandar Anzali, which has only two stars, is the Olympic Hotel. One of the advantages of this hotel is its good location and its proximity to the Bandar Anzali forest park and the shore of the Caspian Sea. This hotel also has good access to the historical and touristic centers of Bandar Anzali, such as Ghazian Bridge and Sa’at Tower, and its rooms face the sea. Among other good and famous two-star hotels in Bandar Anzali, we can mention the Jahangardi Hotel.

In general, after Yas New Foundation Hotel, Dolphin Hotel due to its proximity to the beach and business centers, Behesht Talab Hotel due to its location next to Sefid-roud River, Sefid Kenar Hotel due to its beautiful view of the sea and forest, Jahangardi Hotel due to its private beach and Almas Hotel are among the most popular hotels in Bandar Anzali. Also, Naz khazar Apartment Hotel, Kadoosan Hotel, Amiran Hotel, Safir Apartment Hotel, Parsian Hotel, and Melal Apartment Hotel have received the attention of Bandar Anzali travelers respectively.

Cheap Hotels in Bandar Anzali

After inns, one-star and two-star hotels are among the cheapest accommodations. Gilar Hotel is the only one-star hotel and the most affordable hotel in Anzali Port, which has attracted the attention of travelers due to its proximity to Anzali Tourism Free Trade Zone.

Two-star hotels such as Iran Hotel, Narges Hotel and Amiran Hotel are relatively cheap hotels in Bandar Anzali. The two-star Iran hotel is the oldest hotel in the city and is located in the commercial-administrative center of Bandar Anzali. Narges Hotel also seems to be a cost-effective hotel with facilities such as a boat dock and a children’s playground, as well as being located on the road from Rasht to Anzali. Amiran Apartment Hotel also has adequate facilities and a private beach for swimming and is located 5 km from Anzali Port.

The three-star Persian Hotel is located in the beautiful Sangachin area, the three-star Almas Hotel with its unique architecture and a beautiful view of the Caspian Sea, and the Safir Apartment Hotel are among the three-star hotels that have a more reasonable prices compared to other hotels of the same category.

Beach Hotels Near the Anzali Lagoon

The beautiful port of Anzali is a coastal city, and some hotels in Bandar Anzali are built near the shore of the Caspian Sea. Among the beach hotels in Bandar Anzali where you can wake up to the sound of the waves or at least walk to the shore of the Caspian Sea, there are Dolphin Hotel, Persian Hotel, Kadoosan Hotel, Jahangardi Hotel, Almas Hotel, Amiran, Sefid Kenar Hotel, Safir Apartment Hotel, Melal Apartment Hotel, Iran Hotel, Deniz Hotel and Naz Khazar Apartment Hotel.

The most important tourist attraction of Anzali port is the beautiful Anzali lagoon. The four-star Behesht Hotel, Bandar Anzali Lagoon, the two-star Amiran Hotel and the four-star Sefid Kenar Hotel are located near this lagoon, and by staying in them, you can easily reach the international lagoon of Bandar Anzali.

Hotels and Residences in Bandar Anzali

Bandar Anzali is a city that attracts many tourists every year. Of course, the fact that a trip to Anzali is satisfying for every taste and opinion is a good reason for the high tourism statistics in this city. If you are planning to travel to Bandar Anzali and are interested in seeing nature, historical attractions, or entertainment in Bandar Anzali, think about finding the best accommodations and hotels in Bandar Anzali before your trip. Don’t worry about this either. In this article from IranAmaze, we have at your disposal complete information about hotels and all types of accommodations in Bandar Anzali.

The Best Hotels in Anzali’s Free Trade Zone

Getting to know the hotel and planning to stay at the desired destination is one of the most important stages of family travel. Travelers and tourists are always looking for the best hotels to spend their leisure time. A good hotel doubles the pleasure of traveling, and choosing it has become one of the most essential concerns of tourists. Some people may tell you that you are only supposed to rest at the hotel at night and go for fun during the day, but this is not true at all and accommodation is one of the most important parts of any trip. There are many hotels in Bandar Anzali, which differ in terms of prices and facilities.

In fact, one of the most important criteria that can be considered for a good hotel is the location of the hotel, cleanliness, and appropriate behavior of the staff, which are very important in choosing the desired hotel. There are many hotels in Bandar Anzali, each of which has special facilities and features. It is crucial to pay attention to the features that we have mentioned because travelers and tourists who come to this area are looking for a luxury hotel in Bandar Anzali that has all these facilities and features.

Five-Star Bandar Anzali Hotels

Kadoosan Hotel

Kadoosan Grand Hotel is the most beautiful 5-star hotel located in the best area of ​​Rasht city. Due to its privileged location in terms of being in the city center and excellent access to the airport, recreational and historical places, as well as the main roads, the hotel is practically the only suitable choice for officials and travelers in this green area, as well as providing appropriate accommodation facilities. And a peaceful environment promises a unique stay in the city of Baran.

Four-Star Bandar Anzali Hotels

Sefid Kenar Hotel

The four-star Sefid Kenar Hotel is located in the 6th kilometer of Astara road, in a green area located on the blue shore of the Caspian Sea with a unique view. It is one of the best and most beautiful beach hotels in Gilan, near one of the largest and most beautiful wetlands in the world, Anzali Lagoon. This hotel was opened in 1971. Sefid Kenar Hotel, with three floors has 122 accommodation spaces with sea and forest views.

The guests of this hotel can quickly go to the pleasure pier, historical bridges of Ghazian, and tourist places such as the tomb of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangli. The amenities of Sefid Kenar Hotel include laundry, taxi service, conference hall, football field, tennis, volleyball,

Greenhouse, private beach, fun green space for children and public sports, free internet, local craft store, covered parking, shopping center, game net, entrance ramp for the disabled, beach coffee shop overlooking the sea, and Darya international restaurant with a capacity of 300 With classical style and traditional architecture and a calm and pleasant atmosphere, one faces the sea and serves a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes.

Dolphin Hotel

Dolphin Hotel is one of the beach hotels in Bandar Anzali, which has been in operation since 2011 in the Sahel-e Ghoo area. This hotel is ready to receive its dear and dear guests with various accommodation spaces on four floors with the best services and accommodation facilities based on the latest modern hotel standards. Quick access to the sandy beach, shopping center, Anzali Bazaar, Anzali Marsh, Shah’s Palace, shipping ports, and free trade zone are among the advantages of this hotel. By staying in this hotel, guests can have a dream stay with beautiful views of the beach and the sea. The amenities of the Dolphin Hotel include a beach restaurant, a private pier with water sports such as jet skiing, and a massage room.

Deniz Hotel

The four-star Deniz Hotel was opened in one of the best tourist spots in the country, next to the beautiful shore of the Caspian Sea, with a beautiful view of Bandar Anzali in 2013. Easy access to the sea, Caspian Bazaar, Anzali Freet Trade Zone, Pardis Bazaar, Central Asian Bazaar, and Anzali International Lagoon are among the advantages of this hotel. Deniz Hotel with unique facilities such as suites with balconies overlooking the sea, formal lobby, internet cafe, game net, offering tourist tours, 24-hour reception, coffee shop, restaurant, canteen with live music, water games, and jet skis. Private beach and parking are one of the best hotels in Bandar Anzali.

Behesht Talab Hotel

Behesht Talab luxury four-star hotel with a unique architecture in a green and quiet space with an area of ​​7000 meters was built in 2013 in Gilan province next to the international lagoon of Bandar Anzali in the heart of Dr. Beheshti Island. If you are looking for a cozy place away from the noise and relaxing, Behesht Talab Hotel is undoubtedly the right choice. The hotel’s main structure is built in separate villas with beautiful interior design and comfortable amenities.

Behesht Talab hotel with convenient facilities, including: the first luxurious rock restaurant with a stunning view, a coffee shop floating on the Anzali lagoon with a lovely view with live music, water activities, children’s activities, lobby, parking, taxi service, 25 km distance from the airport, as well as pleasant green space, is ready to welcome its guests and hopes to bring them a memorable memory. Anzali Lagoon, Gisum Forest, Bandar Anzali Forest Park, and Rudkhan Castle are the attractions near this hotel.

Yas Hotel

Yas Anzali Hotel is one of the 4-star hotels in Bandar Anzali. This hotel was built in 2018, which is one of the most modern hotels in Anzali. The hotel also consists of 5 floors of a building that has a beautiful and wonderful view. Travelers and tourists can easily experience a unique stay by choosing this hotel as a destination for their holiday.

Yas Anzali Hotel has an area of ​​about 8 hectares, and all parts of this hotel have a spacious and spacious atmosphere. This hotel is located on the beautiful beaches of Sangachin Bandar Anzali. The excellent area and location of the hotel are a strong reason for its popularity and attracting tourists. The beautiful and dreamy landscape around the hotel will undoubtedly make you have a wonderful and memorable stay.

Arka Hotel

The three-star Arka Hotel on the beach strip of the beautiful city of Bandar Anzali, located on Pasdaran Blvd., started its operation in June 2019. Arka Hotel is situated in the best part of the city’s coastal strip, and all floors overlook the sea from one side and the beautiful view of the city from the other side. This hotel has five floors with elevators, the ground floor includes: a lobby, laundry, and parking. The restaurant of the hotel is built on the fourth floor, which has distinguished this hotel from other hotels by using the best engineers for interior design.

Almas Hotel

The three-star Almas Hotel was opened in one of the best coastal areas of Bandar Anzali in 2011 with beautiful architecture and a suitable environment with a unique view of the Caspian Sea. This hotel on two floors has various accommodation units with convenient amenities and is one of the most suitable accommodations in Bandar Anzali. The short distance to the airport and being near the Caspian Sea shore is one of this hotel’s advantages. Due to its unique location, this hotel is a suitable place for leisure and peace of mind. Other facilities of this hotel include an elevator, a safety deposit box, and traditional cafe with experienced staff.

Persian Hotel

The three-star Persian Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Bandar Anzali, which was opened in 2014 at km 10 of the Bandar Anzali road to Astara. This complex has 14 accommodation units on three floors with good facilities and the capacity to accept 50 guests. Good access to communication roads between Talash, Astara, Foman, Masuleh, and Rasht is one of the advantages of this hotel. Persian Hotel is ready to serve and host its guests by providing amenities including a restaurant, laundry, green space, and experienced and trained staff. Parking capacity is limited.

Jahangardi Hotel

The three-star Jahangordi hotel is located in the northern region of Gilan, next to the Caspian Sea and the city of Bandar Anzali. Located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, this hotel brings comfort and peace to its guests by taking advantage of beautiful and unique views in a peaceful environment. Beautiful green space for walking, pavilions in the area, a restaurant serving a variety of dishes with a view of the sea, and convenient access to the airport and the city’s famous markets are some of the advantages of this most renowned resort in Bandar Anzali.

Sepidkenar Matin complex

Sepidkenar Matin complex, Bandar Anzali, on the 6th kilometer of Astara road, next to the beach. This 3-star tourist complex started working in 1998 and has 75 villas, suites and apartments, which were all renovated in 2018. Villas and apartments are spacious and clean and give you a feeling of comfort during your trip. The open space and area of ​​the complex are large, and you can use the private beach and beach sports field. Among other facilities of Sepidkenar Matin complex Bandar Anzali, we can mention an Iranian restaurant, a fast food restaurant, and a cafe.

To go to Anzali Lagoon, you need to drive about 15 minutes from its accommodation. The bus station is located near the complex, which you can use. For shopping in Anzali port, the Central Asian market, which is located 4 km from the Sepidkenar Matin complex, is a suitable option.

The Melal Apartment Hotel

The Three Star Apartment Hotel is located on Pasdaran Street, Bandar Anzali, near the Caspian Sea. All the rooms of this hotel overlook the sea and have a unique view of the Caspian Sea. Internet in the lobby, breakfast buffet, restaurant serving a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes, coffee shop, traditional tea house, billiard club, close to tourist centers such as Mirza Kuchak Khan cruise ship, Anzali Bandar Free Trade Zone, Anzali Marsh, and Bandar breakwater. Anzali, taxi service, and experienced staff are some of the advantages of this hotel.

Tehran Tourism Complex Hotel Apartment in Bandar Anzali

Bandar Anzali Tehran tourist complex apartment hotel is located near the shore of the Caspian Sea. This apartment hotel is designed on four floors, has a large area and complete facilities, and has a private beach. This recreational complex can be a suitable option for accommodation at a reasonable price.

Naz Khazar Apartment Hotel

Naz Khazar three-star apartment hotel is one of the best and most luxurious hotels and residences in Bandar Anzali, which is located in one of the best spots in the city on the beautiful Caspian coast in a dreamy environment. This 4-story hotel has 11 rooms, including one to five beds, equipped with comfortable facilities. Naz Khazar Apartment Hotel will leave an unforgettable memory in the memory of its esteemed and precious guests by providing facilities such as private parking, a kitchen, a window facing the sea, a private balcony, and a restaurant serving delicious local food.

Nakhl Apartment Hotel

Nakhl Apartment Hotel started its operation in the winter of 2015 and is located on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. This complex has suites with a size of 65 to 110 meters, all of which have a terrace facing the sea, and kitchens equipped with cooking utensils for cooking and

It provides the stove. One of the best advantages of the hotel is easy access to tourist and tourism centers such as the breakwater, the coastal boulevard, Mirza Kuchak Khan ferry, the free trade port area, and Anzali Marsh.

Apartment Hotel Kaj

Kaj Apartment Hotel was opened in one of the best tourist spots in the country and in one of the coziest and most scenic residences of Bandar Anzali, 50 meters from the beautiful shore of the Caspian Sea, with stunning architecture and a suitable environment in April 2018. Easy access to the sea, Caspian market, Anzali free trade zone, Fardis market, Central Asian market, and Anzali international lagoon, as well as a short distance from the airport and easy access to the city center and sightseeing places, are among the advantages of this unit.

This complex has four floors and seven different accommodation units with parking and an elevator and is equipped with all amenities (kitchen with all cooking utensils, stove, bed, Iranian and foreign service) in accordance with hotel standards, and all units have a view. The Caspian Sea is unique. Among other exclusive and unique facilities of the Royal unit of this complex, we can mention the 2-person hot water jacuzzi on the open terrace facing the sea. Due to its unique location, this apartment hotel is a suitable place to spend leisure time and gain peace of mind and record happy memories.

Shayan Apartment Hotel

Shayan Apartment Hotel in Bandar Anzali was opened on June 15, 2019, 50 meters from the sea, in one of the best and most beautiful places in Bandar Anzali. Shayan Bandar Anzali tourist complex is located near the shore of the Caspian Sea on Pasdaran Street and is one of the resorts in Bandar Anzali that has attracted the attention of travelers. This complex is designed on three floors and has a large area, complete facilities, and nine suites, including two double-bedroom suites and seven single-bedroom suites, all of which face the sea, and the balcony has a sea view.

Siamak Apartment Hotel

Siamak Hotel complex is located in the beautiful and scenic Anzali tourist port. This is the only hotel complex with a distance of 50 meters from the shore of the Caspian Sea, a spacious atmosphere, an expansive view from east to west of the beach, immediate and direct access from the inside to the sandy beach and the blue waves of the sea, high security, large and utterly luxurious accommodation units. Facing the sea, equipped with all the necessary requirements for a pleasant stay, experienced and committed staff, excellent location in access to markets and recreational, scenic and touristic places, suitable space for access by the elderly, a memorable stay for you in the closest distance to The sea provides in all seasons of the year.

The distance from the hotel to Anzali Marsh is 7 minutes, it is 3 minutes to Pardis Bazaar, Caspian Bazaar, and Anzale Mall shopping center, and it is 7 minutes to the fish market by car, and the distance from the hotel to the breakwater is 15 minutes by foot.

Bandar Anzali Ecotourism Residences

Have you ever stayed in a rural and pristine environment? Do you want to have an exciting trip to such rural houses? If you want to enjoy a new accommodation experience while traveling and try the taste of life in a traditional style, we suggest you to have a different stay in Bandar Anzali accommodation, also of the ecotourism type. Ecotourism is a type of travel that has many fans among domestic and foreign tourists today. So that this term is used in tourism not in a traditional way but in a thoroughly modern sense, and it has had a significant impact on expanding and promoting the tourism industry.

Mah Su Bandar Anzali ecotourism resort

Mah Su Eco Resort in Bandar Bandar Anzali welcomes tourists and travelers with all comfort and accommodation facilities. This residence has a play set for children and a gorgeous floral area where tables and chairs are placed, creating a cozy environment among the green and beautiful trees and next to the fish breeding pool for relaxing and drinking tea.

Mah Su has six rooms with different capacities and one suite to accommodate 20 tourists. The rooms have both beds and bedding. Also, the rooms are equipped with electric heating and split cooling systems and have private bathrooms and toilets. The residence has a shared kitchen for cooking for guests.

There is also a restaurant, and a variety of local dishes are served there. In addition, a coffee shop and parking are other facilities of this residence. English-speaking personnel are available to guide foreign guests.

The pleasure of a safe and peaceful stay in Bandar Anzali

Now that you are familiar with the best hotels and accommodations in Bandar Anzali, it is time to make your decision and start choosing. Of course, it is not bad to know that in Bandar Anzali, there are other places to stay besides hotels, hotel apartments, and ecotourism resorts. Villas, suites, and rent apartments are other options you can visit to stay in Bandar Anzali.

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