A tourist with his luggage during an Iran luxury tour passing a family sitting at Naqshe Jahan of Isfahan.

Iran Luxury Tours

Explore Iran with Comfort and Security

Iran is not safe. Iran is just a deserted country. Iran is not developed at all. Iran is not an attractive destination to visit. You’ll be having a horrible time in Iran. You cannot even be happy because they’ll bother you every time.

We don’t have the power to confront all these lies told about Iran by the mass media. However, we hope that tourists’ joyful journey in Iran leads them to go back and tell others about the truth of the real Iran. We hope for them to tell the stories of the unseen diverse sceneries, the hospitality of the people, the high security, and the high-quality services they would receive.

So, there is no need for us to advertise that we offer excellent services. We must provide the best services we possibly can to make sure your journey is the best you could have here. In other words, this is the only thing we can do at this time and space to show you the real Iran. Also, it helps us to develop our business and improve the tourist economy in Iran. This way, without us, even trying, you’ll go back shifting the mindset of the west. You’ll bring forward the awareness of the truth about Iran and its reality. Therefore, you can purchase our Iran luxury tours with the peace of mind that we’ll do anything we can to make sure you’ll enjoy your trip to Iran in every aspect.

The interior wooden bed frame and leather bed of a luxury hotel room in Tehran.
The outside area of luxury Dad hotel in Yazd.

Iran Luxury Tour Packages

5 Days

The Tour to Touch the Beauty


5 Day Iran Luxury Tour

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The Tour to Touch the Beauty


Visit the beauty and essentials of Iran without hassle just in 5 days

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7 Days

A Gate to Iran Tales Tour


7 Day Iran Luxury Tour

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A Gate to Iran Tales Tour


A journey from Tehran to Isfahan and Shiraz on a fancy way

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12 Days

The Glorious Land of Diversity Tour


12 Day Iran Luxury Tour

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The Glorious Land of Diversity Tour


Find everything you need from Iran and Iranians with a high quality service

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Four Luxury Tours’ Services


Luxury Accommodation

Iran’s 5-star luxury hotels have nothing less than the services and standards of one in Europe. On one side, there are many luxury hotels that are also historical. On the other hand, there are hotels that have been built recently. However, they have used the principles of traditional architecture to bring forth luxury services along with the traditional feel of Iranian culture in one place. There are even ancient houses that tourists only visited until a few years ago, and now they are turned into hotels.



In Iran, there is a diverse ray of dishes you can decide to enjoy based on your taste preferences. High-quality restaurants will have all the international cuisines. However, a more attractive option is usually Persian restaurants. The variety of food choices in Persian cuisine makes it an ideal choice. Some restaurants focus on a specific category of Persian food, while others offer all the dishes in a traditional setting or a luxurious modern space.


Personalized Service

One chief experience officer is assigned to each traveler. They will ensure all parts of your journey are aligned with your likes and dislikes and other preferences. These could include choosing the right guide, the right places, and experiences for your travel style during your trip. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to customize anything you’d like with their help. They could also assist you in buying souvenirs and things of that nature.


Luxury Transportation

Flights have been scheduled for distant destinations on this trip. Therefore, you are not on the road for too long. However, due to Iran’s attractive destinations being spread all over the place not far from each other, you also will travel by car at some point. We have chosen modern SUV cars for your comfort. Also, your reliable drivers are by your side to ensure your peace of mind during your journey.

Why Private Luxury Tours?

Prioritizing Health & Comfort

We all enjoy traveling. Having fun is an integral part of travel. Plus, we are looking to learn new things at our destination. If we are not comfortable on our trip, our health will be in danger. Also, the smallest things that would go wrong could make us not have time and space to have fun or learn what we’d want to take away from our destination.

A Life-changing Journey

In these modern days, we are busy with work. Also, our minds are filled with many tasks. To travel is an opportunity that does not happen every day. We plan for our trips usually long before, and we care about the quality of our experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure we get the best services. In conclusion, we want our experience to be of high quality and one we’d remember for life.

Mystery of the Destination Services

Standards are different in different countries. You might not have any idea what’s considered a good hotel or an excellent tour guide at your destination. One of the ways to ensure you have the best services at hand during your trip is by receiving luxury services. Therefore, you can ensure that you are receiving the highest standard services available in your destination country.

What Makes Our Luxury Tours Unique?

Deeper Sense of Places: We’ve designed luxury tours packages in which you’ll receive the highest quality services and comfort. Also, you’ll dive deep into understanding and getting to know people and the wonders of local life in different regions of Iran. While staying in the best hotels, we have chosen knowledgeable guides who will walk you through the deep essence of local culture everywhere you head.

Diversity in Moments: We’ll show you the attractions in our Iran 5-star tours based on the amount of time you’d have on your trip. Moreover, we have chosen six categories of different kinds of moments. Everyone usually looks for traveling to Iran and fit it all into your package. Plus, we have a wide range of guides you could choose from based on your preference. All these customizations and diversity is what makes our tour one of a kind and the best Iran tour packages.

Personal Customization and Flexibility: We execute these tours in a private style. Private luxury tours mean you’ll get to customize all the little details of your trip based on your preferences. It also gives you the flexibility to change or adjust your trip based on your likes and dislikes even while you are here. You also get to travel with whoever you feel comfortable. Therefore, you do not have to deal with different travel styles of other people on your journey.

It's Time For…

Espinas palace luxury hotel in Tehran with the green mountains behind it.
  • These tours will allow you to dig deep into Iran’s history and culture. You’ll get to explore the ancient Persian civilization, which has had an essential role in the history of humankind.
  • During luxury holidays, you can tag along with guides who have a deep understanding of local life. Therefore, they can answer all your questions about the culture and the history of locals anywhere you decide to go on your journey.
  • You’ll get to add personal touches to your itinerary. We align everything with your preferences, whether before the trip or while you are on your journey. Therefore, you’ll get to enhance the moments to which you feel a deeper connection.
  • These tours are opportunities for you to fulfill your sense of adventure and curiosity. The exclusivity of your experience is a priority kept in mind designing and arranging your specific tour package.

Our passengers, Our friends

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Iran Luxury Tour FAQ

Can't find your answer? Ask a question

How is the quality of services in Iran luxury travel?

It’s not different from the services given in most European countries. We have 5-stars hotels based on the standards used in Europe. Also, high-quality transport and cars are the same. Moreover, we align our customer service with the criteria used in the west. Plus, Iranian restaurants are among the best in the world.

Why do I have to book Iran luxury tours?

You would want to ensure the highest quality services for the trip you’ve planned for so long. Also, not so many people speak English so it’d be most comfortable if you leave everything to a tour company and have a Iran tour guides by your side all the time.

How should I plan for my Iran luxury trip?

We have designed the best luxury journeys based on our experiences in travel and tour execution to ensure you have the best journey. However, you could always tell us your requests or preferences about iran tailor-made tours to make any changes you’ll need in the schedule. Leave everything up to us, and we’ll ensure your peace of mind.

Is it possible to change the services offered on these tours?

Yes, we align all of our luxury tours with your needs. Also, you could customize them however you’d like.

Could I turn your other tours to luxury?

Yes, we can hold all of our tours as Iran private tours or luxury tours. You can explore all of our packages on the Iran tours page.

How do you calculate the luxury tour price?

The only differences between the prices for Iran luxury tour packages and other tours are the higher quality services such as luxury accommodations and luxury transportation. Also, if you would book these services on your own, it would not make much of a difference with our luxury tour packages.

How is the flexibility of luxury trips?

Our tours are very flexible, considering you’ll get to use our Iran tour Moments feature and choose your Iran tour guides from a wide range of characters and personalities. If for any reason, you would want more customization, you could also look into our iran tailor-made tours.

Can we choose our guide?

100% yes. All Iran tour guides are local, and they’ll take you to the heart of the city and the local life. They are all also flexible people who have been travelers themselves. In our booking form, we have an option for you to tell us your preferences and we’ll match the best guide that aligns with your likes and dislikes.

What are “Moments”?

It’s a feature to ensure the flexibility and diversity of your plan, whether before or during your journey. Please read more about this feature on our Iran travel moments page.

What do I need to know about the visa process?

The process of getting a visa is short and straight forward for most countries besides several specific ones such as the United States, England, and Canada. You’ll get your visa approximately in 2 weeks. If you choose to book a tour package with us, you won’t be paying additional charges. We include the visa fee in our services. If you are from those specific countries, then you can visit our Iran visa page list to see the process for the visa as it will be different and longer.

How is the food in these tours?

We don’t include meals in most of our Iran luxury tour packages. The reason is that we want to leave it up to you to choose from our recommendations based on your taste preferences and budget. We don’t want to take you somewhere that you’d spend more money than you intend to on food or not like the kind of food they serve. Our guides will recommend the best options for you, whether you are a vegetarian or have any other food restrictions at all.

How are the hotels?

In all the cities, we’ve chosen the best hotels for our packages. Most hotels are 5-stars, but even in a few cities that the hotels are 4-stars, we have ensured the comfort of your journey is the priority. These 4-stars hotels are usually historical traditional houses that have been turned into high-quality hotels. We’ve fit these into the packages for you to experience the best stay on your journey.

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