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yellow hotel

Yellow Traditional Hotel in Aran va Bidgol

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Isfahan province’s tourist attractions include Aran va Bidgol, which has distinctive natural and historic landmarks as well as its own distinct cultures and customs. The northernmost part of the province of Isfahan, Aran va Bidgol county, has four subsidiary cities Aran va Bidgol, Abuzeydabad, Sefidshahr, and Nushabad. This warm and dry province has one of the most ancient human settlements on the Iranian plateau. Its history dates to the Sialk civilization, which has a roughly nine thousand-year history. Aran va Bidgol, two historic cities, have been combined to form this county. The presence of hundreds of ancient artifacts, historic castles, and monuments throughout Dasht-e Kavir in the area demonstrates the area’s long antiquity and ancient prosperity.

About the Yellow Hotel in Aran va Bidgol, Kashan

Yellow Hotel is one of the hotels in Aran va Bidgol in the north of Isfahan province, and it is about 2 hours away from Namak Lake to its north. The building of Yellow Hotel in Aran va Bidgol was built in 2017 and has 28 accommodation units on three floors. The advantages of this Aran va Bidgol hotel complex include easy access to the city of Kashan and the tourist areas of Aran va Bidgol itself. If you are thinking of eating, you can go to the restaurant of the Yellow Hotel in Aran va Bidgol and enjoy the delicious food prepared there. You can access another restaurant 5 minutes from the hotel if you need another restaurant. It is not bad to know that the Yellow Hotel, with the help of the municipality of Abuzeydabad, has launched a campaign in the pristine Siazgeh Desert, where the passengers of the Yellow Hotel can, in addition, of enjoying the beautiful environment of the hotel, spend a night away from all human structures in a peaceful and pleasant desert. Iran desert tours and desert safaris explore some of the most remote areas of this fascinating land, areas rarely explored by others, and this is a true journey of discovery. Spending the night under the sky and taking in the pleasant experience of traveling to the remote desert areas are now among the things that can be done at the Yellow Aran va Bidgol Hotel. Below are some of the activities you can do here:

Sky view and astronomy: seeing the beautiful desert sky in a calm and pleasant environment, due to the lack of light pollution, is a fantastic experience. So many stars, far from reach in the cities, are so close to you in the desert that it sometimes feels like the stars rain on your head.

Trekking in Siazgeh desert: Siazgeh desert is a vast area in the foothills of north Abuzeydabad. Like any other piece of the desert, the peak of its beauty lies in the deep silence, next to its flowing hot sand dunes and its vast and unique views. During the trip to the Siazgeh desert, you can experience the peace of being in the desert and the feeling of walking on sand dunes.

It is interesting to know that all the hotel staff members are good and hospitable residents of the beautiful village of Yazdelan, who welcome guests with their local dialect and beautiful clothes. The Yellow Hotel’s main goal is to keep its environment and atmosphere pristine, and it has tried to convey the good sense of hospitality of the warm-blooded people of the desert to its guests by using the high abilities of the people of Yazdelan village. In terms of geographical location and with a short drive from Aran va Bidgol Hotel, it is about 50 minutes to Jame Ghazi Mosque, the tomb of Imamzadeh Mohammad Helal, and the Shaker Historical Garden House, about 90 minutes to Maranjab Desert and Caravanserai, and a little more than 2 hours to the wandering island in Namak Lake.

Important Information About Aran va Bidgol Hotel:

Staying in this hotel includes; a Breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner with a set menu, fruit, tea, tea, and snacks.

Children under three years old (if not using additional services) are free of charge, and children 3 to 8 years old are charged half price (again if not using additional services).

Finally, If you want to see other desert tours in the province of Isfahan, we highly recommend the magical 3-Day Varzaneh Desert & Isfahan Tour.

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