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Yeta Traditional Hotel in Khur va Biabanak

Yeta Traditional Hotel in Khur va Biabanak

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The effect of the desert can be mesmerizing. The sun traps and magnifies, while the earth seems to absorb. You are in a place of extremes: either blistering hot or freezing cold, sand or snow. Yet, despite it all, a desert hotel is one of the most captivating places you can visit. Especially a hotel that blends into the environment with historical precedent such as the caravanserai desert Yeta hotel.

About the Yeta Hotel

Yeta Traditional Hotel in Khur va Biabanak county was originally a historical caravanserai that was renovated in 2009 to change its use to a hotel. Now Yeta Hotel has become a gem in the heart of the desert, which annually welcomes many domestic and foreign tourists who have traveled to Yazd province.

This caravanserai dates back 200 years, and its interiors are designed based on traditional Iranian architecture. Although the location of Yeta Hotel is in the heart of the desert, one of its unique features is the access to 5 aqueduct wells through which the water consumption of the complex is provided. In addition, different types of trees such as pomegranates, palms, olives, and figs are grown in the hotel complex. Given its location, it is particularly suitable for more cultural travel plans, as in our Iran cultural tours.

One of the advantages of staying at Yeta Hotel in the Mesr desert is the proximity to Bayazeh village. A village with many historical attractions, such as the three-thousand-year-old Narin Castle, traditional village houses, and an olive tree that is more than eight hundred years old.

Yeta Mesr desert hotel has double, triple, and four-bed rooms that are equipped with facilities such as air-conditioning system, refrigerator, bed, and separate toilet to host respected travelers. This hotel has 12 traditional rooms inside the building and 7 other rooms in the hotel area.

Wi-Fi internet access is possible in Yeta Hotel complex for free. Also, for the comfort of travelers, a public kitchen has been installed in the hotel complex, which provides the possibility of cooking for tourists. It is necessary to remember that the roof of the Yeta Hotel is covered with bricks so that passengers can easily observe the stars from there.

Yeta Hotel is situated between the Isfahan and Yazd regions; if you wish to know about locations surrounding the hotel, the two provinces, and other incredible sites all over Iran, visit our Iran destinations page.

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