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Wisteria Hotel Tehran

Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

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Tehran’s Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

When it comes to traveling to Tehran or if you have foreign guests, if you want to have a memorable and luxurious trip, you will have a list of luxurious and magnificent hotels, of which Wisteria Hotel Tehran is the flagship. Not much time has passed since the opening of this hotel. A luxurious and well-equipped building, from its exterior and sky-high height in the pleasant area of ​​Darband.

The Geographical Location of Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

Established in 2016, Wisteria Hotel is an international five-star hotel in Tehran province, established by a group of Iranian and Canadian hospitality professionals. The hotel is located in one of the scenic spots in the north of Tehran, in the area of ​​Alborz mountain and at the highest point of the city, with access to many beautiful tourist attractions, important business, and entertainment centers, and walking paths and museums. Nearby attractions include museums such as Saadabad Palace, Niavaran Palace, Royal Library Museum, Ferdows Garden, Cinema Museum, Pahlavi Exclusive Car Museum, Dr. Hesabi Museum, and Jahannama Museum, Tamashgeh Zaman Museum, commercial and entertainment centers such as Palladium, Arg, and Tandis. And Qaim, Elahia and Jordan shopping center and resorts such as Darband, Derkeh, Shamshak ski resort. Wisteria Hotel’s rooms are fully equipped with modern facilities, with magnificent views of Alborz Mountain and Tehran city. Guests can have a good time in one of the luxurious restaurants and cafes of the hotel, or use the conference hall and multipurpose halls of the hotel, the business center, or hold a special occasion in one of the two luxurious banquet halls for holding business meetings. The spa and wellness center of the hotel includes various facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi, equipped gym, massage room, Turkish bath, and coffee shop, which provides a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for the guests. This is you and this Wisteria hotel in Tehran!

Two of the most famous site are the Saadabad and nIavaran palace complexes. The Museum complex of Saadabad is to the west of the hotel. Starting with the Qajar dynasty, this sprawling estate in the Darband foothills served as a summer retreat for royalty. However, the Pahlavis built the current palace seen today. The complex is very large and of houses 18 different buildings which may take you about three hours to see everything. Don’t miss the extravagant 54-room White Palace, constructed in the 1930s, for a look at the opulent lifestyle of the shahs. The Green Palace, which has a more traditional appearance, was built toward the close of the Qajar era. The Famous White Palace with 54 rooms has one of the largest carpets ever woven in Iran, measuring 143 square meters. Art Gallery Museum contains many notable Domestic and European pieces from the 18th to the 20th century.

Niyavaran Complex Cultural-Historical located in the east of the hotel was the place of residence of the former King of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his family majority of the final decade of their reign. The elegant Niyavaran Palace from the 1960s, with its clean lines, opulent interior, and exquisite carpets, is perhaps the best museum in the complex. The Metropolitan Library is another notable building in the complex, the impressive two-floor library, which was only used by the Queen Farah Diba, is located east of the Palace. The huge windows of the library illuminate 23,000 books, elegant sofas, works of Picasso, and a stunning glass ceiling.

Is Wisteria Tehran Hotel suitable for business stays?

If you come to Tehran for a business trip, you can safely stay at Wisteria Tehran Hotel. With its conference hall, this hotel is suitable for holding business events or office meetings. To reserve the Wisteria Hotel check our iran tours cost, although it may sound expensive it may be more reasonable than you think. In addition, Wisteria Hotel has provided the best conditions and access to other places with its geographical location in the best part of Tehran.

The distance between Wisteria Hotel in Tehran and Mehrabad Airport is about 50 minutes by car. In less than half an hour, you will reach the international exhibition, which makes you feel at ease about participating in the show. The distance between the hotel and Beyhaghi terminal is about half an hour. Due to the hotel’s location, you are twenty minutes away from the conference hall of Sed and Sima, which is easier if you have a conference in this hall.

Wisteria Hotel Facilities and Services in Tehran

To get rid of the tiredness of a working or leisure day, you can go to the hotel pool, take a dip in the cleanest and best conditions, and use the hotel pool and jacuzzi. Of course, it is not free! A well-equipped gym is also available for sports and sports-loving guests. After that, go to the massage parlor and relieve your fatigue with a massage. Do not miss the Turkish bath. All these facilities are located in the health and spa center complex.

Three halls with three different uses host your events. Wisteria hall is equipped with audio and video equipment, a projector, simultaneous translation equipment, and catering for business meetings and group meetings, and holding classes. If you want to start the journey of your life together in a luxurious and well-equipped hall, Rose Hall is ready to host your wedding ceremony with a wedding table and special equipment. For weddings or parties, you can use the 400-seat Aqeeq hall, which is decorated with colorful and attractive tables and chairs. The hotel parking has a capacity of 98 cars. Apart from the busy days of the hotel, you won’t have any problem with car parking on the rest of the days.

Features of Wisteria Hotel

From the moment you enter the hotel, you will encounter a charming lobby with a combination of ceramics and chandeliers and a decor arrangement with stylish sofas. The space of the rooms and its facilities, together with the view they have of Tehran, brings you a comfortable stay that is suitable for a business or leisure trip. One of the good features of the hotel is the ability to use a well-equipped swimming pool and gym, which can make the trip enjoyable. The health center of Wisteria Hotel, by offering a variety of massages and facilities, will relieve your tiredness. You can easily access other parts of the city from this hotel. The subway is located a short distance from the hotel. The well-equipped and luxurious halls of the hotel are decorated in a professional and luxurious manner to welcome your guests.

Wisteria Hotel Rooms and Suites in Tehran

You have a choice of equipped rooms and suites in Wisteria. Single and double rooms with full-length windows offer a view of Tehran. Wisteria Suite with large bedrooms and separate living rooms, and stylish furniture will multiply the pleasure of your stay. The presidential suite is more compact and smaller than the Wisteria suites. King rooms are larger than double rooms but smaller than suites. All the facilities of a five-star hotel in Tehran can be seen in Wisteria.

Facilities such as toiletries, refrigerator, TV, telephone, furniture, power switch, cooling and heating system, lampshade, room service, mini bar, and many other facilities provide your comfort in the real sense. A toilet is used inside the room. However, you can use the Iranian service that is placed in Tabaqat. If you come to this hotel for a business trip, you can sit and do your work with full concentration and comfort at the desk located in the room. You will also have unlimited internet. The interior design and decoration of all Wisteria accommodation units are professionally and stylishly arranged.

Restaurants and Coffee shops of Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

On the ground floor of the hotel, Wisteria restaurant is located, which hosts resident and non-resident guests. The best and most professional chefs have gathered at Wisteria Hotel and will serve you food that will always taste delicious. Don’t miss the pleasure of making memories with your loved ones on summer nights under the starry sky. The Sky Lunch restaurant, with its cozy rooftop garden, cooks various international and Iranian dishes for you. After the meal, on a hearty evening, Wisteria Cafe hosts your memorable moments. You can sit in the warm and quiet environment of the Wisteria Hotel coffee shop and invite yourself to a delicious wisteria-flavored cake and a hearty coffee.

About the Price of Wisteria Hotel Rooms in Tehran

Considering that Wisteria Hotel is one of the most luxurious and best hotels in Tehran, you will experience a pleasant stay in this hotel. Prices in this luxury hotel start from 1.800 million tomans and continue up to 5 million tomans. There will certainly be a price increase for the presidential and wisteria suites compared to the double and single rooms. But the good news is that you can book this hotel at a great discount in Rehi No. That is, during the discount periods of Rehi Nou, you can taste the pleasure of staying in this luxury hotel even by paying half of the original amount of the hotel.

General Opinions of Users Regarding Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

A clean and stylish hotel is waiting for you. From the beginning, a very wide lobby is in front of you. It is very easy to access the hotel to Tajrish Square and from there to the city’s main streets. The hotel’s cleaning and services are at the level of a high-quality five-star hotel. The swimming pool and health center of the hotel are clean and hygienic. In terms of breakfast, you have a varied menu at your disposal, although it may become repetitive after a few days. The heating and cooling system of the hotel needs to be reviewed. Because you may not sleep in some nights due to the ventilation and heat of the room. The rooms are not soundproof, and if you are sensitive to sound, this will affect your comfort. The polite and professional staff of the hotel welcomes you with an open face and a proper attitude that makes you feel good. They provide you with the services you need very quickly, which is considered the hotel’s strength. In general, in terms of accommodation, this hotel has the conditions and facilities of a newly built five-star hotel.

Wisteria Hotel Rules

Check-in time: 14

Check-out time: 12

According to the hotel rules, the cancellation will be calculated based on the first night’s price.

The admission of single women is unimpeded.

For Iranian citizens, it is mandatory to bring a national ID card and birth certificate.

For foreign travelers, a passport is required upon admission.

The cost of accommodation for children under Three years old is free, between 3 and 8 years old half price and over six years old is charged extra.

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