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Water skiing in Kish

Locations for Water Skiing in Kish

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Water skiing is one of the popular water activities and sports on Kish Island. So make sure to pack a few sports clothes in your luggage if you are planning a trip to Kish. To enjoy new experiences on the shores of the Persian Gulf, you should get the necessary information about it. Everything you want to know about this recreation in Kish Island is explained below in detail.

Water skiing is possible in two places on Kish Island:

  1. Kish Cable Ski Park
  2. Marina Kish Sports Club
Water skiing with an electric cable (cable skiing)

Water Skiing in Kish Cable Ski Park

Cable Ski Park is located on the east coast of Kish Island and a short distance from Aghayan Beach. In this place, it is possible to do several water sports in various ways and at different costs, and water skiing is considered one of the most affordable sports. This entertainment’s reasonable and easy cost has made the public favor it.

Water skiing in Kish Cable Ski Park is one of the largest cable ski complexes in the world. This park is located in one of the most beautiful and best parts of Far Eastern Silver Beach and has a unique beauty.

This park is located near coconut trees and old laurel trees and next to beautiful pavilions. This green and beautiful area has become very beautiful and luxurious with a large recreational pier and many attractions. This is one of the most memorable places in Kish, which has a lot of charm.

Kish Cable Ski Park with an area of ​​more than 130,000 meters holds the title of the largest cable ski in the world and the Middle East. In the width of this coastal water park, five towers have been built to connect ropes or ski cables. Therefore, even on foreign trips, this opportunity of water skiing in the best and widest possible space with a high-security factor will be available for tourists.

Water skiing with sailing in Kish

Distance to Cable ski park

As mentioned, Cable Ski Park is the first and largest ski site in the Middle East, which has many unique attractions. The length of the cable ski park on this island is 860 meters and it has a width of 160 meters, which generally forms a very large recreational complex.

The service of this place is excellent and in order to provide a better service for the fans of this sport, 5 towers have been installed in the Persian Gulf, which serves at a speed of 28 to 62 km per hour. In general, they can serve 12 people at the same time.

Kish Marina Sports Club

This sports club is actually on the same beach as the Marina Hotel, which is located on the Marjan beach kish between the Adaniha Hotel and Hafezieh. In this club, conditions are provided for all kinds of water sports such as Jet Skiing, flyboarding, and boat riding with modern equipment and high security for tourists.

Jet Flyer at Kish Marina Park Water Sports Club

The Cost of Water Skiing in Kish

The price of water skiing on the Kish tour will be between 45 and 150 thousand tomans. The cost is based on the time you stay on the surface and your choice between boat or cable. The time to use this entertainment is twenty minutes to one hour. Water skiing by boat is more expensive than cable skiing.

Usually, the cost of skiing at Club Marina is higher than at Cable Water Park, but the very good discounts that are sometimes considered for this sport on some sites can be effective in your choice between these two beaches. Sometimes very good discounts get you to the second round of skiing and you get more tickets.

You do not have to pay for the equipment needed for this sport, which includes gloves, ropes, and skis, and all these items are provided free of charge by the group. If you don’t have the right clothes with you; You can buy sports equipment and supplies at the beach stalls, but if you want to spend less, don’t forget to bring clothes so you don’t have to buy and pay more.

Who Chooses Water Skiing?

  • People who are looking for a different experience.
  • People who are good at math and books are looking for affordable water fun.
  • Those who are fans of water sports but are afraid of not having it safely.
  • Families with energetic and adventurous teenagers.
  • It should be noted that the sport of water skiing has no age limit and everyone from children to the grandfather of the family can experience it, and this is due to the high safety and ease of use of this Kish water recreation.

Safety Tips in Water Skiing

Although water skiing is completely safe and does not pose any danger to you, if you are a beginner and it is the first time that you are going to this sport, it is better to carefully pay attention to the training given by the instructors in the complex and know that in order to maintain your safety, You are more effective than all factors.

The time of providing recreational services in both mentioned places only lasts until sunset, and after that, due to the darkness of the weather and the lowering of your security, it is not possible to use skis until the next morning.

Water skiing in Kish with a sail

The Difference Between Water Skiing and Boat and Cable Skiing

  1. Water skiing with a boat
  2. Water skiing with an electric cable (cable skiing)

In boat skiing, you are connected to a motorized boat with a rope, but in cable skiing, you are connected with cables to the towers installed in the cable ski park, which are both excellent in terms of safety, but the cost of boat skiing is more.

In both methods, you are connected to a motorboat or tower with a twenty-meter rope that pulls you across the surface of the water at a certain speed. Your speed varies between 28 and 62 km/h depending on your age, weight, and specific conditions.

While wearing special gloves, you pull the rope towards you with both hands and tilt your body backward. In this case, the front part of the skis you are wearing will be placed upwards and you will easily be dragged on the water with indescribable excitement. The ski boards that you wear are approximately 112 x 21 cm in size and weigh between two and three kilograms.

Other Facilities Include Cable Ski Park and Marina Club

Usually, in every friend or family gathering, there are people who for any reason do not want such exciting fun. In this case, you don’t have to give up going to the cable ski park and marina or the Marina Hotel beach. The facilities that are placed together in these places make the entertainment atmosphere pleasant for everyone.

Some of these facilities are natural, such as old laurels and coconut trees, and the stunning and cozy views of the beach of the water park, which are very suitable for photography. And also factors that have been specially prepared for you, dear visitor, including coffee shops and restaurants, which are suitable places for visiting and serving hot and cold drinks.

There are facilities similar to what we said in the Marina Sports Club, and when you come out of the water with a tired body and a fresh spirit, you can go to the beach stalls and surprise your hungry stomach with fast food or a cool drink. In Cable Ski Park, necessary measures have been taken to park your cars, and you can have fun without worrying about parking.

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