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Uncle Hasan Ecotourism Residence (Jandagh City)

Amoo Hassan’s Ecological Residence

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Amoo Hassan’s ecological residence is located in Hed village, Jandaq city, Khor and Biyabank cities, Isfahan province. This native house has five rooms for seven people with floor service, which has the capacity to accommodate 35 tourists in total. Guests in all rooms must use the shared bath and toilets in the yard. The facilities of this residence include: parking, roof areas, a kitchen, and cooling, and heating systems. Iran Tours Tourists, with prior arrangements, can order a variety of local dishes such as Ash Nash, Atishi Abgousht, and Eggplant Curd.

Head village is located 5 kilometers southeast of Jandaq and has a beautiful and pristine nature. This area has many natural and historical monuments, and we recommend not neglecting the sands and desert hills around Jandaq. Amoo Hassan’s residence in the uninhabited village of Hed provides an excellent opportunity to have a sweet experience in a quiet atmosphere away from any noise in the heart of the desert.

Khor and Biabank deserts, especially the Egyptian deserts, are among the most famous and amazing deserts in Iran, which have attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists and desert hikers every year in the autumn and winter seasons. Namak Khor Lake is known as the largest seasonal salt lake in Iran, and the salt waterfall has doubled the beauty of this area.

Garmeh itself is an oasis village that can be found in Iran’s central desert, Dasht-e-Kavir. The village is located south of Khur County, in the east of the province of Isfahan. Due to its closeness to the desert and slight elevation of 750 metres above sea level, Garmeh Village in the Iranian province of Isfahan experiences a hot and dry environment.

Human habitation in the region is said to go for at least 4,000 years. The oasis is situated on what was then the famed Silk Road’s major path, which served as the primary commerce route between China and Europe in, roughly 2000 years ago. As a result, numerous historical travellers have visited the region.

One such traveller is Nasir Khusraw, a renowned Persian explorer, philosopher, and who travelled to the region around 950 years ago and wrote about it in his travelogues. European travellers Sven Hedin and Alfons Gabriel, visited Garmeh over a century ago.

The historic Garmeh Castle belonging to the Sassanid period, in the village of Garmeh, is one of the most spectacular places in the region, and there is a natural mineral water spring in this village, which is known as Mahi healing spring. Many tourists travel there every year using its therapeutic properties. If you plan to travel to the desert, visit tourist attractions such as Namak Khor salt Lake, Garmeh Village, the beautiful and fantastic desert of Mesr, Jandaq Castle, the desert village, and the historic houses.

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