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Traditional Hotel T Da desert Egypt

Teeda Hotel, Mesr Desert

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Teeda Mesr Desert Hotel is located in the village of Mesr and is located among one of the most popular deserts in the region. The construction of this hotel was completed in 2014, and since then, it has been considered an ideal destination for those interested in desert and adventure travel. As its name suggests, Teeda Hotel is a traditional hotel whose interior is designed based on authentic Iranian architecture. For example, the straw-made walls, arches of the walls and ceilings design, and the royal space are all signs of traditional design in the hotel. This, of course, is not particular to this hotel alone; other traditional hotels in Iran – which you can see on Iran tours – also use the same traditional materials and designs.

Teeda Hotel has 14 accommodation units and a total of 48 beds in which the guests of the Mesr desert can spend memorable nights in its rooms. Breakfast is served free of charge to users, and those interested in healthy and organic food can enjoy a variety of traditional and Iranian dishes in the restaurant of Teeda Hotel.

The coffee shop of Teeda Mesr Desert Hotel is also a good option for a snack. This coffee shop offers different types of natural juices and teas, and users can place their favorite orders according to their taste. A handicraft shop is also operating in the TDA hotel complex, and travelers will not need to leave the hotel premises to buy souvenirs and handmade and traditional products.

The reception of Teeda Hotel in the Khor va Biyabank county is ready to serve the users around the clock. It is possible to use the parking space for free with the coordination of this department. Users can also benefit from services such as camel rides, off-road vehicle,s and ATV rentals, and experience a variety of desert activities.

Of course, the most incredible site near this hotel is the Mesr desert, one of the most stunning natural features in Iran is the Mesr desert. The desert is among the most well-liked places for desert hikers and nature lovers. The Mesr desert is located in the province of Isfahan. Three mountain ranges, which are a part of the Central Plateau of Iran mountain range, encircle this lovely desert from the southeast, southwest, and west.

Beautiful sand dunes in the Mesr desert have been a popular tourism site and desert climbing in natural pits at the mountain’s base. Those who live around the Mesr desert have increased their involvement in travel and lodging for tourists in recent years, particularly during the peak tourist seasons. In the past, they were primarily involved in agriculture and animal husbandry, and in addition to growing saffron, wheat, and other crops, they were also engaged in camel breeding. However, the reputation of the desert has also transformed their lives.

If you wish to visit Iran In the warmer seasons and the Mesr Desert sound too hot for you, check out our exciting Mount Damavand tour.

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