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Top Summer Destinations in Iran

Top Summer Destinations in Iran

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Warm beaches, swimming, surfing, cool drinks, colorful ice cream, lively nightlife, … what else would remind you of the summer vibe? Yep! Traveling. Hitting the roads on one’s own or taking a tour package, there is a huge movement throughout the world including Iran cities. Iran’s main tourist route with all its historical sites, stunning architecture, and marvelous nature is still a destination worth discovering. But isn’t it hot during summer?


How Is the Weather in Iran?

First of all, let’s see how Iran’s weather is. It is located in a hot area. Hence, there is this idea that Iran is a dry land with intolerable summers. But, that is not all the story. Turn the page to see a wider image. The Caspian Sea is in the north. The Persian Gulf flows in the south of Iran. There are incredible and unique scenes on both shores. Besides, in the north stands the Alborz Mountain range and its Damavand peak. It is the highest peak in the Middle East. Then there is this jungle from the Jurassic era, Hyrcanian Forest between Alborz and the Caspian Sea. If you go towards the west, you see another mountain range, Zagros. It has created many fabulous locations. The dense oak forests, previously volcanic peaks, deep valleys, canyons, waterfalls, and high plains are the very description of heaven on the earth. So, after all these can we still think of Iran as a dry and hot land?


Iran’s Weather in Summer

Naturally, summer is intolerable in the deserts of  Iran. For five years, from 2004 to 2009 (except 2008), the Lut desert was the hottest spot on the earth. So, we put it aside for this season. The best time for Iran desert tours is in spring and autumn. But, we can suggest several Iran destinations for the summer.

Iran’s Weather in Summer

There are kilometers of beaches, jungles, canyons, and plains. The western and northwestern areas are in their most delicate atmosphere at this time. The southern region, adjacent to the Persian Gulf is hot and sultry. But the Iranian locals there know how to enjoy life at night. The northern part, the most flourished and fertile region of Iran is like a little continent on its own. It is incredibly cool near its mountains areas, pleasant in under the lush leaves of old trees, and warm and slightly sultry by the Caspian Sea.



Summer Destinations in Iran

Iran tour packages are designed based on the destinations. This country is best known for its historical sites. So, the are these Iran cultural tours that focus on our history, architecture, culture, and people’s lifestyle. These tours are frequently going on Iran’s main route. They pass through the central parts. This means in summer it would be hot. But, the tour operator knows how to manage the itinerary. Therefore, if you like to visit Iran’s famous Persepolis and it is summer, don’t worry about the weather. Just conduit your tour agency about the details.

Summer Destinations in Iran

However, what if you are not interested in historical places? Or, what should you do if you prefer wandering Iran’s natural attractions? There is a wide range of sightseeing and activities that are especially charming in summer. Mountain climbing, trekking, visiting the natural wonders, hanging out with Iran nomads are some of the ideas we put forth. There are a variety of Iran trekking tours or off-road tours that are designed for adventure seekers. Of course, it doesn’t mean that these tours are not suitable for other visitors that want to visit Iran on their vacations. Most Iran tours are available for families with children or elders!


Northern Cities of Iran

Lively golden beaches are the most common pictures we would think of for the summer. The Caspian Sea shores in the north of Iran are among the most favorite destinations for Iranians. In this certain area, people can enjoy the sea, jungles, and mountain foothills. Thus, that’s not strange if it is crowded by the sea or in the national parks. This would be an important issue to consider in choosing the proper tour package.


Western Cities of Iran

The Zagros mountain range is a treasure that has not been discovered thoroughly even within Iran. During April and May, this area is rather cold. The winter leaves there about the end of May. Consequently, its summers are cooler than the other regions. The wonders of the mountain and the way people have adapted themselves to this wild and pure nature are among the engaging attractions of Iran. The terraced houses of Palangan village deep in a valley are one example of this adaptation.

Western Cities of Iran

In the foothills, the nomads move from the plains to the heart of mountains to enjoy the fresh cool air. The waterfalls roar down into their pools. Two peaks, Dena and Zardkuh higher than 4000 meters are now the goals of many climbers. This magnificent mountain range is a favorable location for those who want to spend their summer in a different silent place.


Northwest cities in Iran

Alborz Mountains stretch from the northwest to the northeast of Iran. The northwestern parts are also making the cooler areas of Iran just satisfactory for summer. And like the western areas, there lays the remaining of a quite old civilization. It shows the vigilance of the Iranian people in saving their lives against harsh nature and brutal enemies. Amid mountain rocks, the hand-carved buildings of Kandovan Village are convenient natural residences for Iran tourists. The Urmia Lake, ancient temples, and untouched jungles along with noble cities are some other attractions. Here again, the local nomads live a semi-primitive life. They travel from the vast plains to the higher pastures of the mountain. Two famous peaks, Sahand and Sabalan embrace the hikers and climbers. The astonishing nature up there etches to the mind of any visitor forever.

Travel Iran in Summer

There is no certain time to travel to Iran. The various weather in different regions has made it possible for travelers to choose a destination based on their taste and priorities. Iran cultural tours are held all over the year. It goes through Iran’s main route from Tehran to Shiraz. Historical sites, authentic architecture, and hanging out with people are the highlights of these tour packages. Iran trekking and hiking tours, Mount Damavand climbing tours, Iran festival tours, and off-road tours are the ones that can be planned independently or along with the cultural tours regarding the season.

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