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Tonkabon hotels

Hotels in Tonekabon

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Tankabon is one of the most beautiful cities in Mazandaran province. A city located between the forest and the sea. If you have decided to visit this city as a part of the Iran tours packages or just trying to get to know more about the available accommodations of the city, continue reading as we introduce the city and its hotels.

Tonekabon, formerly known as Feiz and Shahsavar and often referred to as “city of orange groves”    is located on the southern shore of the Caspian Sea and has a long and illustrious history. It was formerly a part of the domain of the Paduspanid rulers from 655 to 1598, of Sassanid ancestry for nearly a thousand years. They are regarded as the longest dynasty in Iranian history and the second-longest dynasty overall  that is after Japan’s imperial Sun Line.

The Do-hezar and Se-hezar forests, which are popular with hikers, campers, and nature photographers, are part of the city’s famed lush landscape. Depending on how many rivers pass through a particular forest, that forest receives its name. The Persian words “Do” and “Se,” which both mean “two” and “three,” respectively, denote the presence of two and three rivers, respectively, in the forest.

The Best Hotels in Tonekabon

The best accommodations in Tonekabon are hotels that, in addition to having a good location, meet your expectations for a comfortable stay. Let’s take a look at this category.

1. Chaldarreh Hotel

Chaldarreh Tankabon Hotel is a four-star hotel. This hotel is located on the road of two thousand forests and next to the river. By staying in this hotel, you will benefit from the beauty of the forest and the sea. Chaldarreh complex is 17 km away from Tonekabon. With an area of ​​90 hectares, Chaldarreh Hotel invites you to stay in the heart of the forest. The accommodation spaces of Chaldarreh Hotel include Afra and Alder huts.

Alder huts are made entirely of wood and have an area of ​​36 square meters. Depending on the number of people, you can book Alder cottages with a capacity for two, three, and four people. Maple cottages are bigger than alder cottages and have an area of ​​65 square meters. These cottages have a bedroom, living room and full facilities. The facilities of this complex include parking, a restaurant and coffee shop, a safety deposit box, room service, tour service, laundry, etc.

2. Hotel Nejati

Nejati Hotel is considered a 3-star hotel, but it is classified as one of the best hotels in this city due to its good location, proximity to the beach, and providing suitable facilities. This hotel is 15 minutes away from Tonekabon. Accommodation spaces available in Nejati Hotel include double, triple, four-bed rooms and one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. The facilities of Nejati Tankabon Hotel include a private beach, parking, event hall, internet, etc.

3. Toneka Parse Hotel

Toneka Hotel is also a three-star hotel. This hotel is located half an hour away (by car) from Tonekabon and close to Sehazar Forest Park. Toneka Hotel is a newly built hotel that was implemented in 2018. In Toneka , you can book a variety of double, triple, special master, and royal suite rooms with suitable facilities. By staying in Toneka, you will be close to the forest and the sea. The facilities of this hotel include a breakfast hall, parking, internet, etc.

4. Westa Hotel

Westa Hotel is actually a premium villa hotel. Although this hotel is not in the category of hotels given a star in terms of classification, it is considered one of the best hotels and, of course, one of the most expensive hotels in Tonekabon. Westa is a beach hotel that is 25 minutes away from Tonekabon. In Westa, you can book luxury villas with suitable facilities. The hotel villas have one to four bedrooms.

Westa Hotel has recreational and sports facilities, including a billiard room, children’s club, play area, swimming pool, etc.

Westa Tonekabon Hotel, the country’s first villa hotel, and a different accommodation experience

This hotel started operating in 2018 and is considered one of the best hotels in Tonekabon. The distinctive feature of this luxury accommodation complex is providing a private villa with complete and up-to-date facilities and services at the level and size of 5-star hotels.

If you plan to travel to Mazandaran, you can book Westa Tankabon Hotel through the 24 national reservation system. Stay with us to learn more about this special villa hotel.

Westa Tankabon Hotel Rooms

Westa Hotel, which is also known as Westa Tonekabon Apartment Hotel, has two floors and 21 stylish and clean accommodation units. These units are in the form of villas and have excellent and first-class facilities, and provide a comfortable and pleasant stay for the guests.

One-Bedroom Villa

The one-bedroom villa of Westa Hotel, which is one of the best hotels in Tunkabon, has an area of ​​about 90 square meters. The bedroom of this two-person villa is master and has a complete, separate and luxurious bathroom. In the reception hall of the one-bedroom villa of Westa Tonekabon Hotel, there is the best and most stylish furniture with a very eye-catching design and color. This villa has a well-equipped kitchen with modern and excellent appliances, which provides the possibility of cooking for the guests. There is also a private green yard for relaxing in this villa.

Two-Bedroom Villa

The two-bedroom, three-person luxury villa of Westa Tonekabon Hotel has an area of ​​110 meters and has the best and most stylish furniture and equipment for the comfort of most travelers. One of the advantages of this villa is its private and green terrace, which can be a suitable and relaxing place to relax with a beautiful view.

Two bedrooms have been designed for this villa, both of which are master bedrooms and have separate and fully equipped bathrooms. A 50-inch TV and furniture with colors matching the stylish interior decoration of the villa are also located in the reception area.

Three-Bedroom Villa

You can experience an unforgettable stay by booking Westa Tonekabon Hotel and choosing its three-bedroom villa. This 180-meter duplex villa has a bedroom, living room, and kitchen on the ground floor and two master bedrooms on the upper floor. The advantages of this luxury villa include a private four-season pool, a private green yard on the ground floor, a private and pleasant terrace on the upper floor, a fully equipped kitchen, 50-inch TV, first-class furniture, beds, and appliances.

Four-Bedroom Villa

The best and most luxurious accommodation unit of Westa Tonekabon Hotel is its four-bedroom villa. This villa has an area of ​​250 square meters and has a very comfortable and pleasant space. The complete facilities of the four-bedroom villa are like the facilities of 5-star hotels, and you can experience a memorable stay there. On the ground floor of this villa, in addition to the two master bedrooms, there is a luxury reception hall with stylish furniture, a special dining room, 55-inch TV, a fully equipped kitchen, a yard, and a four-season private pool. The four-bedroom villa of Westa Hotel is a duplex, and its floor includes three master bedrooms and a private VIP balcony.

Tourists can benefit from the best services and facilities by booking Westa Tonekabon Hotel and staying in its luxury villas. Mini bar, room service, telephone, internet, advanced air conditioning system, fire alarm system, and cooling and heating system are the most important of these services and facilities.

Westa Apartment Hotel, as one of the most special and best hotels in Tonekabon, has considered diverse and luxurious facilities and services for its guests. By staying in this hotel, you can have a good time and double the pleasure of your trip. The entertainment facilities of this hotel include a dedicated cinema hall, a gym with modern equipment, a billiard room, a 600 square meter outdoor swimming pool with two separate sessions for men and women, a children’s club, a library, a children’s creativity room, a children’s play area, and a separate children’s pool. Other facilities and services of this luxury hotel include transfer, housekeeping, laundry, parking, internet, 24-hour reception, green space, lobby, prayer room, Iranian and foreign toilets on floors, ticket and tour services, and CIP services for special ceremonies.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops of Westa Tonekabon Hotel

A trip to the country’s north is not complete without tasting the delicious taste of local cuisine. You can enjoy the best and tastiest local Mazandarani dishes and Iranian and foreign dishes in the restaurants of this hotel by booking Westa Tankabon Hotel. Westa waterfall Hotel is located next to the outdoor pool of this complex in a very pleasant and stylish atmosphere.

This restaurant welcomes guests with a full menu using the most skilled chefs. Another restaurant of Westa Tonekabon Hotel is Kete Restaurant, located on the Roof Garden’s second floor. Enjoying a high-quality and tasty meal in a luxurious environment with a view of green mountains and beautiful forests can be the best memory of your trip.

You can go to Westa Hotel’s coffee shop if you feel like having a hearty drink in the evening hours of a lovely day. This coffee shop offers all kinds of hot and cold drinks, all kinds of shakes and smoothies, desserts, delicious cakes, and sweets.

Attractions near Westa Tankabon Hotel

Westa Tonekabon Hotel has a very good location where guests can easily access various tourist attractions and sightseeing opportunities by staying there. This hotel is located in the tourist village of Tonekabon and at the beginning of Mazubon road, which is a short distance from the green forests of Mazandaran.

Being close to attractions such as Kileh spring, Nashtarud marsh, Dohezar, and Sehezar forest, the beautiful village of Asal Mahaleh, and other forested and unspoiled places is one of the main advantages of this hotel. Among other places of interest in Tonekabon, which are located a short distance from Westa Hotel, we can mention Nashtarud Beach, Farhad Jouy Waterfall, Gardan Castle, Madar Park, Tonekabon Historical Municipality, Khoshke Darya Forest Park, and Falkadeh Mineral Spa.

The distance of 6 km from Westa Tonekabon Hotel to the Caspian Sea allows travelers to have easy access to amazing beaches for recreation at any time. If you are looking for various water activities, you can reach the beach and the sea by making a reservation at Westa Tonekabon Hotel and staying there.

The Price of Tonekabon Hotels

Before booking a Tonekabon hotel, it is good to know that most Tonekabon hotels are located outside of this city. For a luxurious and modern stay, if you are looking for a five-star hotel in Tonekabon, we must say that there are no five-star hotels in this city. But you should choose the best hotels in Tonekabon from among the city’s only four-star and three-star hotels.

The cheap hotels of this city are also categorized as two-star hotels. In total, you have to pay 2 million tomans for a one-night stay in the best hotel in Tonekabon. If you choose cheap hotels in this area, you should pay about 200 thousand tomans for a one-night stay at Tonekabon Hotel.

The Cheapest Hotels in Tonekabon

If you want to spend most of your trip on tourism and pay less for Tonekabon Hotel, it is better to go for the cheap hotels of this city or eco-tourism accommodations.

Hotel Sadra: This hotel is located on Karim Abad Boulevard, Tankabon. This hotel is one of the historical residences of this city. In Sadra, you can book all kinds of rooms, suites, and apartments with different capacities. At the same time, Sadra Hotel provides convenient facilities to its guests. In addition to easy access to the city, this hotel welcomes you to the pleasure of being next to the sea. The facilities of this hotel include a restaurant, parking, and internet.

Hotel Barooj: Barooj is also considered a cheap and affordable hotel in Tonekabon. This hotel has two stars. By staying in Barooj, you will also benefit from being close to the sea. It is 15 minutes from Barooj Hotel to Tonekabon. This hotel has apartments with a capacity of two to eight people and suitable facilities to receive guests. Among the facilities of Barooj, we can mention open-air cafe, green space, internet, parking, etc.

If none of the Tonekabon hotels satisfy you for any reason, you can count on the eco-tourism accommodations of this city, which are not few. Among these residences, you can visit Khoone Madarjoon Ecolodge in Chalkesh village, 30 minutes away from Tonekabon, Khorshid House eco-residence in Chelasar village, 15 minutes from Tonekabon, Pardarum eco-tourism residence located in Gilij village, 30 minutes from Tonekabon and many others.

Tonekabon, a Neglected paradise in the west of Mazandaran

Tonekabon, which was called Shahswar during the Pahlavi period, is located in the center of the most populous city in the west of Mazandaran province and is adjacent to Gilan province and hence it is considered a common area between Mazandaran province and Gilan province. Its people speak the Tonekaboni dialect borrowed from both Mazandarani and Gilki languages. On the other hand, it has its own characteristics and is unique in terms of structure and vocabulary. Standing to the north and turning clockwise, this city extends from the north to the Caspian Sea, from the northeast to Abbas Abad city, from the east to Kelardasht city, and from the south to the Alborz mountain range, Taleghan city, and Alamut region, and finally from the west. It connects to Ramsar city.

The city of Tunkabon is geographically located 20 meters below sea level, and in terms of climatic divisions, it has a moderate and humid climate, and this means the highest temperature in summer with temperature of 36 degrees and the lowest temperature in winters with a temperature of minus one degree Celsius. This ancient city, with its green and beautiful nature, was the residence of an ethnic group named ‘Amardi’ during the Achaemenid rule and has seen many historical periods from the distant past until now and has remained dynamic and active. This city with good weather has several names, including Dezh-e (Castle) Tonka; That is, where the coastal plain of the Caspian Sea becomes thin or less and less. In the travel book of Mazandaran and Estrabad, “Bon” in Tankabon is considered as a suffix meaning below or below, and Tankabon is given as the bottom of Tonka or below Tonka. One other theory is that the name is from the phrase “tank ab bon” which would mean where the Caspian Sea coastal plain thins, as in Mazandarani language, “tank” means little or less.

What is the special and general variation in Zanzad Tonekabon?

With its unique geographical location, Tonekabon has numerous citrus orchards and is considered one of the poles of citrus production, especially oranges and persimmons, and is also one of the most important major producers of rice and emerging fruits such as the avocado, kumquat, and feijoa. This region is considered one of the largest producers and exporters of “kiwi” and “tea” in the country, as well as “ornamental flowers and plants” in the province, and with an area of ​​2140 square kilometers, it is called the pole of fish farming in Iran.

Where are the best entertainment and tourism attractions in Tonekabon?

Dohezar and Sehezar forests (southern heights of Tonekabon), Flakdeh Tonekabon hot spring (in the heart of Dohezar forests), Khokhedaran National Park (30 km from Tonekabon to Chalos axis), Kohsar waterfall (between Sefidab and Kohsar forest villages, 5 km to the northeast) Tonekabon), Chaldarreh Forest Park (18 km from Tonekabon to Dohezar Jungle), Cheshme Kileh Bridge (one of the symbols of Tonekabon, which is about 100 years old), Abbas Abad beach, Markoh Castle and Galan Village are only a part of the beautiful and eye-catching sights of Tonkabon. Being in each of these places has its own charm.

The experience of walking in Tonekabon and tasting the authentic taste of kebabs, and seeing the atmosphere and daily life of the local people of this city is not without pleasure. You can walk through this city with just one hour of walking, seeing and hearing the sound of seagulls, and then with your eyes and ears caressed, go to the barbecue alley to experience the taste of kebab in this area and treat yourself to a unique and original taste.

Souvenirs on Tonekabon

Tonekabon is the destination of many travelers, tourists, and nature lovers due to its many tourist attractions, unique views, and pleasant weather. As you have seen, this city is full of hotels, hotel apartments, eco-tourism accommodation, villas, and suites. Tonekabon has various and beautiful handicrafts such as pottery, chokha (wool cloth), rugs and carpets, jajim rugs and handicrafts, chador-e Shab cloths, and covers, each of which is considered a suitable option for souvenirs.

Contact us if you want to know more about Tonekabon; in IranAmaze, we have you covered from the lush forests of northern Iran to Iran Desert Tours​.

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