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Titan Observatory in Kish

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The Kish Titan Observatory is quite unique among the various attractions and entertainments of the island, which has its own special enthusiasts, the Titan Kish Observatory is rather intriguing for lovers of star and planet observation. If as an Astrophile you are asking yourself Why should you travel to Iran? this is perhaps another reason why you should do so.

The Titan observatory in Kish Island is still unknown to many people, especially travelers and tourists, and they do not have enough information about it, so visiting this place is still not impressive, but with recognition, it may soon be considered one of the most popular entertainments. This observatory, which is built above the blue waters of the Persian Gulf, has made it possible for those interested to see the planet Mars with the benefit of sufficient equipment and equipped telescopes.

The night sky is starry in some areas and few in other areas. The reason for this is the presence of light pollution in cities, which makes the fainter stars not visible clearly. For better observation of the sky, you should choose areas outside the cities that are far from light pollution.

In recent years, with the increase of light in cities, the amount of light pollution has increased, and this has an effect on the observation of celestial objects. If the light sources are used in a non-standard way, it is a factor for spreading light towards the night sky and an obstacle for better observation of stars and other celestial bodies. Due to the low light pollution of Kish Island, watching the sky above the blue waters of the Persian Gulf is an unforgettable pleasure.

Titan Kish Observatory

Mars Observation

Earth and Mars reach their closest distance every 26 months. There is no need to wait until it is at its largest to observe the Red Planet. As long as the atmosphere of Mars is clear, you can see details on it for a few months before and after the planet’s encounter.

Jupiter Observation

After the Sun and the Moon, the body with the most observable detail is Jupiter. Even small telescopes can show their striped appearance. Jupiter can be fun to watch at night. In addition to the movement of its four large moons around Jupiter, the planet’s rotation around itself can also be observed during one night.

Titan observatory facilities

Titan Kish Observatory is known as one of the most equipped and complete observatories in the country and has ideal and advanced facilities, using modern and well-equipped telescopes as well as other equipment needed for observing and watching the stars. And Mars is provided with a sense of peace full of beauty and silence for travelers, tourists, and interested tourists.

At the Titan Kish Observatory, due to the use of special and well-equipped telescopes, in addition to seeing the planet Mars, one can observe the beauty of the sky and its events, which we will describe in a few cases:

  1. Astrology
  2. Meteorite impact
  3. Observing the sun and the moon and…
  4. Martian highlands
  5. The bright planet Venus
  6. The planet Saturn and the beautiful rings around it
  7. Sun corona and sun spots without eye damage
  8. Bright stars
  9. The birth of stars
Titan Observatory

Titan Kish Observatory Information

As mentioned above, most travelers and tourists do not have the necessary and sufficient information about the Titan Kish observatory to visit it.

Time of visit

Seeing the sky and its wonders at night will be very attractive and pleasant, you can watch its extraordinary beauty at night, that’s why Rasad Khan Titan Kish hosts travelers and Tourists who will watch and observe the stars and planets.
It is necessary to know that the ticket to visit the Kish Titan Observatory is for one person and you have to buy tickets for the number of people to visit this place. In most cases, the ticket to visit and watch the beautiful sky and planets is a charter and it is not possible to cancel it, Be sure to pay enough attention to this when making a reservation.


The Titan Kish Observatory is located in a very ideal location so that it is easily accessible to everyone, this observatory is located on the entertainment pier of Kish Island for those who travel to Kish on a tour and for fun. and time is very important for them, it is a very ideal option to spend moments with indescribable beauty and relaxation after spending a day full of excitement with various entertainments.

Kish Mirage Hotel

Mirage Kish Hotel is one of the hotels near the Titan Observatory. This 5-star hotel offers exceptional facilities to its customers. Facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, internet in the lobby and in the room, coffee shop, transfer restaurant, etc. By booking a 5-star hotel in Kish, you can benefit from all the facilities of the Mirage Hotel and experience a unique trip.

Kish Mirage Hotel

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