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Garne Hazar Cham

Hazar Cham Mountain Pass

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Iran has mountains on more than half of its surface, with the two ranges of Alborz and Zagros standing out in particular. The stunning Alborz Mountains, which stretch from neighboring Turkmenistan to the border of the country Azerbaijan, surround the Iranian parts of the Caspian Sea with a crescent smile. The Alborz mountain range is home to Middle East’s tallest mountain, the snowy-haired frost giant Damavand. The Chalus road winds through and across the Alborz range like a serpent. This road which the older people call Hazar Cham due to its difficult and dangerous passes is itself one of the most important attractions of Alborz. Hezar Cham today refers to a small yet dangerous-looking part of the road near Kelarak. An attraction that many transit passengers and even Alborz residents are not familiar with. For Iranians when the name Chalus Road is mentioned, the first thing that sticks in people’s minds is a route with various restaurants and taverns in the heart of nature.

This is while in the past, this road was famous only because of the green path, the raging Karaj river, and other manifestations of nature that can only be seen in the country’s northern cities. Not so long ago, when there was no news of garbage around the Karaj River and small and big constructions on the side of the Chalus road, lovers of this pristine nature used to go to this road to spend quiet and carefree hours. People who spent their youth in the 1940s and 1950s tell their children many memories of spending the night around the Karaj River and below the dam. Although today, the natural attractions of Chalus Road have decreased due to the profiteering of some people, this route still brings travelers to the north of the country, has something to say, and the first priority of many is to stay away from the busy city for a few hours and get energy from nature. They should visit this area’s villages, ensuring they will not regret it. For more information, we introduce some of the attractions of this area for Iran Tours tourists who plan to ride a bicycle in Chalus during Nowruz.

Valiabad Kandovan Village

The first village is Valiabad Kandovan village, this village is located 60 km from Chalus road after Siah Bisheh and before Pich-e Hazarcham. Palon Sar, Karchal, Feshak Dere, Vanak No, Chenarsar, and Imamzadeh Hassan must be mentioned among the places of interest in this village.

Gachsar Village

Gachsar is a beautiful village located at the end of Asara district. The history of this village dates back to the Safavid period, Gachsar was named in this way because it has rich gypsum mines. The climate of Gachsar is mild and cool in all seasons of the year. Stone Bridge and Reza Shahi Palace are among the sights of this village. Beside all the many sights and attractions of Gachsar, the design track has also added to the beauty of this village. Another site in this village that attracts many tourists in the spring season is the tulip garden, which is located in Garmab Gachsar village. This garden has more than 30 varieties of tulips and one million tulip bulbs.

Shahrestanak Village

Another beautiful place located in the heart of Chalus road is Shahrestanak village with Naseri mansion, which has become one of the tourist destinations of Alborz province. This village is located 630 km northwest of Karaj and Chalos road from Laura sub-district. The people of this village generally spend their lives by growing grains, walnuts and fruits, raising honey bees, producing dairy products, raising livestock, and weaving silk. By traveling to this village, in addition to enjoying nature, you can buy delicious souvenirs for your friends and acquaintances.

Hasanakdar Village

Hasanakdar is a village on the side of Chalus road, which has many natural, religious and historical attractions. Many of the attractions of this village are hidden from tourists and few people know about them. In addition, Hasanakdar has a pleasant climate and very beautiful scenery. This village has 15 springs whose water has many healing properties. In addition, in this village, you can find springs with carbonated water with a bitter or sweet taste. As the most famous spring in this village, Chekan Cheshme has water that has never dried up.

Murud Village

This village is located 35 km from Chalus road. There is a waterfall on the way to this village, which attracts many tourists due to its high height and great beauty. There is a spring in this village that has water in all seasons of the year.

Khozankala Village

Khozankala is located in a mountainous region of Chalus. This village is the closest village to the Amirkabir Dam, the water outlet of the dam has made this village look like a peninsula. Khozankala has cold winters and summers covered with green and flowers.

Sijan Village

Sijan village is one of the 56 villages of Chalus road located inAdaran Rural District. After passing through the villages of Sarziarat and Gurab, we reach this village. This village welcomes tourists in all seasons of the year with its pristine nature.

These villages that are a part of Iran Cultural Tours, are hidden paradises in the twists and turns of the Chalus road, which are facing shortages in terms of facilities, and the growth of the tourism industry in them requires the attention of the officials and custodians of tourism and rural affairs of Alborz province.

The mentioned villages are only a small part of the attractions of Chalus region. To enjoy these attractions, tourists should change their view of Chalus as a transit axis and a route that only takes them to the north of the country, and take their car off the main route of this road for an hour and go to the outskirts. The people of the Chalus region are hospitable people who host tourists well. Tourists can be sure that they will not regret traveling to Chalus villages and talking with the residents of this area and will leave Chalus with a bagful of happy memories.

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