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Famous Deserts of Iran

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The Iranian Desert is a region of great beauty, as well as one of the harshest deserts in the world. Known as the Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut, and is one of the most sparsely populated regions in the world. The most famous area of the desert is a large, flat expanse of desert land called the Dasht-e Lut.

Most people are looking for exciting activities in the heart of nature. By traveling to Iran, and by traveling to Iran with IranAmaze, you can partake in an array of fun, stimulating, and memorable activities in the pristine and diverse natural landscapes of Iran. One of the most popular geographical features of Iran is its imposing deserts. Here we have introduced the most famous of Iran’s stunning deserts.

The central plateau, east of the Zagros Mountains, is home to two enormous deserts that together make up nearly a quarter of the nation: The Dasht-e Lut in the southeast and the Dasht-e Kavir in the north. The deserts have been a welcome sight for travelers throughout history. It might be surprising to know that Iran’s larger mammal species, like the Persian cheetah and leopard, survive in the deserts, where the deserts meet the mountains.

A Trip to the Desert of Abuzeydabad

Abuzeydabad desert is one of the first areas that comes to mind for a desert trip. This beautiful desert is located around the beautiful city of Kashan and brings an exciting trip to the lovers along with its beautiful nature. Among the beauties of the Abuzeydabad desert that you can watch during the trip are the sandbars in Aran and Bidgol. A trip in this area is made with SUVs. For this purpose, you must go to its special bases and prepare yourself for a breathtaking excitement by paying a fee.

A trip to this area can be made by renting SUVs or special four-wheel motors. Since a trip requires skill and familiarity with the area, getting help from experienced and professional people in this field is recommended. Four-wheel drive motor rental will be higher compared to foreign SUVs. In addition to off-roading, you can enjoy activities such as walking on soft sand and watching the stars above the sky in the Abuzeydabad desert of Kashan.

A Trip to the Rig-e Zarrin (Golden Sand) Desert

If you are looking for an exciting trip to a place full of natural beauty, the Rig-e Zarrin Desert can be a good option for you. This unique desert is situated on the southern side of the Anarak region and the eastern side of the Nain deserts. It is also located on the north side of Namaki Mountain. So, in addition to the exciting trip on its steep hills, you can see a beautiful landscape of natural effects in every direction you look. From another position, it can be said that Rig-e Zarrin desert is located in an area between Bafq desert and Saghand village. This desert is also known by the names of Siyah Kuh (Black Mountain) Desert and Aghda Desert among the natives.

A Trip to the Maranjab Desert

If you are into nature tourism, you must have heard the name Maranjab desert many times. In recent years, this beautiful desert has been a tourist destination for those who like the desert, as well as exciting activities such as a trip. This small and beautiful desert is located near Isfahan province, and those who are interested can visit the caravanserai.

Its history dates back to the Safavid era of Shah Abbas. The beauty of this desert is indescribable, and to see them; you have to take the path of this desert. In addition to a trip to the Maranjab desert, you can also enjoy the pleasure of camel riding, walking on the hot sands of the desert, and staying in traditional and historical accommodations. By entering these residences, you will imagine that you have traveled back in time and entered an oldler world.

A Trip to the Varzaneh Desert

As its name suggests, this beautiful and popular desert is located in the city of Varzaneh. Varzaneh is a city full of history and has many attractions for domestic tour tourists.

In this place, enthusiasts can find everything they expect from a desert in one place and enjoy every single moment. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Varzaneh, which we recommend you not to neglect in addition to an exciting trip, is the Gavkhoni International Wetland. This wetland has an area of ​​approximately 17,000 hectares and is attractive among the sands of the Varzaneh desert.

 Unlike many deserts in Iran, Varzaneh has many flora and fauna, which has become one of its attractions among tourists and photographers. To reach the Varzaneh desert, you must take the route of Isfahan province. This desert is located at a distance of 117 km from Isfahan and 10 km from the city of Varzaneh. Varzaneh desert has soft and flowing sand, and its hills provide the opportunity to have a memorable trip.

Other activities that you can enjoy in Varzaneh desert include simply walking on sand dunes and soft desert sands, camel riding, sliding over sand dunes, zip lining, paragliding, and buggy riding. Of course, this desert, like many other deserts in Iran, has facilities that allow you to stay the night and watch the stars.

A Trip to the Mesr Desert

According to many tourists and desert enthusiasts, the Mesr desert is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran. Due to the high popularity of this desert among tourists in recent years, many activities and facilities have been provided in it, of which a trip is only a part of these exciting activities. Riding 4-wheel motorbikes, riding camels, exploring the desert and watching the salt lake, visiting groves, and experiencing staying in rural and thatched houses are only a few of the attractions that you can find in this place.

In terms of location, the Mesr desert is located in Isfahan province. To access it, you must take the Isfahan route and reach 55 km from Khor city, located in this province. The desert of Mesr is located around a village called Khor. It is as beautiful as the Mesr desert.

You can enjoy its beautiful route as well as the old and rural straw-made houses.

A Trip to the Caracal Desert

The next one of the most famous deserts in Iran for a trip is a desert located in Yazd called the Caracal Desert. This beautiful desert is situated near Bafq city and Sadegh Abad village, which are part of Yazd. Among the advantages of choosing the Caracal desert for a trip is having an easy access route. The path of this desert is paved, and you can easily reach the heart of the desert. This desert got its name from the caracal cat, as it is the habitat of this beautiful Persian cat. Of course, this desert is also known as the Sadegh Abad desert among tourists. Those interested can go to Shahid Barzegari recreation and tourism camp near the Sadegh Abad Village and rest and relax for a while.

Discover more about these breathtaking deserts or visit them for yourself with Iran Desert Tours​.

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