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Travel time to Kish

The Best Time to Travel to Kish

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Kish is a charming island that has transformed into a seaside resort over the past half-century. Tourists who travel to Kish and its inhabitants frequently have questions about the climate there. One of Iran’s most picturesque and popular tourist destinations is the island of Kish. Each year, a large number of people visit this lovely island for vacations and fun. In the winter, when it’s rather intensely cold on the mainland, the weather is pleasant and warm on the Island. If you want to start organizing a trip to Kish, continue reading this article to get an overall understanding of the weather on the island at various times of the year before choosing the time of your trip.

When is the best time to travel to Kish?

Without exaggeration, we can say that Kish Island is really an island of four seasons! Some people may consider the south of the country as the only destination for their winter trips, but it is better to know that the air temperature in Kish winters sometimes drops to 9 degrees. Therefore, the best way to travel to Kish is to travel to this island according to your interests and hobbies in order to have the best experience from your trip and have fun. In the following, we plan to review the entertainment facilities and the positive and negative points of traveling to Kish Island in each season. Check out our best Iran tours packages to see what we have on offer in each season.

Travel time to Kish

Traveling to Kish in the Spring

The Spring season is one of the busiest seasons of the year and for those who do not have time to travel, the Nowruz holiday is the best option to travel to Kish. During this season, Kish Island has a pleasant and cool climate and the air has very little humidity. For this reason, the months of spring and especially May are perhaps the best times to travel to Kish Island and enjoy staying on this island.

Summer, The Hottest Season to Travel to Kish!

It may be difficult for some people to accept this issue, but many people consider summer to be the best season to travel to Kish Island. In the summers of Kish Island, especially in the month of August, the weather is very hot, and sometimes the temperature can reach 50 degrees; However, people who love swimming and water sports such as diving consider this season the best option to enjoy swimming and diving in a clear and calm sea.
One of the most important attractions of traveling to Kish in the summer season is the holding of various festivals, lotteries, and exciting beach entertainments, which has made people who are looking for new experiences consider summer the best time to travel to Kish.

Autumn and a Poetic Trip to Kish

The weather of the island is not very predictable in the autumn season, but it is better to consider that the air humidity may rise up to 60 degrees Celsius; For this reason, autumn may not be the best time to travel to Kish for those who do not like unpredictable and rainy weather, but some consider the charm of autumn and the cool breeze blowing on the shores of the Persian Gulf as the most important reason for their trip to Kish in the autumn season. But the main attraction of traveling to Kish in the autumn season is not over yet! Holding various autumn discount festivals, a 50% discount on the 20th of Aban (11 of November) on the occasion of Kish day, and cheaper hotel prices are other reasons for people to travel to Kish in the fall season.
The autumn of Kish Island begins with the beginning of Mehr and it has a summer atmosphere to a large extent. Rainfall in October will be less than the rest of the fall season. In November, the air temperature is almost something between the humidity and heat of summer and the heavy rains of winter. Still, December is the rainiest month of the autumn season on Kish Island, and each of these months has its own fans.

Mild Weather in the Heart of Winter!

It is rainy almost all winter days in Kish. Heavy monsoon rains happen in the blink of an eye and penetrate the human brain. So, if you travel to Kish in winter, don’t forget to take an umbrella with you. You definitely can’t expect sunbathing or beach fun in this season, but you can definitely expect moderate weather that is between 9 and 22 degrees Celsius. For this reason, for those who suffer from the heat in other seasons but want to travel to the southern coast of the country at least once, the best time to travel to Kish is winter. Of course, in March, the weather on Kish Island is closer to spring and you can experience a trip with extremely pleasant weather.

Kish weather in winter

The Best Time to Travel to Kish for Shopping

If you enjoy shopping while traveling, you should choose the cheapest travel season to Kish to travel to Kish Island in order to shop and visit its attractive markets! As we said, in the autumn season, Kish is full of big and memorable discount festivals. in these times everything will be cheaper; from your plane ticket to your hotel reservation. In the months of January and February, the prices are lower than in other months, but there is no news of big discounts. Also, in addition to browsing the markets, you can participate in various events and raffles on Kish Island and add more excitement to your dream trip.

The Best Time to Travel to Kish to Participate in Local Events

Managers and officials of Kish Island are trying to hold their festivals when they can attract a large number of people to Kish and be able to set the island’s economy in motion. The most important festivals of Kish Island are held in the summer season to attract tourists as much as possible.
If you are interested in seeing the ceremonies and rituals of the island, travel to the beautiful island of Kish during the festival, which is open between July 1st and the end of September, and you can visit it. You can engage in various activities on the island at this time and participate in various experiences during the festival. The family tour rally to the lollipop festival, shopping festival, health festival, participation in various concerts, etc. are just some of the programs that are held during the Kish Summer Festival on this beautiful island.

The Best Time to Travel to Kish for Exciting Water Activities

If you are one of the lovers of water sports on the island, the good news for you is that this island welcomes you to experience different water sports in four seasons. The reason for hosting four seasons is because Kish Island has pleasant, sunny, clean, and pleasant weather in all seasons of the year, and you can engage in various water activities in all seasons of the year. The important thing to go for water activities is to try to do these activities at times when the island’s weather is sunny and suitable and there is no chance of rain on that day.

The best time to travel to Kish for water sports

Final remarks

In the above cases, we checked the weather of Kish in different seasons, and now it’s time to choose the right clothes for each season on the island. In Kish Island, the weather is never so cold that you need very warm clothes such as jackets or hats and scarves; However, in the winter, early spring, and late autumn, due to the rains and storms predicted in the region, the air temperature becomes slightly cold, but this coldness is as much as a sweatshirt or a thin jacket in the nights of the island due to the sudden change in temperature. don’t catch a cold But in other seasons of Kish, especially summer when the island reaches its hottest state, the thinner and less your clothes are, the better. It is recommended to use cotton and light-colored clothes.

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