A group of women in front of Ali Qapu entrance in Isfahan while one of them takes photos.

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Alex Khoei from Canada

Alex Khoei

From Canada |

Great choice to connect local communities and feel the Iranian Culture

I’ve heard a lot about Muharram and Ashura because of the huge commemoration of the death of Shia’s Imam. I couldn’t find that much about tours that I can participate in and visit the commemoration.
Muharram in Yazd was amazing. My tour guide Vahid explained to me all parts of the ceremony and helped me to understand it better and find out the connections between their acts and beliefs.
Although I’ve heard that it would be very hard to get the Iranian visa, IranAmaze staffs did their job perfectly and got it with no problem. The communication was pretty straight forward and they were welcoming, responsible and professional.
If you are interested to visit local people and have an understanding of Iranian culture I’ll surely recommend them to you.

Farid Smith from Canada

Farid Smith

From Canada |

Excellent choice to see Iran

A friend of mine who’s an avid traveller recommended them and they didn’t disappoint. We were two couples visited Iran in October 2019. The most important thing for us was the logistics of our trip to Iran. They took care of them all including Visa, local credit card, local telephone sim card and reliable internet for the whole trip (really important to us).
We booked their “tailored cultural” tour for 18 days and visited Tehran, Ghazvin, Rasht, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Qeshm & Hormoz Islands. We did ask for a women tour guide and they provided. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and super friendly. We stayed at the local people’s house and had dinner with them a few times which was a great experience and lots of fun.

Michael Wagner from Austria

Michael Wagner

From Austria |

Eating with locals

I was on a business trip in Tehran and wanted to try out something different in my limited time. A friend recommended a street food tour with this group. I was curious because when I’m on travel, I normally look up for hours to find a nice place to eat and leaving that to someone not familiar with me was kind of a risky decision. We met in front of their office in central Tehran, I was presented with a few options and selected the most traditional one. Ali (the guide) suggested to walk to the restaurant which I think was a wise decision. Enroute we had a great chat about the culture and daily life in Tehran and it was very informative.
The restaurant was small and crowded, but the atmosphere was so genius!!!
Lots of peapole were waiting outside but thanks to Iranamaze, Our table was ready and waiting for us. While eating (which by the way was just amazing!!!) Ali explained the history of that place and gave me some usefull information about how traditional persian cuisine has shaped the culture over thousands of years. On the way back, he showed me some intresting insiders like a car mechanic arguing with his client or how things are handled on a construction site.
I recommend Iranamaze to everyone who wants to get a closer look at Iran and the people in there.

Marlene Jabouille from Portugal

Marlene Jabouille

From Portugal |

Best way to visit Iran

Traveling to Iran was an enriching journey through the deeply cultural cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan, not to mention the hidden beauties and scenic trekking routes of the mountains.
Thank you all for an unforgettable experience perfectly tailored to my preferences! As a woman traveling alone I felt deeply safe and welcomed. Highly recommendable!

Mohsen from Germany


From Germany |

Second journey to multicolored Iran

It was our second trip to Iran. So we selected the last time’s missed targets as the new ones consciously: Tehran, Tabriz, Kashan, Rasht, and Ardebil. After putting our heads together, we found the “IranAmaze” to arrange our trip with respect to our budget. It was effectively helpful especially their new attractive packages. beyond our expectations.
The best part of the story was the hospitality of the lovely family in Tehran for a night with their delicious Iranian meal called “Ghorme sabzi”. It really hit the spot.

Adam J

Adam J

From Australia |

A unique experience

I visited Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz on June. Company was reliable and affordable. Experience was fantastic.They helped me to get the visa too. Got many great pics. Thanks tour guide Navid.

Felix Alp

Felix Alp

From Germany |

Besondere Erinnerungen

Als Führer einer Deutschengruppe von zwölf Personen hatte ich in Juli 2019 eine viertägige “Damavand Trekking” Tour bei IRANAMAZE gebucht.
Der Tourveranstalter hatte uns über die Ablauf der Tour informiert und das war großartig, dass alles ab Abreisetag bis Rückflug detailreich ganz gut organisiert worden war.
12 Personen mit unterschiedlichem körperlichen Bereitschaft wurden mit 3 Guids und vorbereitenden Instrumente, die für jede geeignet war, ganz richtig geleitet wurden, damit wir alle richtig gut besteigen konnten.
BierkrugSchade! Aber Dank der Planung waren Nahrungsmittel, Aufenthaltsort und Transport alles in Ordnung….

Wir erinnern uns immer daran mit ausgezeichneten Erinnerungen…

Viel Erfolg “IRANAMAZE”

John Dawson

John Dawson

From United Kingdom |

a Unique Trip

I visited Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz on June. Before the trip, I asked the agency for having a young(same age with me) tour guide and thankfully, he was a great company on the trip.
I am really interested in different cultures and religions and that was the main motivation for this trip and I addressed it with IranAmaze.
The company is reliable and they handle the whole process even insurance at a good price. There was a bit of a problem with visits scheduling, but not a big deal.
They helped me to get the visa considering that is a challenging process for a British person.
Overall, I suggest IranAmaze to everyone who wants to visit Iran.