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Shiraz hotels

Shiraz Hotels

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Shiraz has been regarded for more than 2000 years as either in close proximity to or the center of Persian culture and has come to be associated with poetry, learning, and wine. The city is located in a fertile valley with a pleasant climate that was once known for its vineyards. Shiraz has been one of the most significant cities in the entire Islamic world and was the capital of Iran in the Zand period in the late mid to late 18th century. Where a great deal of its most exquisite structures was constructed or renovated. Today Shiraz is known as a city of poets and is home to the resting place of Hafez and Saadi, two important Iranian literary pilgrimage sites. Along with magnificent gardens, exquisite mosques, and ancient sophistication.

The City of Gardens

For many who have visited the city, the name Shiraz carries the scent of orange blossoms. The city, which flourished in the period of Zandiyeh and Karim Khan, is now known as the capital of Iran’s culture and literature. Ferdowsi, Hafez, Saadi, and many other poets have written poems or verses about Shiraz. Since Shiraz is close to the tomb of Cyrus and Persepolis, it attracts many history and culture lovers. Some people put tasting the authentic taste of Shirazi cabbage pilaf and Faloodeh on the list of reasons for traveling to Shiraz. Whatever the reason for the trip, the majority of people visiting the city need to stay and book a hotel in Shiraz. In addition to sightseeing, they can also experience a comfortable stay and the hospitality of the warm-hearted people of Shiraz.

Shiraz Hotel Reservation

On the Shiraz IranAmaze hotels page, there are various types of accommodation. From 5-star and luxury hotels in Shiraz, with unique facilities and services, to 2- and 3-star hotels, which are suitable for economic trips. In addition, ecotourism and traditional accommodations create a different experience of staying in Shiraz. Many of these accommodations are old and cozy houses that have been converted to accommodate travelers. Visit Iran tours for more information.

Hotel Prices in Shiraz

Along with Iranamaze, Shiraz hotels are available for booking at reasonable prices so that you can have an affordable trip to Shiraz. On most days of the year, Iranian discounts are placed on the prices of hotels in Shiraz, and with a few simple clicks, the reservation process is done. You can use the price filter to specify the accommodation budget and find the hotel you want in less time. The date and season of travel affect the price of hotels in Shiraz; Therefore, if your trip is definite, make a hotel reservation at least 1 to 2 months before your trip.

List of the Best Hotels in Shiraz

One of the things that helps you find good hotels in Shiraz more easily is the comments and scores of Iranian travelers. When you go to each hotel’s page, you will see the hotel score out of 5 points and user comments. These items will help you make a better decision about choosing and booking a hotel in Shiraz. Zandiyeh Hotel, Iranmehr Traditional Residence, Shiraz Grand Hotel, and Taranjastan Ecotourism Residence are among the favorite hotels of Iranian travelers.

Hotels Near Hafeziya Shiraz

Being close to Hafez Mausoleum and Jahannama Garden is important for many when traveling to Shiraz. Around Hafiziyah – where the tomb of Hafez is located – there are various residences. Persepolis 5-star hotel, Saadi Park 4-star hotel, Atlas 1-star hotel, and Arnica 1-star apartment hotel are included in the list of hotels near Hafeziya Shiraz.

Sightseeing and Historical Places of Shiraz

In the center of the city, there are many sightseeing and historical places; Karim Khan Citadel, Nasir al-Molk Mosque, Narjestan Qavam, Sarai Moshir, Shahcheragh Shrine, Vakil Bazaar and Bath, and Pars Museum. The famous gardens of Shiraz, including Eram Garden, Jahannama Garden, Afifabad Garden, and Delgosha Garden, are very interesting. Visiting Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam, and Cyrus’ Tomb is a one-day trip around Shiraz.

Why Travel to Shiraz?

Shiraz is one of those cities that foreign tourists try to spend a few days in while visiting Iran and visit its attractions. Shiraz is also an attractive city for Iranians; The existence of the tombs of Hafez and Saadi, two great poets of classical literature, beautiful gardens, old houses and mosques, and a short distance from the biggest historical attraction of Iran, Takht Jamshid, has made this city one of the most popular cities for travel. If you plan to travel to this city, it is good to know some tips about booking hotels in Shiraz; For example, when traveling to this city, it is better to book hotels on which street or when is the best time to book a hotel in Shiraz.

Hotel Reservation in Shiraz; Which area should we choose?

To book hotels in Shiraz, it is better to first decide which attraction you want to be close to in this city; For example, if you are traveling to Shiraz to see Takht Jamshid and Pasargad, you should consider that Takht Jamshid is about 60 km and Pasargad is about 100 km away from the city; Therefore, if you do not intend to see other attractions of the city, it is better to choose hotels near Marvdasht to have better access to these historical collections; But if you want to see the historical attractions in the city of Shiraz, for booking a hotel in Shiraz, choose hotels that are located in the historical context of the city. These hotels have good access to attractions such as Karim Khan Citadel and Vakil Complex; Also, other attractions such as Nasir al-Mulk Mosque and Narenjestan Qavam are not far from these attractions, and if you like walking, you can visit all these attractions with a 20-minute walk; That way, you don’t have to pay to get to any of these attractions.

What season is the best time to travel to Shiraz?

Shiraz is known for its spring oranges; Therefore, late March and early spring is the best time to travel to Shiraz. It is in this season that the beauty of this city multiplies. During these days of the year, the air in the city is mild, and as soon as you walk in its streets, the scent of spring oranges will intoxicate you. Of course, you should be aware that the best time to travel to Shiraz is also the busiest time to visit, and many travelers are staying in the city, and the capacity of most hotels is filled a month in advance. So, if you plan to travel to Shiraz on busy days, make sure to book a hotel in Shiraz in advance so that you can stay in the hotel you want.

What is the price of a hotel in Shiraz?

As we said, Shiraz is a tourist-friendly city; Therefore, in this city, hotels and apartments with various prices have been built so that travelers with any taste can book a hotel according to their needs and budget. You can book Shiraz hotels according to your taste and budget. If you are one of those travelers who prefer to stay in luxury hotels, you will have some very good options in Shiraz. Most of the 5-star hotels in this city have unique views, provide complete comfort services to their guests, and make a memorable stay for travelers. Naturally, you have to spend more to stay in these hotels, but there are also hotels with average facilities and normal costs, as well as guest houses or low-star hotels with low prices in Shiraz; Therefore, those who prefer to pay less for their stay can choose one of these hotels to book a hotel in Shiraz. In general, you can spend from about 100 thousand tomans to 2 million tomans to reserve hotels in Shiraz, depending on the season of your trip and the facilities and services you need.

Why book Shiraz hotels from IranAmaze?

Iranamaze has provided the possibility of online booking of hotels in Shiraz at the lowest prices for travelers. If you are planning to travel to this city, just search for Shiraz hotels in Iran and then choose the most suitable accommodation for your trip by comparing the prices, facilities, and geographical location of the hotels. Also, the comments of other users will help you book your hotel more confidently

The city of Shiraz is the capital of Fars province and is considered one of the southern provinces of our country; and it is the fifth largest and most populated city in Iran. Due to its historical and recreational attractions, the city of Shiraz is very popular with domestic and foreign tourists. The climate of Shiraz city is moderate due to its location in the mountainous region of Zagros. In terms of roughness, it can be said that high mountains cover almost the entire area of ​​Shiraz. In the northern part, the mountains of Chehel Maqam, Baba Kuhi, Kuh-e (Mount) Posht Moleh, Kuh-e Tu-Siah, and Kuh-e Derak are located. In the southern part of Shiraz, there are the Sabzposhan and Karabagh mountains. One of the most important factors that make the city of Shiraz important is its location on the commercial route in the country towards the southern ports, especially Bushehr port.

Considering all the features and the touristic nature of this city, it can be seen that Shiraz is at a high level in terms of hotels, hospitality, and accommodation. To travel to this city, we need to buy a plane ticket and book a hotel in Shiraz, if you don’t have a solution for that, stay with Iranamaze This time, Iranamaze goes to the beautiful city of Shiraz to book a hotel.

How to Book a Hotel Online in Shiraz

As we said, Shiraz is one of the most touristic cities in Iran and has many historical and touristic attractions. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit this beautiful city every year. Shiraz is a city that has many residences and hotels, so before traveling to Shiraz, it is good to know about the hotels and residences of this city and to know about the internal facilities and services they provide so that the pleasure of the trip will be doubled for us.

What features should a good hotel have? A good and appropriate hotel must first have a reasonable cost and fit the economic conditions of the traveler, then provide the necessary facilities and services in proportion to the cost spent and also be close to shopping and entertainment centers so that every time to go to these centers Do not spend a lot of money.

But remember that there is no need to go to the desired hotel and check the above conditions; all these facilities can be seen at a glance in the online hotel reservation. Now, we would like to introduce you to the most reliable Shiraz hotel reservation website.

Saving time and money is always one of the most important factors of any purchase, and hotel reservations are no exception. To travel to Tehran and enjoy this beautiful island through tourism websites, website credibility, and the best price and purchase in the least possible time are very important. Iranamaze offers Chamran Shiraz hotel reservations with a very reasonable price and very good facilities to experience a pleasant dining experience.

Iranamaze website is the most reliable and up-to-date online hotel reservation website; you can make a Shiraz hotel reservation through this website to travel to Shiraz and have a memorable trip. Remember that the Iranamaze website has an online reservation and instant issuance system where you can compare the rates of different hotels and make the best purchase of plane tickets from Iranamaze considering your conditions.

It should be noted that the Iranamaze website has 24-hour support, and if you have any questions and guidance, you can contact Iranamaze’s professional experts at any hour of the day and night without worrying about Shiraz hotel reservations and having to Take a memorable trip

How to book hotels in Shiraz?

The options you have for booking a hotel in Shiraz are not few at all. This city has more than 30 hotels, and one of them will definitely be your final choice. You should know that the accommodations in this city include several categories: traditional hotels in Shiraz, five-star hotels in Shiraz, apartment hotels, luxury hotels, historical houses, and suites. Just enter your check-in and check-out dates on the Shiraz hotels page here to choose from among them. Of course, there is an easier way. We suggest you try this way.

Determine your priorities from the Shiraz hotel reservation. Hotel type, number of stars, price range, and hotel address; Which are more important to you? Now use the filters on the right side of the page to get to the accommodation you want sooner. For example, if you plan to stay in a traditional hotel, go to the category at the bottom of the page. If you want to stay in a luxury hotel, take a look at the luxury hotels in Shiraz. Just don’t forget to carefully check the hotel’s features before booking. Does the hotel have the facilities you want or not? And whether this service is appropriate for the price or not?

What are the ways to find a cheap hotel in Shiraz?

As you know, the best time to travel to Shiraz in terms of weather is spring. But in this season, crowding affects the price of hotels in Shiraz. Therefore, finding a cheap hotel in Shiraz becomes a bit difficult. However, in the fall season, the number of travelers decreases, and hotel rates decrease. Generally, we must say that staying in Shiraz is not very expensive compared to other popular destinations. Even you can stay in a five-star hotel for less than 500 thousand tomans.

In addition, the number of affordable hotels in Shiraz is also satisfactory. If you specify your desired price range, accommodations with your desired budget will appear on the screen. Taking help from the number of stars is another way. With the explanation that usually three-star hotels in Shiraz have reasonable prices and satisfactory facilities. In short, the question of which hotel in Shiraz is more suitable depends on the purpose of your trip. Nevertheless, online booking of Shiraz hotel through the Iranamaze website is also an important step to reach the goal.

What matters when making a Shiraz hotel reservation?

Regarding hotels in Shiraz, like in other cities, it is necessary to pay attention to some points. First, the hotel’s location is what you should pay attention to. Choose your hotel in a part of the city that is close to the sights of Shiraz. But you should know that to see Persepolis and Pasargad, you must book a hotel outside the city. In the next step, go to the hotel facilities. Taking into account the possibilities, the issue of cost also comes up. For example, do you want to stay in the best hotel in Shiraz, or is an ordinary hotel enough for you?

If you want to experience staying in the best hotels of Shiraz at least once, You have a few choices. Shiraz Grand Hotel, Zandiyeh Hotel, Chamran Hotel, and two or three other hotels. We recommend that you carefully read the introduction section of each of these hotels. Whether your desired room offers an extra bed or airport transfer. Besides, reading user comments will help you a lot in choosing accommodation. Ultimately, we must say that Shiraz hotel apartments are also good options for your family and group trips.

What is the price of the Shiraz hotel?

It is not an exaggeration to say that your budget determines which hotel you should go to in Shiraz. For this reason, it is better to have information about the prices of hotels in Shiraz first of all. As we said before, the accommodation rates in this city are not very high compared to destinations like Kish or Tehran. However, you can see both expensive and cheap hotels in the city. For example, 5-star hotels in the city charge you about 500 thousand tomans for one night’s stay. If you keep an eye on a good three-star hotel, you can stay for 200 thousand tomans a night. Cheap hotels can be booked by paying less than 200 thousand tomans for one night. Visit our Shiraz page for more information about hotel prices, and you may also Iran cultural tours if you are visiting Shiraz for its rich culture.

The Best Hotels in Shiraz

Shiraz, the city of culture, art, and literature, is known as the cultural and historical base of Iran. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit it every year to visit the sights of Shiraz. Enjoying a mild climate due to being located in the mountainous region of Zagros and at an altitude of 1,486 meters, along with historical attractions such as the Karim Khan Citadel, the Quran Gate, and many gardens, natural attractions, and the tombs of great poets such as Hafez and Saadi are among the reasons. Shiraz is popular among tourists, and everyone should visit this city at least once.

One of the most important concerns of traveling to any destination is choosing a place to stay; But there is no need to worry when traveling to Shiraz; Because there are many hotels with different prices and facilities in this city, and everyone can choose them according to their budget and taste.

The big five-star hotel of Shiraz is built on top of the northeastern mountain range of Shiraz with the private sector’s investment. This hotel is a wonderful place to stay in this city, with the nobility of the Koran Gate and Shiraz Gardens, close to the historical places of Persepolis, Hafiziyah, and Saadi Tomb, as well as easy access to the airport and the main highways of the country. Shiraz Grand Hotel provides the highest level of tourism services to its guests. This hotel resembles a luxury ship with special architecture and large windows. Shiraz Grand Hotel was opened in 2013 with an infrastructure equivalent to 40,000 square meters on 14 floors and is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in Shiraz.

All 158 large and spacious accommodation units (including double and twin queen rooms and connected suites) of Shiraz Grand Hotel are equipped with modern facilities such as a refrigerator, telephone, TV, central antenna, bathroom, wireless internet, and air conditioning. Other facilities of this hotel include a fire alarm system, 24-hour housekeeping, elevator, safety deposit box, five conference halls, reception hall, men’s and women’s hair salon, laundry, taxi service, garment, babysitting room, a coffee shop on the sixth floor with Calm atmosphere, live and pleasant piano music, offering a variety of hot and cold drinks, desserts and cakes, commercial center and four-story covered parking with a capacity of 600 cars.

One of the strengths of Shiraz Grand Hotel is the presence of four restaurants with professional chefs. The revolving seafood restaurant of this hotel on the sixth floor is a luxurious restaurant with unique architecture and a wonderful view of the city of Shiraz and the surrounding mountains. This revolving restaurant offers its guests a different dining experience with a terrace. The Italian restaurant of Shiraz Hotel is located on the hotel’s fourth floor. It hosts 170 people with a menu that includes a variety of appetizers, soups, kinds of pasta, Italian pizzas, steaks, special dishes, cocktails, lasagna, desserts, and salads. This restaurant was built with family and private spaces with music to introduce Iranians to Italian cuisine.

The panoramic restaurant of Shiraz Hotel, located on the 13th floor with an enchanting view of the city and the surrounding mountains, serves the highest quality fast food dishes in a calm and pleasant atmosphere with unique decoration and experienced and professional staff. This restaurant’s menu includes a variety of appetizers, burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches, Kentucky, Mexican tacos, pizzas, and salads. Shiraz Grand Hotel also has an Iranian restaurant on the fourth floor that serves Iranian food.

The sports complexes of Shiraz Hotel, with an infrastructure of 5,000 square meters in two separate complexes for women and men, are one of the important facilities of this hotel on the third floor, and their facilities and equipment include a swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, jacuzzi, gym, special rooms. Types of massage (sports massage, weight loss massage, hot stone massage, foot massage, and royal massage) and coffee shop. The men’s sports complex also has rock climbing facilities and a cold water pool.

Chamran Hotel, Shiraz

Chamran Shiraz’s five-star hotel is located in one of the most pleasant areas of Shiraz in Qasr al-Dasht. This hotel, which is known as the tallest hotel in Shiraz, has 30 floors and 250 accommodation units in the form of rooms and suites. Chamran Hotel was built in Shiraz in 2009 and offers a comfortable stay to tourists with different arrangements and decorations. It is interesting to know that this hotel is one of the five highest hotels in Iran. All accommodation units of this hotel are equipped with various amenities such as television with the ability to receive all internal digital channels, telephone, bathroom, mini bar, free wireless internet, and refrigerator.

Italian coffee shop, DaVinci restaurant with Italian dishes, a coffee shop with a view of the city on the 23rd floor, Barbad traditional restaurant cafe, Northern Gilak restaurant located on the third floor serving a variety of northern dishes, Panorama restaurant on the 24th floor (hotel roof), fast food, bank, Elevator, 24-hour housekeeping, medical services, laundry, safety deposit box, men’s and women’s hair salon, photography studio, special services for the disabled, commercial complex, multi-purpose halls on the 21st and 22nd floors with an area of ​​about 800 meters suitable for parties, events and conferences, sports hall, swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, Maghrib bath, Dr. Fish massage, aromatherapy (massage with herbal aromatic oils), green space, tourist counter, and experienced staff are among the facilities of Chamran Shiraz Hotel.

Zandiyeh Hotel, Shiraz

The luxurious five-star Zandiyeh Hotel is one of the best and most newly built hotels in Shiraz, which was opened in the spring of 2014 in the heart of the Zandiyeh complex. The architecture of this seven-story hotel with an infrastructure of 900 square meters, is inspired by Iran’s original and traditional architecture. Zandiyeh Hotel has 75 accommodation spaces (single and double rooms, business suites, honeymoon suites, Zandiyeh suites, and luxury suites) and can host 150 people. All the rooms of Zandiye Shiraz Hotel are equipped with modern facilities needed by guests, including IPTV, breakfast, refrigerator, power switch, furniture, tea maker, balcony, wardrobe, telephone in the room, air conditioning system in the room, safe deposit box in the room and free internet.

Zandieh Hotel has services and facilities such as a garden courtyard, traditional Iranian bath, mini bar, 24-hour housekeeping, taxi service, internet cafe, laundry, gym, swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, vitamin greenhouse, conference hall, multi-purpose hall (with a capacity of 150 people, suitable for holding celebrations and ceremonies), craft store, two traditional and classic restaurants with different and very beautiful decorations, as well as a coffee shop next to the lobby with the possibility of serving a variety of hot, cold and traditional drinks and a parking lot with a capacity of 80 cars.

Pars Shiraz Hotel

The five-star Pars Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Shiraz and a sub-category of Aria Hotels, which started its operation in 2001 on Karim Khan Street. This international hotel has 9 floors and 188 modern rooms (double, twin, and royal rooms), 27 luxurious suites, two apartments, and two towers side by side. Pars Shiraz Hotel is located in a great location in the center of the city, and guests can easily access entertainment, commercial centers, and the best restaurants in Shiraz. In addition, the modern equipment of rooms and suites, professional and trained staff, and beautiful architecture are among the reasons that make this hotel a wonderful place to stay.

Lotus Restaurant of Pars Hotel on the 13th floor overlooking the city of Shiraz, Gol Soreh restaurant serving a variety of dishes, Acacia African restaurant, the first African restaurant in Iran with special and unique decoration, serving completely exceptional and different dishes with live music, restaurant and coffee shop Italian, primrose coffee shop and waterfall terrace with 24-hour service, confectionary, two pearl and emerald halls for holding all kinds of seminars, conferences and gatherings, brilliant hall for holding business meetings and private parties, pool complex, dry sauna, jacuzzi, cold water pool and a gym with a massage room, yoga training, shopping center, store and hair salon are among the facilities and comfort services of Pars Shiraz luxury hotel.

Homa Hotel, Shiraz

The Five-star Homa Hotel, a subsidiary of Homa International Hotels Group, is one of the oldest and best hotels in Shiraz, which has been operating in this city since 1972. This eight-story hotel has 232 accommodation units (standard, royal, and double rooms) with a spectacular view of the surrounding high mountains and a beautiful garden nearby. It is located in one of the best areas of Shiraz, next to Azadi Park.

The amenities of Homa Hotel include a steam sauna, jacuzzi, ping pong table, indoor pool, waterside buffet, chess board, gym, tennis court, amusement park for children, hairdresser, ATM, atelier, currency exchange, luggage room, library, salons. The conference, parking with a capacity of 130 cars, and laundry. Parnian and Golestan restaurants serve Iranian and international dishes, as well as the coffee shop of this hotel, complete your trip to Shiraz.

Elysee Hotel Boutique, Shiraz

Four-star Elyse Boutique Hotel was built with the idea of ​​”a different hotel in Shiraz” in 2013 in Moali’Abad Blvd with commercial and residential buildings. This hotel is very close to the main highways of the city and public transportation centers (five minutes away from the metro), and for this reason, tourists can easily explore the city of Shiraz. The Elysee Hotel, with its intimate and peaceful atmosphere and facilities and services at an international level, has 68 single, double, and suite rooms with modern architecture and decoration, all of which include free breakfast, tea service, mineral water, and internet.

Sports complex equipped with indoor swimming pool, steam sauna, jacuzzi and massage room, VIP service taxi and city tours, currency exchange, transfer and airport reception, laundry, offering XBOX game console to children, luggage storage, safe deposit box, free parking, two Berlian Hall with a capacity of 140 people and Emerald with all the equipment and facilities needed to hold business meetings, conferences, seminars and conferences of reputable companies and brands, as well as a great place for private banquets, Marlin Restaurant with an atmosphere similar to European bistro restaurants with the possibility of serving dishes Healthy and homemade, fresh bread, vegetables, dessert, special menu for vegetarians, seafood, all kinds of challah, kebabs and delicious Iranian dishes, Farangi dishes and pizza and lobby lounge (cafe) with the possibility of serving fresh seasonal juices, desserts and coffee in a space with lighting Attractiveness and the sound of the piano are among the facilities of Elise Hotel Shiraz.

Parsian Hotel, Shiraz

Four-star Parsian Hotel is located on Karim Khan Zand Blvd in the city center and has 61 accommodation units, including double and twin rooms and triple and quadruple suites. Parsian Hotel in Shiraz, which can host 131 people, was opened in 1992 and was renovated in 2017 to improve the quality of services.

A coffee shop, Parse and Narenjestan restaurants serving a variety of local, Farangi and Iranian dishes, a handicraft booth, a parking lot with a capacity of 20 cars, free wireless internet, and a conference hall for holding various meetings and business meetings and experienced personnel are among the facilities of this five-story hotel.

Eram Hotel, Shiraz

The three-star Eram Hotel is located in the center of the historic city of Shiraz. It is less than 15 minutes by car from Karimkhan Zand Citadel, Vakil Bath, Jahannama Garden, Shahcheragh Mausoleum, and Hafiziyah. This eight-story hotel has 100 rooms (one bed, two beds (double and twin), and three beds) equipped with facilities such as a refrigerator, TV, telephone, wireless internet, and bathroom. Sarvanaz restaurant with a capacity of 100 people, serving a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes, a 24-hour coffee shop on the ground floor with the possibility of serving a variety of hot and cold drinks, a pleasant lobby with traditional music, a parking lot with a capacity of 35 cars, and a meeting hall with a capacity of 300 people. Eram Hotel Shiraz is one of the oldest and most well-known hotels in this city, which has been hosting guests since 1986. The second phase of this hotel started in 2008 and was renovated in 2015.

Shiraz Tourist Hotel

Three-star Jahangordi Shiraz Hotel is one of the branches of Jahangordi Hotels Group, which was opened in 1995 near the dry river of Shiraz (Haft Pili) and was renovated in 2005 to improve the quality of services. This hotel, with an area of ​​20,000 square meters, is located in the northeast of the city. Its advantages include easy access to the city center and places of interest, including the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Jahannama Garden, and Eram Garden.

Jahangordi Shiraz Hotel can host 110 people with 44 rooms (ordinary and luxury double beds, junior suite, duplex suite) on three floors. The rooms of this hotel are built in a green area in the form of two-story and three-story blocks and do not have an elevator.

Restaurant with a capacity of 200 people, parking, free internet, prayer room, safety deposit box, 24-hour taxi service, Iranian and foreign toilets in the area, laundry, ironing, ticketing services, shoe waxing machine, children’s play park, and tour coordinator, among other facilities. Shiraz tourist hotel. Most travelers choose this hotel to stay in Shiraz because of the great price compared to the services, spacious and clean rooms, peace and comfort, and friendly staff.

Arg-e Karim Khan Zand Hotel (Karim Khan Citadel Hotel)

The three-star Arg Hotel is one of the most popular and oldest hotels in Shiraz, which is located near the Dry River of Shiraz. This three-story hotel has 64 rooms, all of which are equipped with facilities such as a central satellite, digital receiver, telephone, medical mattresses, minibar, LCD TV, bathroom, and sanitary facilities.

Arg Shiraz Hotel, which was opened in 1991, was recently renovated in 2015, and for this reason, guests can comfortably stay in this complex. This hotel is a short distance from the entertainment and historical centers of Shiraz, such as Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Hammam, Karim Khani Citadel, Hafiziya, and Saadiyeh, and its other facilities include a lobby, a coffee shop on the roof of the hotel with the possibility of serving a variety of drinks, desserts, hot snacks, and cold and fast food, a restaurant with a capacity of 200 people with the possibility of serving Iranian and foreign dishes and traditional desserts, laundry, parking with a capacity of 40 cars, shuttle service to and from the airport, coordination of various tours and free wireless internet.

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