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Sarcheshme Kavir eco-tourism resort (Kashan)

Sarcheshme Kashan Desert Resort

Time to read :

Sarcheshme ecolodge is located in the city of Abuzeydabad near Kashan. You might not have heard of Abuzeydabad, but the fame of Kashan has probably reached your ears. Kashan with a distance of 40 minutes from Sarcheshme ecolodge is a tourist destination you can easily reach in order to fuse both nature and culture to one another. Kashan sits on the edge of the Dashte Kabir and is bound with architectural marvels such as the Covered Bazaar and Fin Garden.

The city of Abuzeydabad itself attracts many tourists on Iran tours from all over the world every year due to its mountainous and desert climates. The city of Abuzeydabad is pronounced Bozabad in the local dialect of the residents of that area, and the city goes back more than 900 years. The historical houses of Abu Zeidabad are among some of the treasured remains of traditional Iranian architecture. You can still see these houses and the rich identity of this traditional city in the modern context of the village and among its many changes in recent years, next to more recent buildings.

Sarcheshme Tourism Residence has seven rooms, and out of seven rooms, two are en-suite rooms, which include a private bathroom, and five rooms do not have a private bathroom. Each of the seven rooms can accommodate six people, and in total, the residence has the capacity to accommodate 42 tourists.

It should be noted that the stay in the Sarcheshmeh traditional house has a complimentary local breakfast, and it is possible to order lunch and dinner at a separate cost for tourists. Tourists can order and enjoy a variety of local and native foods of this region, such as Abgoosht, Kale Joosh, Eggplant Curd, Shami and meatballs, you can coordinate with the personnel of this complex in advance and hosts engagement parties, birthdays, etc.

Among the facilities and services that Sarcheshme Ecotourism Residence provides for travelers are free internet and Wi-Fi, language-proficient staff, experienced tour guides, open-air parking, a restaurant, a public kitchen, blankets, and mattresses for sleeping, and lastly gas heaters and watercoolers.

Tourist Attractions:

Abuzeydabad Desert, Korshahi Castle, Safavid Reservoir and Caravanserai, Ouyi Underground City or Noushabad Historical City, Abyaneh Historical Village, Chal Arous Salt Lake, Imamzadeh Agha Ali Abbas Shrine, Maranjab Desert, Mesr Desert, etc. are some of the tourist attractions of this region.

This Hotel is a great option for our 2-Day Maranjab Desert & Kashan Tour where we explore vast desert lands and flower fields.

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