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Sand skiing

Sand Boarding and Sand Skiing in Iran

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Snowboarding is one of the Winter Olympics’ most exciting and exhilarating sports. In recent years in countries with sand dunes and desert areas, sand skiing with the sand board has grown in popularity. Iran country has the warmest desert in the world and mineral-rich desert soil and recently taken on sandboarding and sand skiing.

Due to the fine-grained sands of the Iran desert tours and the type of abrasion of these sands and the presence of sodium chloride and the high heat of the Iranian desert, the dimensions (length, width, curvature of the edges) and the type of materials used and layers of this sandboard Which is very resilient and in harmony with the climate of the Iranian desert, considering that the desert of Iran and the city of Shahroud has many sand dunes and hills that receive many tourists annually by dynamizing tourist tours and along with skiing.

Sand and holding annual competitions We can invite many visitors to our region to participate in these competitions and use this device for entertainment. According to the third principle of economics, rational people think of marginal concepts.

Sand skiing is an exciting and enjoyable activity to experience as a part of your Iran Tours. The desert is full of quicksands and sand dunes that can be slid down and down the hills. Of course, you have to be very careful. Try to start with low hills first and after mastering, try hills higher than this sport to the fullest. Climbing high sand dunes can be just as fun as it is fun.

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