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Varzaneh desert camel riding

Camel Riding in the Varzaneh Desert, Isfahan

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Camel riding is one of the entertainments in the 3-Day Varzaneh Desert & Isfahan Tour that is very enjoyable along with visiting the historical monuments and attractions of the Varzaneh desert.

Varzaneh desert annually sees camel riding competitions from different provinces of the country in May. The symbolic parade of the camel caravan, live music performance, Lori, and Kurdish folk dances are some of the side programs of this ceremony.

Varzaneh desert takes its name from Varzaneh city which has sand dunes and sand dunes and beautiful and strange landscapes. This part of Iran has the largest desert entertainment site in the country.

Its flora and fauna are remarkable and have a rich ecosystem. The desert is known to everyone for its autumn and cool nights, but Varzaneh is the only desert in Iran that can be enjoyed even in hot summers.

Varzaneh desert region has a lot to say about tourism. Rural sports programs and indigenous and local games in Isfahan province have always been considered. However, camel riding in the desert has a different feeling.

When you sit on it, it is as if you are getting closer to the sky and the sun. Your feet are above the patient shrubs of the arch and the sound of the caravan bell rings in the desert, from now on there is nothing but the miracle and excitement of the desert.

Camel riding is one of the entertainments of tourists and residents of Varzaneh, in addition to this, very professional competitions are held in this field.

Camels are very patient and resilient animals that tolerate heat and drought well, which is why in the past, transportation and travel were done with camels. But today, camel riding has become one of the most enjoyable pastimes and attractions.

In the desert, for a few minutes, imagine yourself as a traveler from distant lands walking with a caravan to the back of the hills in the scorching heat, where the sun is setting and the air is cooler.

The red light of the sun on the body of the sand, the shadow of the camels, and watching the horizon will give you the relaxation that you need after an exciting day.

Camel riding is one of the exciting pastimes of the desert, and even horseback riding is a normal and less exciting pastime compared to it.

Camel movements are very interesting and give you a unique pleasure. The cost of riding a camel is about twenty-five thousand tomans, although there is no definite price.

Varzaneh desert is not far from Tehran and you can reach it in three or four hours, the most beautiful central desert of Iran, which has the largest desert recreation site in its heart. it close proximity to Isfahan and also Tehran makes it an integral part of Iran tours.

Camel Riding Competitions in Varzaneh

Every year in May, Varzaneh camel riding competitions are held, which also bring prizes. Participants in these competitions are often from neighboring provinces.

Qom, Semnan, North Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan, Bushehr, Fars, Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan, Kerman, and Yazd provinces are participating in these competitions.

The hot weather, the quarantined camels, and the harsh conditions do not prevent any of these competitions. At the end of the camel riding competitions, it does not matter what the problem is, the program will be held.

Live folk music and acrobatic movements of motorcyclists are the side programs of this competition. The general public can also use safari cars for free on race day.

Camel riding competitions in Varzaneh

Other Recreations of the Varzaneh Desert:

Sand Riding

Sand riding is another desert pastime, for this sport and recreation you need to win and you can rent, the cost of rent is not high and it is worth a try.

Four-wheeled Motorcycle

It is also recommended to rent a four-wheeled motorcycle in this place, riding with these motorcycles is one of the cool pastimes that you can follow with your friends. Do not forget to wear glasses, sand scattered in the air can blind you.

Zipline and Paraglider

The zip line is one of the things you may not want to do because the zip line is very short and not very exciting, but in any case, these facilities are available there.

Instead of a zip line, we suggest you try the paraglider because it puts a unique view of Varzaneh desert in front of your eyes and has its own excitement.

Accommodation and Camping in the Varzaneh Desert

There are two ways to stay overnight in the Varzaneh desert, or go to the existing entertainment site and safely pursue a wonderful but simple night out. But on the other hand, camping in the desert is in front of you.

We suggest camping where you can stay away from the lights of the site and reach the desert night, a night that many tourists dream of seeing.

In order not to ruin your camping, we suggest you consider two points: do not camp in a high place, try to set up your camp in the pits, and do not let the fire go out for a moment. Do not count on desert wood and be sure to take wood with you for the fire.

Oasis recreation site with facilities such as single and double quad bikes, zip line, safari, camel riding, restaurant, pantry, camping, paragliding د is open in this area. Accommodation of travelers in the tourist complex of the oasis site is in the form of camping with tents and sleeping bags.

Accommodation and camping in Varzaneh desert

Take These Recommendations Seriously

Seeing the sunset and sunrise on Iran desert tours gives you a unique and different experience from seeing other sunsets and sunrises, the sunset in the desert is not depressing, in the desert, it is lonely which may make you sad, the sunset has nothing to do with you.

You get extra energy from the sunrise in the desert and understand the day more. If phones do not have antennas there, put them in a plastic case. Know that if your phone falls in the desert sands, you should recite a lament for it because the sands stick to its parts.

Summers are a good time for nature lovers to travel to Varzaneh due to less dust and sand in the air and less cloud density in the sky. Of course, provided that you do not choose between 11 noon and 4 pm for exploring the desert.

Seeing sunset and sunrise in the desert

How to Access the Varzaneh Desert

Varzaneh desert is only 105 km from Isfahan and 150 km from Yazd. (Due to the proximity of the distance, there is not much difference in temperature in summer with neighboring cities.)

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