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Qeshm hotels

Qeshm Hotels

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Iran is well-known for its ancient Persian towns, which are bursting with gorgeous mosques and peaceful gardens. However few visitors consider Iran to be a beach destination, but it can be. The Persian Gulf beaches are home to distinct geography, culture, and, of course, stunning and untouched islands. One such Island is the stunning Qeshm Island, the largest Island in Iran. This Island is not only an amazing beach destination but also has many pristine cultural sites, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

This Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Iran tours. The Beautiful scenery of the island, numerous shopping malls, and the tranquility of the largest island in the Persian Gulf have always enticed many travelers. Choosing suitable accommodation before traveling to Qeshm according to your travel purpose and the budget you have. In the following, by reviewing Qeshm hotels, we will help you travel to the Persian Gulf shores with ease by choosing and booking a hotel that suits your needs.

Hotel Prices in Qeshm

Due to the variety of hotels in Qeshm, the price of hotels in Qeshm is also very different. This price variation is related to the number of stars, hotel facilities, and location. In addition, seasonal changes also affect the price of hotels in Qeshm. The hot and humid weather of Qeshm has made travelers prefer the cold months of the year to travel to this island, and with more travelers, the prices of hotels also increase because the usual hotel discounts are removed. Also, the higher number of travelers on weekends affects the price of hotels.

If your taste and preference is to stay in five-star luxury hotels, we must say that Qeshm does not have a five-star hotel. To have a comfortable stay on this island, you should go to the four-star hotels in this city. Some three-star hotels in Qeshm can also be included in the category of good hotels in the city.

If hotel amenities are of great importance to you, we recommend you prioritize more expensive hotels when booking a hotel in Qeshm, because cheap hotels and accommodations in Qeshm have fewer facilities.

The Best Hotels in Qeshm

The best hotels in Qeshm are located in Qeshm and Darghan. Depending on whether your purpose of traveling to Qeshm is to visit Qeshm’s natural and touristic attractions or you have traveled to Qeshm for shopping, the best hotel for you can be different according to its facilities and location. In the following, we introduce several suitable hotels for reservations so that you can make a better decision by comparing them:

Qeshm International Eram Hotel: This 4-star hotel is one of the most luxurious and best hotels in Qeshm, with facilities such as a restaurant and coffee shop, proper air conditioning system, ATM, internet in the rooms, toiletries, safety deposit boxes, a conference hall, a tea room, a game room, and many shaded pavilions. Eram Hotel rooms are classified into four types of sea view, class A rooms, class B rooms, and class C rooms. This hotel is located on Azadegan Blvd., in front of Shilat, and is close to the city center and many of Qeshm’s attractions.

Arta Hotel: Arta Hotel is another relatively luxurious hotel, which is about 200 meters from the Persian Gulf and 50 km from the airport. Among the facilities of this 4-star hotel, which is known as the pearl of Qeshm, we can refer to the conference room, free parking, car rental, multilingual staff, breakfast, coffee shop, restaurant, internet in the lobby, air conditioning system in the rooms, etc. Arta Hotel is located in Imam Gholi Khan Square, next to Bandar Bahman Wharf.

Ataman Hotel: Ataman Hotel is one of the best Qeshm hotels with facilities such as a Turkish bath, sauna, ceremony hall, prayer room, 24-hour reception, tour services, gym, laundry, taxi service, fire extinguisher, etc. This 4-star hotel has good staff and quality food and is considered a good choice when booking a hotel in Qeshm. Ataman Hotel is located in Hafez Square, towards Imam Gholi Khan Square, Golestan Blvd.

Qeshm Geo Park Hotel: One of the most famous hotels in Qeshm is the 3-star Geo Park Hotel. This hotel has a coffee shop, restaurant, safety deposit box, refrigerator, laundry, separate bathrooms, etc. Of course, because this is a three-star hotel, you cannot expect many facilities from this hotel. However, it is one of the cleanest hotels with good staff and diverse seafood, which has good access to the sightseeing centers of Qeshm, such as the Portuguese Fort and Qeshm Market.

Avina Hotel: This four-star hotel was established in 2019. Avina hotel is a short distance from the pleasant beach of the Persian Gulf and Qeshm shopping centers. The hotel’s facilities include internet, special porter service, parking, a restaurant with a coffee shop, etc. Avina Hotel Qeshm has 40 rooms in total. The four-star hotel is located in Velayat Square on the side of Bahonar Blvd., Qeshm Island.

Beach Hotels in Qeshm

There are beautiful beaches in Qeshm that you will never get enough of. For the majority of Qeshm travelers, distance and proximity to the sea is an essential factor in choosing a place to stay. If you prefer your accommodation to have easy access to the beach, you should select one of Qeshm’s beach hotels. The following are only some of the most well-known beach hotels in Qeshm:

Persian Gulf Hotel: The 4-star Persian Gulf Hotel is one of the best beach hotels in Qeshm. By staying in this hotel, you can walk along the beach whenever you want. Also, all the rooms and even the hotel restaurant faces the Persian Gulf. This hotel has 133 accommodations. The hotel’s accommodation units include all kinds of rooms, suites, and apartments with different capacities. This hotel has facilities such as a tennis court, billiard hall, boat ride, pavilions, game room, green space, restaurant and coffee shop, city center service, etc. Persian Gulf Beach Hotel is located in Alam and San’at Square.

Golden Beach Hotel: Golden Beach Hotel, which used to be called Beach or Simin Beach Hotel, has a good amount of entertainment and comfort facilities. Among these facilities, we can mention the restaurant, internet in the lobby, swimming pool, private beach, children’s playground, pavilions, jet ski, etc. Golden Beach Hotel has 58 rooms. In this hotel, you can book a variety of double, triple, quadruple, and suite rooms. This hotel is located on the South Coastal Road, next to the shrine of Shah-Shahid, and is relatively far from the city center, but for guests who plan to go to the city center, a taxi service is available at the hotel.

Fulton Hotel: The 3-star but luxurious Fulton Hotel is located in the Hamon Ward and Garden. The Hotel has three types of accommodations: villas, rooms, and apartments. Among the facilities of Fulton Hotel Boutique you can mention the meeting hall, terrace facing the sea, dart house, beach volleyball court, luggage room, private dock for walking and cycling facilities, a swimming pool and a great view. Fulton Hotel is located in Esteghlal Square, Persian Gulf Highway, after Hamoun Camp, and right by the sea.

Reyhan Hotel: This three-star hotel was established in 2015. Reyhan Hotel is only 150 meters away from the Persian Gulf beach. So you can easily go to the beach and enjoy the beauty of the Persian Gulf. The facilities of this hotel are suitable and include a luggage room, local tour and guide services, a coffee shop, etc.

There are more than 73 hotels and residences in Qeshm, and the travelers of Qeshm Island can choose their suitable hotel from the list of Qeshm hotels according to their travel intentions and the cost they have planned for their stay.

Cheap hotel in Qeshm

It is true that the cheap hotels in Qeshm do not have many facilities; however, finding a cheap hotel in Qeshm does not mean a bad hotel. There are hotels that provide acceptable facilities to travelers at reasonable prices. You can even experience the native life on this dreamy island by staying in native guesthouses and rural houses of Qeshm. Among these ecotourism accommodations and cheap hotels in Qeshm, the following can be mentioned:

Singo three-star hotel near the Old Market of Dargahan with facilities such as an internet cafe, satellite, and a coffee shop.

Diplomat two-star hotel near the international market with internet, laundry services, and a restaurant,

One-star Asmari hotel close to the commercial centers of the city with a restaurant and a coffee shop.

Alishahi Ecotourism Resort is located near the mangrove forest in Tabl village.

Nakhoda Amini Ecotourism Residence near the mangrove forest in Tabl village.

Khalou Ecotourism Residence in Naqsheh village.

Klodeng Ecotourism Resort in Dehkhoda village.

Medali Residence in the historical village of Goran

Haft Rango Ecotourism Resort in Haft Rango village

Nakhoda Ali Saleh Ecotourism Residence in Soheili village

Nachidar Ecotourism Residence in the village of East Chahu

Old Mangrove Residence near the mangrove forests

Hagada Residence is located in Hagada village with unlimited beach area along with facilities such as fishing and boating training

Qeshm cheap apartment hotel

Apart from one- and two-star hotels and eco-tourist accommodations, you can also consider Qeshm’s cheap apartments hotel for a budget-friendly stay and Qeshm hotel reservation. The following are some of these apartment hotels:

Qeshm Plus Apartment Hotel: This hotel is considered one of the best cheap apartment hotels in Qeshm and has many fans. Plus Apartment Hotel is located in Imam Khomeini Square, next to Shahr Bank on Qeshm Island, and offers convenient facilities to guests. Some of the hotel’s facilities include internet, breakfast hall, special tour services, etc.

Vania Qeshm Apartment Hotel: This apartment hotel is located on Imam Gholi Khan Blvd., Golestan St., on the side of Nakhel Zarin. Vania Apartment Hotel is considered one of the best cheap hotels in Qeshm and is the choice of many tourists for hotel reservations in Qeshm. The facilities available in the hotel include internet, taxi, elevator, prayer room, etc.

Persian Golf Qeshm Apartment Hotel: This apartment hotel is located on the Dargahan side of Qeshm, El-Enghelab Square. The proximity of the Persian Gulf Qeshm Apartment Hotel to Dargahanarea and its markets has made it the choice of many tourists to stay. Some of the facilities and services of the hotel include coffee shops, fast food, restaurant, cleaning service, etc.

Shadnaz Apartment Hotel Qeshm 1: This apartment hotel is located at the corner of Pardis intersection, opposite Ferdowsi. Shadnaz 1 Qeshm Apartment Hotel has 16 rooms with convenient facilities such as round-the-clock taxis, prayer rooms, elevators, internet, etc. It goes without saying that Shadnaz 1 Qeshm Apartment Hotel is one of the best hotels on the list of Qeshm hotels.

Khaneh Sabze Qeshm Apartment Hotel: This apartment hotel is located on the side of Elaheh town, education and education quarter. By staying at Khaneh Sabze Qeshm Apartment Hotel, you can easily go to Qeshm shopping centers such as Ferdowsi Bazaar, Star Bazaar, Qeshm Old Bazaar, etc. This hotel also has good facilities and services, including an elevator, taxi, laundry, housekeeping services, etc.

Other cheap apartment hotels in Qeshm include Doostan Qeshm Apartment Hotel, Ana Qeshm Apartment Hotel, Gol-Pone Qeshm Apartment Hotel, and Emperatur Qeshm Apartment Hotel.

Qeshm hotels

Booking a hotel in Qeshm and staying on the largest island of the Persian Gulf has its own atmosphere, A feeling that most travelers recommend experiencing by booking the best hotel in Qeshm. Qeshm holds the title of the most beautiful island in Iran, which is a good reason for the existence of the best Qeshm hotels on this island. Qeshm Island is under the title of Qeshm Geopark and is supported by UNESCO Earth Sciences section. While traveling and by booking hotels in Qeshm, you can see remarkable natural monuments and learn about the earth millions of years ago, and even stay in the best hotels in Qeshm nearby. In this island, the most pristine beaches are waiting for you. You can visit Chahkooh Canyon and Star Valley, watch the most beautiful sunset in Laft village, go boating in the sea and see dolphins, or visit the mangrove forests in the waters of the Persian Gulf and book a Qeshm hotel near this beautiful bay. Water activities such as shuttle, Parasailing, diving, etc., are other attractions of traveling to Qeshm and booking a hotel in this city.

You can also contact IranAmaze to get information about all accommodations in the area and all tours, such as our Damavand tour.

Qeshm hotel reservation from Iran Amaz with special privileges

In the opinion of many travelers, Qeshm hotel reservation is a way to travel to a new and always exciting destination, but what makes this trip sweeter are special privileges, especially in hotel reservations in this city. You can enjoy special privileges by booking a hotel in Qeshm from Iranamaze. For example, even though the price of booking a hotel in Qeshm from Iranamaze is lower than anywhere else, you can still book hotels that include discounts through Iranamaze by using the special discount option. It is also possible for you to be in touch with Iranamaze support at any hour of the day and on all days of the week.

Booking the Cleanest Hotels in Qeshm

Do not book hotels in Qeshm from among the best Qeshm hotel options based on hotel stars. Regardless of the level of service or even the price of hotel reservations in Qeshm, the best hotels in Qeshm are clean and have a good and detailed plan to provide services to their guests. Most of these Qeshm hotels have good access to different parts of the city, and according to the characteristics of the best Qeshm hotels, they are very close to the beach of this city. They have a calm environment and are not necessarily expensive or luxurious. Some of these hotels are:

 Hotel Avina Qeshm

 Boutique Hotel Irman Qeshm

 Alvand Palace Hotel Qeshm

Reservation of the best hotels in Qeshm, according to travelers:

One of the best ways to book Qeshm hotels is to check the opinions of travelers who have stayed in these complexes. The best hotels in Qeshm have been properly reviewed by travelers and will help travelers to have an unforgettable stay. You will find from Qeshm luxury hotels to low-star but high-quality hotels in the list of the best hotels in Qeshm.

Such hotels usually have their own characteristics. They are usually not expensive and sometimes even include the cheapest hotels in Qeshm, but still, you should not be afraid to see the name of one of the most luxurious hotels on the island on this list; be surprised. The best hotels in Qeshm are very clean and have good amenities. The services that these Qeshm hotels have provided for their guests are suitable for a good quality stay, and so far, they have been able to get high scores from different people from all over Iran and the world.

If you choose your accommodation from among these collections, the memory of a good trip and a memorable Qeshm hotel reservation will remain with you. To book the best hotels in Qeshm, you can consider Iranamaze as your reliable, comprehensive, and trusted reference. Some of the best hotels in Qeshm that you can easily book from Iranamaze are:

 Marina Hotel 1 Qeshm

Rokhsar Qeshm Hotel

Behesht Qeshm Hotel

Qeshm Hotel Reservation in Dargahan

Booking Qeshm hotels in Darghan is one of the most unique choices for travelers in this city. Dargahan is one of the famous western cities of Qeshm Island and is only 20 to 35 minutes away from Qeshm city by car. The beauty and the presence of various shopping centers in Dargahan are the most important attractive factors for traveling and booking hotels in Qeshm and Dargahan. The best hotels in Dargahan provide the conditions for a comfortable and hassle-free stay for the travelers of this city who mostly travel to it for the purpose of shopping. have provided Some of the best Qeshm hotels in Dargahan are:

 Shahriar Hotel

 Singo Hotel

Booking Cheap Hotels in Qeshm

Booking cheap hotels in Qeshm will surprise you. This category of hotels in Qeshm, in addition to having an affordable reservation fee, consider an acceptable service for their rooms and guests. They have average accommodation facilities, usually located in the city center or close to the beach, and the personnel of this category treats travelers attentively and professionally. Some of the best cheap hotels in Qeshm that can be booked from Iranamaze are as follows:

 Arash Apartment Hotel

 Sama Hotel 1 Qeshm

Reservation of Luxury Hotels in Qeshm

Booking a Qeshm hotel among the best Qeshm luxury hotels is a good choice for a memorable trip. These Qeshm hotels are very large and relatively newly established. The variety of rooms in this category of hotels in Qeshm is very high, and usually, their rooms have a sea view. Access from these Qeshm hotels to the attractions of Qeshm and the city’s main centers is convenient. Facilities such as sports halls, restaurants, and various coffee shops and shopping centers have been considered for their guests. The best Qeshm hotel among the luxury options are:

 Boutique Hotel Fulton Qeshm

Booking the Best Beach Hotels in Qeshm

By booking a hotel in Qeshm and on the beach of this island, you have chosen the most beautiful and, of course, the most magical place to book a hotel in Qeshm. For this reason, the choice of many travelers who want to choose the best hotels in Qeshm is; Stay in beach hotels in Qeshm. The best Qeshm beach hotels are accommodation complexes with the best facilities and views of the sea and the beach. Some of these Qeshm hotels for booking are:

 Qeshm Golden Beach Hotel

 Persian Gulf Hotel Qeshm

Eight cheap hotels in Qeshm

If you prefer to pay a less for accommodation during your trip. Qeshm is one of those cities that fortunately has many cheap hotels, and is suitable for those who love to travel to the south of Iran but do not want to spend too much. Here we have provided some detailed information on eight of these accommodations.

Kimia Apartment Hotel 2, Qeshm

Kimia 2 Hotel, which is part of Kimia Hotels, is considered one of the best hotels on the island. The best in the sense that it is both cozy and clean, and because of the suites it has, it is suitable for those who travel to Qeshm as a group. Kimia 2 Hotel started working in 2011 and was renovated in 2015. This hotel is located in the town of Sam-o Zal, and its proximity to the old market, the Portuguese castle, and the Olive Beach Park is one of its advantages.

Qeshm Aseman Hotel

Asman Hotel is located on one of the island’s main streets, Saat Street. A street that is close to both the beach and the sea, and you can walk to reach the old market of Qeshm or the sights of the island. The proximity of your residence to the sea means that you can be by its side at any hour of the day and night, breathe fresh under the starry sky of Qeshm and think that the busyness and work are miles away from you. If you want, this hotel was renovated in 2013 and had a restaurant, traditional tea house, and internet in the room.

Golden Palm Hotel Qeshm

You can walk for a quarter of an hour from the hotel to reach the sea and watch the passing boats and ships, and this time is enough to be next to the Qeshm fishmonger market. Golden Palm Hotel is another three-star hotel on the island. And those who have had the experience of staying there believe that its facilities are suitable for the cost you pay.

Morwarid Hotel Qeshm

Even though Morwarid Hotel has one star, it is considered one of the best hotels on the island. The Hotel is not more than one kilometer away from the beach, it has two floors, and with nine rooms, it is not too crowded and noisy. It was opened in 2013 and is considered one of the island’s newly built and clean hotels. It is close to the island’s shopping centers, such as City Center, and is very popular because of its cheapness.

Aram Qeshm Hotel

If you are looking for a budget hotel on the island, maybe Aram Hotel can be ideal for you. Aram Hotel, which many old guests praise for its coziness and convenient facilities, is not far from the sea. Star Qeshm shopping center is nearby and has single, double and triple rooms and suites. And more importantly, you will have access to the internet in your room. Something that is important to many.

A Guide to Ecotourism Accommodations in Qeshm

The beautiful island of Qeshm is one of the most beautiful travel destinations. Many people who travel to this fantastic island choose ecotourism accommodations for their stay in Qeshm. But how to find the best ecotourism accommodations in Qeshm? Here, we intend to introduce you to special ecotourism accommodations in Qeshm.

What is ecotourism?

First, it is better to define ecotourism. Ecotourism can be defined as a means of providing accommodation while respecting the nature and culture of the past and present people of that region during the trip. The international community defines ecotourism as a responsible trip to natural attractions to enjoy and understand nature in such a way as to protect the environment. Instead of harming the quality of life of the people of the region, ecotourism aims to help maintain and improve it.

Definition of Ecotourism Accommodations

Ecotourism residences are houses with a traditional texture that were built in the past architectural style that was specific to each city; For example, ecotourism accommodations in the north of the country are often wooden, and in the desert and south areas, such as Qeshm ecotourism, they usually have straw walls, roofs with wooden poles, ovens, and water tanks that can take you on a journey back in time. In the following, we will introduce some of the best special ecotourism accommodations in Qeshm.

Pir-e Hara Residence

For a memorable stay in the beautiful city of Qeshm and to learn more about its culture, you can stay in one of the traditional residences of this city. Pir-e Hera Qeshm residence has a total of 5 rooms with different features to meet the needs of different travelers. All the rooms of this tourist accommodation are equipped with air conditioners, and traditional beds are provided according to the room’s capacity. This traditional bed includes pillows, blankets, mattresses, and sheets.

The first type of ecotourism rooms in Pir Hara are Midaf and Jadaf, which are suitable for 2 to 3 people and have a master bathroom. The second type of these rooms is called Singo, which is suitable for five people and has a master bathroom. This residence also has two rooms called Ganjar and Lobster rooms, which can accommodate six guests, and their bathroom and toilet are shared.

Another point that should be mentioned for this residence is to consider the breakfast service for all the rooms in this complex. This residence is located in the local context, and in this sense, there is no problem in providing necessities. Just walk a little to reach the nearest store and make your purchase.

Mirza Residence

Mirza Qeshm Residence is another exceptional ecotourism residence in Qeshm, located in Gorzin village in the west of this island with a beautiful, safe and friendly environment. The proximity of this residence to the mangrove forests has made this village and the residence a favorite place for tourists. Many tourists visit this village every year to see the region’s tourist and natural attractions, making this residence very popular among travelers.

The capacity of the rooms in this residence is from 1 to 5 people, and in the largest room, up to 8 people. Also, this residence has a parking lot for travelers, tour service on the island, etc. In this resort, boat tours in the mangrove forests and floating pavilions are possible even at night, and transfers are also available for sightseeing around the island. Restaurant service, breakfast, lunch, and dinner can also be provided with prior arrangements.

Azad Tribe Residence

Qeshm Island has many attractive traditional residences. One of the most beautiful residences on this island is the residence of the Azad Tribe Residence or Ghabile Azad ecolodge. This ecotourism resort is one of the most popular eco-tours in Qeshm that you can choose for your stay. Azad Tribe residence has a restaurant and a cafe, which of course, is closed on Saturdays. Breakfast is included with the accommodation fee, you can go to Soheili restaurant for lunch, and for dinner, the daily menu of the accommodation is provided to you. Also, Make sure to check Iran cultural tours to see if any such tours are available on the Qeshm island during your intended stay.

Qeshm Island has many exceptional eco-tourism resorts, the most famous of which are Ferdis Eco-Tourism, Nakhel-e Nakhda Eco-Tourism, Khane Dost Eco-Tourism, etc. To choose and book the best ecotourist accommodations in Qeshm, contact Iranamaze.

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