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Qazvin hotels

Qazvin Hotels

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The City is said to have been established within the Sassanian period in the 3rd century by Shapur II, Qazvin was briefly the Persian Safavid capital in the mid-16th century. The name “Qazvin” or “Kasbin” is said to be derived from Kas (Kassites) an ancient tribe that lived south of the Caspian sea centuries prior. In reality, the Caspian Sea in the northern portion of Iran gets its name from the same root. The city is popular for its famous seedless grapes, Baghlava, carpet designs, and artists.

Qazvin is one of the oldest cities in Iran and, for almost 50 years, was the capital of the Safavid Empire. There are many cultural, historical, natural, and tourist attractions in Qazvin. If you are planning to travel to this mountainous and historical city, the following article will provide you with a list of Qazvin hotels, their services, and their facilities.

The historical city of Qazvin, the calligraphy capital of Iran is located in the center of the country. The many historical and cultural sites of this city include Chehelston Museum Palace, City Museum, Saad Al-Sultaneh Bazaar and Palace, Jame Mosque, Al-e Nabi Mosque, Qajar Hammam, Ali Qapo Head, and Sepeh Street, Hosseinieh Aminiha, Hamdollah Mostofi Mausoleum, and numerous Qazvin water reservoirs, relics from long ago days. Tourists who travel to this city to visit historical places leave the city with bags full of traditional Qazvin sweets, from baklava and chai bread to Padrazi sweets and rice bread. If you wish to know about the historical and natural sites in Qazvin, the two provinces, visit our Iran destinations page.

Qazvin is also situated near Alamut, where the Secret Order of Assassins was established by Hasan-i Sabbah. Today you can visit the superb Castles of the Assassins (Alamout Castle) within the heart of the mountains and go to Ovan Lake on the way in summer, and trek in the outstanding Alamut Valley.

Qazvin Hotel Prices

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant expenses related to travel is the cost of accommodation. Fortunately, the green city of Qazvin, as one of the tourist destinations in the country, has a variety of hotels and accommodations suitable for every taste and budget, and there are many options for you to choose from.

Many travelers go to Qazvin during the holidays and want a cheap trip. There are eco-tourist accommodations and hotels in Qazvin with different prices. In the list of hotels in Qazvin, there are various accommodations that make the choosing simple, because you can find the desired option with any taste and budget. Therefore, you can book your stay in the best hotels in Qazvin, and you can also book a room in Qazvin hotels that have a better price. If you are into nature tourism and you intend to stay outside of Qazvin city, eco-friendly accommodations will be one of the best accommodation options for you.

The Best Hotels in Qazvin

Choosing the best hotel in each city is based on personal parameters of different people. To read the personal experiences of guests who have stayed in the hotel, you can search for the desired hotel on the Iranamaze website and read the comments section of the hotel. According to traveler ratings, the hotels listed here have been announced as the best hotels in Qazvin.

If the cost of travel is not your primary concern and you prefer to experience a comfortable trip by staying in a first-class hotel; We offer you the list of Qazvin hotels below; you can book Qazvin hotels in the shortest time with Iranamaze:

Behrouzi Traditional Restaurant and Hotel

The three-star traditional hotel of Behrouzi House is a relic from the Qajar period, in the heart of the traditional and historical city of Qazvin, and it has a life of nearly 200 years. Khaneh Behrouzi Traditional Hotel is the first traditional hotel in Qazvin city, consisting of 12 accommodation units equipped with good facilities for guests’ comfort. This beautiful hotel instills a nostalgic feeling in its guests due to the preservation of traditional architecture.

The guests of this hotel can spend the time they are in the hotel in the traditional hotel atmosphere and experience the pleasant feeling of the life of Qajar Iran. Green trees surround this traditional space, an attractive blue pond is located in the middle, and the pond is surrounded by traditional beds.

The hotel’s proximity to Qazvin Bazaar, Qazvin Museum, Wazir Caravanserai, Jame Mosque, Chehel Sotun Palace, Ali Qapu Mansion, Qajar Bath, and Sardar Water reservoir is one of the good features of the hotel, which makes it popular among domestic and foreign tourists. Khaneh Behrouzi traditional hotel is also registered in the list of national monuments of Iran.

If you are looking for an opportunity to get away from everyday life and cars, we recommend this hotel for a comfortable yet unique experience.

Marmar Hotel

Four-star Marmar Hotel is one of the most stylish hotels in the historical city of Qazvin, located in the historical area and heart of the city with a combination of traditional Iranian and modern architecture. Marmar Hotel has 48 rooms and 14 suites on the seventh floor with the best possible services according to international standards. For the comfort and satisfaction of travelers and guests, Marmar Hotel underwent its latest renovation in 2015 in accordance with the latest facilities in the world.

The hotel restaurant serves various delicious dishes in a cozy and intimate environment with traditional music. The hotel is a short distance from the city center, shopping malls, Pastor Hospital, and the railway station. Among other advantages of Marmar Hotel, we can point out the proximity to places of interest such as Alamut, traditional gardens, Saad al-Sultaneh Caravanserai, Qazvin Gate, and many other sites.

Marmar Hotel with a combination of traditional and modern architecture in Qazvin, a city with an ancient history of several thousand years, was opened in 1994 and was renovated in 2015 to improve and upgrade the quality of its services. The 48 accommodation units with convenient amenities ready to welcome guests. With a peaceful and pleasant environment, Marmar Hotel aims to give its guests the best memory of their stay in the beautiful city of Qazvin.

Iranian Hotel

Iranian hotel is a luxury three-star hotel located in Haftsangan, a city with good weather and greenery, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, 8 km from Qazvin city. This hotel consists of 38 accommodation units equipped with modern amenities on three floors. The guests of this hotel have easy access to Sardar Qazvin Reservoir, Qazvin Bazaar, and Qazvin Minister’s Caravanserai.

The special advantages of this hotel include cycling in the clean Haftsangan area, a traditional Turkish bath, and a restaurant serving various Iranian and foreign dishes in a cozy and pleasant environment. You can experience a relaxing stay in this hotel.

The 4-star Iranian Hotel was opened in 2013 in Haft Sangan, 8 km from Qazvin city. The 38 beautiful rooms and suites with convenient facilities for welcoming guests. Due to its location in Haft Sangan town and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this complex can provide you with a peaceful stay.

Baghdadi Hotel Qazvin: Baghdadi Hotel with four stars, was put into operation in April 2018. This hotel is built on six floors and has 74 rooms and suites. The convenient location of Baghdadi Takestan Hotel allows guests to access the traditional market of Takestan in a short time. Also, by staying at Baghdadi Hotel Qazvin, you can visit the sightseeing and touristic places of Qazvin, such as Dakan hill, Kharqan hot spring, and Abhar Rood, by traveling a maximum distance of 57 km.

Sina Apartment Hotel: This three-star apartment hotel was put into operation in April 2017. This apartment hotel has 28 rooms located on the first to fourth floors. Easy access to Qazvin market is one of the advantages of the convenient location of Sina Qazvin Apartment Hotel. Also, the distance between Sina Hotel and other places such as Hammam Qajar and the University of Medical Sciences is at most 2 km.

Cheap Hotels in Qazvin

If you want to have the lowest cost for accommodation and booking hotels in Qazvin, here are a few hotels that make your stay more affordable.

Qazvin Alborz Hotel

Two-star Alborz Hotel, with 30 years of experience, is one of the oldest hotels in the historical city of Qazvin, located in the city’s center. Alborz Hotel has 38 accommodation units with beautiful design and convenient facilities on three floors. This two-star hotel is situated in a suitable geographical location, allowing the guests of the hotel to access the sightseeing places of Qazvin, restaurants, hospitals, entertainment centers, and shopping centers in the shortest possible time. Alborz Hotel Qazvin is one of the oldest hotels in the city. This hotel started its operation in 1355.

With the aim of satisfying its guests and upgrading the accommodation units, this hotel undertook a complete renovation of the hotel. The hotel optimized and renovated its rooms, suites, lobby, and coffee shop, and the overall renovation of the hotel was completed in 2016. The building of Alborz Hotel is built on three floors and has 38 rooms. The convenient location of this hotel in the city center has provided easy and quick access to shopping centers and other streets of the city for our dear guests. But it should be noted that this hotel does not have an elevator.

Razhia Hotel Qazvin

the two-star Razhia Hotel is located on Mirza Kochak Khan Boulevard in Qazvin city. Razhia Hotel was put into operation in 2015 and is one of the newly established hotels in Qazvin city. This hotel has one floor, 20 rooms, a breakfast hall, and private parking. Among the advantages of this hotel, we can point out the short distance to Chehel Sotun Palace and shopping malls.

Mino Hotel Qazvin

Mino Qazvin Hotel, with two stars, started its activity in December 2016. This hotel has two floors and 20 accommodation units. In terms of location, Mino Hotel is located at the city’s entrance and near the Shahid Beheshti passenger terminal. Its location allows guests easy access to the terminal and Qazvin industrial estates. Also, among the benefits of staying at Mino Qazvin Hotel, we can mention the access to Pasteur Hospital and Cantor Church, which are a short distance from the hotel. Dear guests, it should be noted that Mino Hotel does not have an elevator.

Qazvin Safir Hotel

Safir Hotel, with two stars located on Saadi St., started its activity in 2013. This hotel is one of the hotels in Qazvin that has an affordable price. The hotel is built on two floors and has 18 rooms with comfortable facilities. One of the advantages of the hotel is the easy access to the historic and sightseeing places of the city, such as Qazvin Chehel Sotun Palace, Ali Qapo Emirate, and Diyanat School Museum.

Navizar Hotel Alamut

Navizar Hotel was opened in 2003. This complex is located in a mountainous area, and one of its advantages is the access to the Alamut Castle and a view of the Alamut region’s beautiful nature and rocky mountains. This hotel has four floors and 11 suites, with experienced and trained staff.

Mir Emad Hotel

Mir Emad Qazvin Hotel, located on Asadabadi Blvd., started its operation with one star in 2009. This one-star complex has 15 double and three-bedrooms with a capacity of 38 people. One of the features of staying in this hotel is its proximity to Qazvin Central Terminal and railway station, as well as convenient and easy access to the traditional market and tourist and entertainment places of Qazvin city.

Qazvin Hotel Iran

Hotel Iran is another hotel in Qazvin city, which has an excellent location for staying in the city Itself. If you are at Hotel Iran, you are only 5 minutes away from Chehel Sotun Palace complex, Saad al-Sultaneh Caravanserai, Qazvin Traditional Market, Cantor Church, Shazdeh Hossein Mosque, City Museum, Qajar Bath, Al-Ghadeer and Safa shopping centers. If you have a vehicle, you can also visit Alamut Castle and Ovan Lake, which are about 2 hours away. Iran Hotel has an Iranian restaurant for dining, but if you are looking for a place outside the hotel, you can find Yas Restaurant a few steps away from the hotel.

Alamut Qazvin Ecotourism Resort

Alamut Ecoresort is located in the village of Shahrak, Alamut district, Qazvin. This beautiful rural residence has nine rooms with a capacity of 35 people, all of which have beds. But the toilet and bathroom are shared and located in the residence area. Other facilities of this residence include dedicated parking and English-speaking staff.

Other cheap accommodations in Qazvin:

Abrisham Hotel: The one-star Abrisham Hotel was established in 1985 and is located on Montazeri Road in Qazvin. It is free for children under five years old and its facilities include internet and room service.

Taleghani Guest House: This one-star guest house is located on Taleghani Street and was renovated in 1990. This guest house is near Kantor Church and Ali Qapo Museum. Accommodation for children under five years old is free and includes the following facilities: Internet and taxi service.

How to book a hotel in Qazvin?

The guests who travel to Qazvin are from a broad spectrum. Since this city is an industrial city located near Tehran, many people travel to it for business and administrative purposes. For this group of people, hotels with suitable facilities are located in the city center, and it is easy to travel to other parts of the city. For example, we can mention Marmar Hotel, with traditional and modern architecture, located in the city’s heart. Domestic and foreign tourists, who come to Qazvin mostly in spring and summer, prefer to stay in traditional hotels of the city to spend the night experiencing the past’s atmosphere and enjoying the rooms’ architecture. In any case, booking a hotel in Qazvin for domestic tourists through the Iran website is as short as one click. See the facilities and location of the hotel on the site and then decide.

What are the ways to find a cheap hotel in Qazvin?

Whether you plan to stay in Qazvin for any reason, from work to leisure, booking a cheap hotel in Qazvin will not be difficult. Hotels in this city usually have reasonable prices. Of course, this issue largely depends on the length of your stay and your trip type. Travelers who visit Qazvin for sightseeing mainly seek an economical trip and prioritize visiting historical attractions and buying souvenirs. Therefore, spending a few nights in a luxury hotel with a sauna and jacuzzi is unsuitable for these tourists. Make sure to check Iran cultural tours to see if any such tours are available in the Qazvin during your intended stay.

In addition, if you have planned your trip to Qazvin during the busy seasons of the year, such as spring and especially Nowruz, you should consider booking a hotel in this city sooner. Because during Nowruz, this city becomes both a passageway and a destination for many tourists, you should book your accommodation in advance. Hotel reservation through the Iranamaze website provides customers with good discounts and helps them book cheap hotels in Qazvin.

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