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Setera Pland residence

Setare Eco-Residence in the Polond Desert

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The Setare Polond ecotourism resort is located in the nomadic village of Polond, near Ferdows city, and is the only resort in the Polond desert area. The Setare Polond Ecotourism resort has a complimentary breakfast, and upon request, a variety of local dishes are also served to travelers.

This residence, with a capacity of 35 people, has six rooms for 4 to 6 people with traditional architecture. The rooms share 2 Iranian and foreign bathrooms and a bath. Airconditioning systems, open parking, public kitchen for cooking for travelers and tour guides are other facilities and services of this residence.

Polond Desert

This desert is 40 km away from Ferdows city and is adjacent to the villages of Chah-Polond, Taherabad, Ibrahimabad, Chahnu, and Kajeh. The desert has its own unique variety of vegetation (including wild barberries, yarrows, red tulips, black cumin, sedge, mountain almond, ephedra, etc.) and animal species (falcons, jackals, foxes, golden eagles, deer, sand cats, caracals, snakes, turtles, etc.).

The mentioned nearest city of Ferdows has a storied past and was formerly known as Tun or maybe even Taban before then. Some claim the Medes to be the founders of this city and some claim that a group of Sagartians were the original inhabitants. Up to the Mongol attack, Ferdows – then Tun – was a well-known and prosperous city both before and throughout the Islamic era.

Salt pans and flats, sandy hills, and desert areas located next to the mountainous regions are among the tourist attractions of this desert that attract many tourists.

Why Should You Travel to Iran? and why travel to Polond desert? The beautiful Polond desert is also known as the cheetah tail desert because it has sand dunes in the shape of a cheetah’s tail. Another natural tourist attraction of this desert is the presence of mountains next to the sand dunes of the desert, which doubles its beauty. Additionally, the Polond Desert is close to Ferdows Hole-in-the-Rock and Hole-in-the-Rock Cave, a rock climbing hotspot.

In order for tourists to enjoy this area as much as possible, the Setare Polond eco-tourism resort has planned many programs and entertainments for them, such as camel riding, off-roading, four-wheel motorbikes, zip lining, local music performance, etc. for tourists to have a pleasant stay and experience in this local desert resort.

This eco-residence is a perfect accommodation for Iran Desert Tours​ to the nearby desert of Polond.

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