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Payab Kish

Payab Kish

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Kish Island has many historical treasures that represent the history of Iran. These works are located in the corners of the island and have been able to attract many people from all over the world to visit Iran. One of these works is Payab Kish, which has a very long history and tells a lot about history and the past.

Corridors that have a steep slope and are located next to the mouth of the aqueduct well. These pedestrian bridges have many steps that can reach the water level of the aqueduct underground. Kish Island is one of the most valuable islands and one of the newly built sightseeing places in Kish.

In the footbridge of Kish, like other footbridges, we can see that the angle of the vestibule excavation is such that the last step reaches the end of the aqueduct rod and the light shines through the opening on the water surface. This light radiation has made the surface inside the pedestal to be completely bright. Another interesting thing is that a very large area has been created around the last step so that it has very mild and very pleasant air during all the hot summer days. Since this place is in contact with the water of the aqueduct, it is very cool and it is used to relax on hot days.

Payab Kish and its aqueduct

Where is Payab Kish?

Payab Kish is located in Olympic Square, Olympic Boulevard, and it is very easy and convenient to access this square. Just get into a taxi and tell him to take you there. Wherever you are, these taxis will take you to this place in a short time.

History of Payab Kish

Payab is a corridor or a tunnel that is dug on the ground next to the mouth of the aqueduct with a steep slope and reaches the level of the running water of the aqueduct on the ground with the use of stairs. The deeper the well, the longer the tunnel and the more steps it has. It calculates the angle of drilling the vestibule so that the last step of the abutment reaches the end of the bar (well) of the aqueduct so that the illumination of the light that shines from the opening of the well to the water surface is used to illuminate the area of ​​the abutment.

Payab of Kish Island is two thousand years old and was built near the green tree of Kish. Due to the fact that this place suffered a lot of damage over time, the officials decided to restore it and beautify it. Now this place has become a popular place in Kish and many people visit it every year.

Kish foothills from the bottom view

Payab Kish Restaurant

A restaurant has been built near Payab in Kish, which is one of the famous and popular restaurants in Kish, located on Olympic Street. This restaurant has a very beautiful and attractive atmosphere. This restaurant has live music, which is why it gives the guests a great atmosphere while enjoying their food, which has attracted the attention of tourists and visitors. This restaurant serves a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes on its menu, and there is food on the menu for every person with every taste.
Fresh and high-quality ingredients are used in the cooking of Payab restaurant. The service of this restaurant is complete and perfect. The decoration of this restaurant is very attractive and beautiful.

Payab Kish restaurant

The atmosphere of the restaurant is a traditional atmosphere and provides a very calm and pleasant environment for the guests. Payab Kish restaurant has a capacity of 300 people and very good employees provide service in it. This restaurant serves guests in two shifts from noon to afternoon and from afternoon to night. The facilities of this restaurant include Wi-Fi internet, table reservation, bathroom and live music.

Payab Kish Tea House

In this very beautiful and attractive area, a space has been created so that guests can relax in a cool environment in the Payab Tea House and drink a fresh drink. Be sure that you will never forget the taste of tea from this teahouse. A variety of teas and other fresh drinks are also served in this place. Drinking a tasty drink next to the sound of traditional music moves your soul and body. Perhaps all your experiences will be even more enjoyable if you choose the best time to travel to kish for you.

Payab Kish Tea House

This teahouse has a large capacity and you can sit, talk, relax and drink tea for an hour. Don’t miss the opportunity to be in this Payab Kish tea house and enjoy its great atmosphere. This tea house is located next to Payab restaurant.

Payab Kish or the Historical Reservoir of Kish

The historical cistern of Kish Island is considered one of the oldest tourist attractions on the island and, you might not even believe it, is actually 2000 years old. This historical element, which reveals the intelligence of the ancient ancestors of the island’s dwellers in facing the deterministic hardships of the geographical area they lived in, is now reconstructed and have turned into one of the popular sites of the island with the addition of recreational and relaxation facilities to it such as a teahouse and traditional restaurant.

Historical water reservoirs or Payab consist of tunnels that are built by keeping the angle, depth, and engineering principles to the individual and completely delicate with the purpose of accessing the water of aqueducts, wells, and aqueducts. One of the amazing aspects of historic reservoirs is that they are architecturally designed in such a way that despite being deep in the earth, they can still benefit from sunlight during the day because sunlight can illuminate them. got the illuminate through sunlight. The ports, which have been carefully created on their covers, are placed on top. The historical reservoir of Kish Island is more than 2000 years old. It has facilities such as a tea house, traditional restaurant, and live music performance, making it a suitable place to experience a fun atmosphere. The spirit of history and civilization is blown.

Payab Kish is located on the north coast of the island and in the vicinity of the sports competition complex. To get there, you can use the health road, which is used for cycling, or take a taxi to reach the historical water tank and its famous traditional restaurant.

The restaurant of Payab Kish has got a live musical performance. If you are sensitive to noise, keep this fact in mind and plan your visit in a way agreeable to your tastes. The menu of the traditional restaurant is limited to a number of traditional dishes. Thus, you will not be able to order western-style dishes there.

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