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Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran

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Tehran is a true metropolis that genuinely merits the title of capital, as it is one of the best representations of modern Iran. Most visitors, however, bypass Tehran in favor of the beautiful and more historical cities of Shiraz, Esfahan, and Yazd. The reason behind this is that Tehran lacks its majesty and extensive history. However, Tehran is an immensely vast metropolis with a plethora of attractions. Palladium Shopping Center

Persian Azadi Hotel is located in the north of Tehran with cooler weather. Very close to Iran International Conference Center and Palladium Shopping Center. The Hotel is also close to Saint Minas Church and to a lesser extent to Tuma Church. It’s less than 5 km to the Sa’dabad Palace Complex, and less than 10 to the Niavaran Palace Complex. The Tehran International Exhibition Center, the Time Museum, Darakeh Traditional Recreational Center, Tabiat Bridge,  Mellat Park,  Iranian Art Museum Garden, Ferdows Garden the Tajrish Bazaar, and Imamzadeh Saleh Shire are also areas that are around 5km from the hotel.

Azadi Hotel Tehran

Azadi Hotel Tehran (former Hyatt Hotel) is one of the best five-star luxury hotels in Tehran. This hotel was built in 1973 as a member of Hyatt International Hotels in Tehran on 28 floors and was renamed Azadi Hotel after the Islamic Revolution.

Parsian Azadi Hotel is a member of the Parsian Hotel Group. This hotel was renovated in 2006, and after thirty years of its opening, it is now the first green hotel in Iran. Parsian Azadi Hotel is ready to provide the best and most complete accommodation and catering services to its valued guests.

A green hotel means a hotel that operates according to environmental standards. This hotel tries to improve energy consumption by replacing many current and incorrect trends in energy consumption and renewable sources.

Azadi Tehran Hotel is located at the intersection of Chamran and Yadgar Imam highways, in an area with good weather and the neighborhood of important centers such as the Tehran International Exhibition, the Summit Hall, the Broadcasting Conference Center, and the recreational and tourist areas of Tehran, such as Tochal Mountain, Bam-e Tehran, Saadabad Palace, Farahzad, and Derkeh.

When booking the Azadi hotel in Tehran, its geographical location may occupy your mind at first, and you may think that you are far away from many parts of the city by staying there, but keep in mind that this hotel is located at the intersection of two main and important highways in Tehran.

But the most important reason for us to recommend booking Azadi Hotel in Tehran is the level of services and facilities that this five-star luxury hotel provides to its guests. Azadi Hotel in Tehran can also be a good starting location for your Iran cultural tours.

Azadi Hotel Rooms in Tehran

The presence of 470 accommodation units, including single and double rooms and various luxurious suites such as single and double junior, royal, and presidential suites, will make for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in this unique hotel.

The standard rooms of Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran, with complete facilities and up-to-date equipment such as free high-speed internet, LCD TV, bathroom and toilet, mini-bar, dressing table, tea maker, etc., promise a peaceful and safe stay.

Azadi Hotel in Tehran has recently made it possible for guests to book a room with more limited services and more economical prices among its rooms. These rooms are marked as Day-Use and Economy in the room list. However, each of them has its limitations, and for this reason, they have lower prices. A Day-Use room is a room in which the duration of stay is between 8 am and 8 pm for 10 hours, and standard room services such as housekeeping and hotel buffet breakfast are not included. Economy rooms only include reservations of 3 nights or more and do not include hotel buffet breakfast and room service.

Azadi Hotel Suites in Tehran

The suites of Parsian Azadi Hotel have the highest level of international standards in the hotel industry. These suites are among the most unique places you can choose for your stay. Junior, Royal, Duplex, and Presidential suites, each of which can accommodate 2 to 3 people in a stylish and ample space and with exemplary facilities and equipment, seek to obtain the highest level of satisfaction from their guests.

But the flagship of all the rooms and suites of Azadi Hotel is the presidential suite of this hotel, which is one of the most luxurious and well-equipped suites among five-star hotels in Iran. This unique accommodation unit, which is usually used as a place of residence for high-ranking domestic officials or heads of foreign countries who travel to Tehran, is designed as a duplex and has the best and most up-to-date accommodation and reception facilities, including two bedrooms, a living room, a private security room, three separate bathrooms and toilets, a jacuzzi, three TV sets, remote control curtains, a work room, and a meeting space.

Services of Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran

Another strength of the five-star Parsian Azadi hotel in Tehran is the presence of various restaurants offering the most delicious and high-quality food.

Parseh Restaurant of Parsian Azadi Hotel, located on the 26th floor of the hotel, with a unique view of the city of Tehran, is considered the main restaurant. This 24-hour hotel restaurant is known as one of the most popular restaurants in Tehran hotels. Among the other restaurants of Azadi Hotel, we can mention Kenzo Japanese restaurant on the ground floor. This restaurant, with an entirely Japanese atmosphere and decoration, serves unique dishes from Japan and will take you to this strikingly strange and beautiful country for one or two hours.

Suppose you need a cozy and comfortable environment with ideal reception for your meetings within the hotel. In that case, Nilo Lobby Lounge is the best place for your meetings and to have a pleasant evening coffee or tea with the most delicious cakes.

The existence of Zarin, Zumard, Almas, Berelian, Paniz, and Parse halls in Parsian Azadi Hotel allows you to hold all kinds of celebrations, parties, and even your conferences and business meetings in a luxurious atmosphere with complete and unique facilities.

Other facilities and services of Parsian Azadi Hotel include the following:

Parking with unlimited capacity, business center, soundproof room, smoking room, internet, satellite, taxi service, car rental services with and without a driver, tour and city tour services, confectionary, coffee shop, internet cafe, and a gym. Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, spa and jacuzzi, massage, cold water pool, laundry, men’s barbershop, bank ATM, currency exchange, safe deposit box, special services for the disabled, and many more. Contact Iranamaze for more information about Iran tours.

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