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Darvish Hotel, Mashhad

Darvishi Luxury Hotel in Mashhad

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A Guide to Mashhad’s Darvishi Hotel

The 5-star luxury Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad is one of the most famous luxury and modern hotels in Mashhad, with indoor and outdoor green spaces in the form of a beautifully designed roof garden with 20 floors, one of the tallest residential buildings in Mashhad, and the largest atrium hotel in the country with a glass surface. It was put into operation in 2010. This hotel has 223 rooms. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors are the spring season rooms, the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors are the summer season rooms, the 7th, 8th, and 9th floors are the fall season rooms, and the 10th, 11th, and 12th floors are the winter season rooms. Dear guests, this hotel has free airport reception.

Darvishi luxury hotel in the pilgrimage city of Mashhad is one of the most famous hotels that have special services and facilities for travelers to stay. The size of the luxurious Darvishi Hotel building, the world standard services of this hotel, the staff, and the warm hospitality of Darvishi Hotel Mashhad have made this hotel the most prominent 5-star luxury hotel in Mashhad. This hotel is located in a area where you can easily access the important places of Mashhad by public transport.

Distance from Mashhad Darvishi Hotel to Imam Reza Shrine

This five-star luxury hotel has been especially welcomed by pilgrims and travelers due to its proximity to the holy shrine. Darvishi luxury five-star hotel is only 1.4 km away from Imam Reza shrine. You can easily reach the shrine within 15 minutes from the hotel. Of course, you can travel this distance in 5 minutes using BRT buses; Therefore, if you are looking for luxury and well-equipped hotel near the shrine, Darvishi Hotel is an excellent choice.

Mashhad Darvishi Hotel Building

The luxurious Darvishi Hotel has a huge infrastructure, and its magnificent architecture awakens excitement in travelers. Traveling is not only about enjoying recreational places and visiting historical buildings; The many choices that are in front of travelers during their stay at Darvishi Hotel Mashhad make the experience of staying and having fun and pilgrimage sweeter. Darvishi Hotel Mashhad is located on the main street leading to the shrine; travelers can see the shrine and benefit from the mystical atmosphere and positive energy of the shrine in their accommodation. Darvishi Hotel Mashhad is built on 25 floors and is considered one of the highest buildings in Mashhad; and when you look out of the windows, you can see the whole city under your feet.

Mashhad Darvishi Hotel; The Largest Atrium Hotel in the Country

Darvishi Hotel Mashhad is the largest atrium hotel in Iran. Atrium hotel is meant to be an open middle space that can be seen from the lobby to the highest point of the building. Usually, in hotel atriums, the rooms are on one side, and the corridor is on the other side. All the rooms in Mashhad Darvishi Hotel face this middle open space.

The Variety of Rooms in Mashhad Darvishi Hotel

You can have a comfortable, relaxing stay in any of the Darvishi Hotel’s luxurious, contemporary rooms. The rooms in Darvishi Mashhad luxury hotel have a lot of variety, and Darvishi Hotel Mashhad has three types of luxury rooms: VIP rooms, Nations rooms, and Royal rooms. Floors 1 to 12 of Darvishi Hotel are called “seasonal floors” and are the location of the season rooms. The rooms on the season floors of Darvishi Mashhad Hotel are decorated in the colors of the seasons and with the characteristics of each season. Travelers who love the autumn season can live in autumn rooms; even if they have traveled to Mashhad in the summer. There are double, triple, and four-bed standard and economy rooms on the floors of the Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad, each of which provides the most luxurious facilities for travelers. Floors 12 to 25 of Darvishi Hotel Mashhad are for suites and penthouses of the hotel, which provide first-class accommodation facilities for travelers. Typically, you have a capacity of 3 or 2 for either an Imperial or Queen Room. Additionally, you can feel at home in the modern architecture of each nation.

1. VIP Rooms

In Mashhad Darvishi Hotel, imperial suites and queen rooms are VIP residences located on this hotel’s 15th and 16th floors. Imperial suites have a living room and a bedroom and are suitable for a family of three. A jacuzzi and smart TV are among the amenities of the Imperial Darvishi Hotel Mashhad suites.

The design of the queen rooms of Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad also in a way that reminds the room of kings and princes and is suitable for a stay of two people and occasions such as a honeymoon.

2. Royal Rooms

Two types of rooms, future, and spa, are among the rooms of the Royal Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad. The future room in Darvishi Hotel is built according to the ideas of the future and modern facilities, and it is suitable for people who like to live more technologically.

Penthouse Spa is one of the luxurious rooms of Mashhad Darvishi Hotel, which has a sauna and jacuzzi and is a unique choice for relaxing while traveling. Penthouse spa electric curtains in Mashhad Darvishi Hotel are the peak of comfort for travelers to effortlessly invite the sun to their accommodation.

3. Nations Rooms, Duplex Rooms

Darvishi Hotel has suites in the architectural style of different civilizations of Egypt, Rome, China, ancient Iran, Islamic Iran, India, and Arabia. The suites of Darvishi Hotel of Mashhad are duplexes located on the hotel’s highest floors. In the Egyptian-style rooms of Darvishi Mashhad Hotel, you will travel with the decorations of triangular pyramids and Egyptian dishes and motifs and travel to the mysterious world of the Egyptians. In Chinese rooms, you will learn about Chinese Feng Shui and get energy from the arrangement of things. In the Indian rooms of the Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad, you will be a companion of elephants and step into the colorful world of the East with Indian paintings and motifs. Nations Rooms offers you a history trip. The crowning achievement of the Darvishi Royal Hotel is Penthouse Rome, which combines a sense of luxury reminiscent of ancient Rome with modern conveniences.

Restaurants and Cafes of Mashhad Darvishi Hotel

Darvishi Mashhad luxury hotel offers a variety of restaurants and various dishes on different menus. First, you have the option of dining in a restaurant that resembles a garden at Atrium and Roof-Garden Restaurants. Second, Firuzeh fast food can be great choice for your social gatherings. In keeping with the atmosphere of this hotel, your third stop should be Berkeh Traditional Teahouse. Fourthly, the Arghavan Restaurant serves a delectable breakfast. Finally, picture yourself sipping your coffee at the Spa Coffeeshop on the beach. In addition, Central Coffee shop is where we will arrive after traveling to the restaurants at the Darvishi Royal Hotel.

1. Atrium Restaurant: Darvishi Hotel Mashhad has an outdoor restaurant (Atrium) with a glass roof that illuminates the space with direct sunlight and doubles the pleasure of eating Iranian food. This restaurant’s large and luxurious tables provide relaxation and satisfaction along with delicious food.

2. Firouzeh Restaurant: This restaurant serves various fast food dishes for those interested in Farangi cuisine. This restaurant is designed in a modern style.

3. Roof Garden Restaurant: This restaurant is actually a clean garden with a view of nature and is literally in the sky.

4. Berkeh Traditional Teahouse: Darvishi Traditional Teahouse is located in an open environment and has a different atmosphere from other restaurants of Mashhad Darvishi Hotel.

5. Arghvan Breakfast Hall: If you are staying at Darvishi Hotel Mashhad, don’t miss the magnificent breakfasts of this hotel.

6. The central coffee shop of Darvishi Hotel Mashhad: This coffee shop serves all kinds of desserts, cakes, and sweets for every taste and is suitable for relieving fatigue and free time.

7. Spa coffee shop: The spa coffee shop of Darvishi Hotel Mashhad is located in the spa hall, and when you are relaxed and receiving a massage, you can enjoy the food of this coffee shop.

8. Darvishi Hotel’s Billiard Coffee Shop: This coffee shop is located in the billiard hall, and sitting in this hall is fun and refreshing.

Unique Facilities of Mashhad Darvishi Hotel

Darvishi Hotel Mashhad is the best massage therapy center in Mashhad that offers nine types of massage: Thai massage, stone, head and face massage, Fish massage, bamboo massage, milk and honey massage, Swedish massage, foot massage, and sports massage. Darvishi Hotel Mashhad’s souvenir market, children’s play city, photo studio, swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, halls and conference halls and events, etc., are among the other facilities of Darvishi Hotel Mashhad, which turn the stay into an amazing experience for travelers.

In general, the Darvishi Luxury Hotel has a shopping complex with more than 30 pavilions selling branded and souvenir goods. Hair salons for men and women are available at the hotel. In the Children Photography Atelier, capture special moments of your loved one. They can also play and enjoy themselves at the amusement park. The conference rooms are available for use for birthday celebrations, weddings, parties, and business meetings.

Online Reservation of Mashhad Darvishi Hotel

If you are a traveler, you probably know that one of the most important things to consider is your accommodation to travel safely. For this reason, you can safely travel to Mashhad by making an online reservation at Darvishi Hotel with IranAmaze before you travel, and stay at Darvishi Hotel in the room of your choice. In addition, by viewing the site, you can find out about the special discounts and special offers of the week and experience a more economical trip. You can also read the opinions of other users to make your decision easier. Through iran tours packages you can make a more hassle-free reservation with Iranamaze.

Room Prices of Darvishi Hotel

The price of Darvishi Mashhad hotel rooms starts from 1 million tomans, and for VIP duplex rooms, it continues up to 5 million tomans. Of course, you can get this hotel with a discount in the Rehi Nou reservation system on special occasions and during specific periods of the year.

Rules of Mashhad Darvishi Hotel

Check-in time: 14

Check-out time: 12

According to the hotel rules, the cancellation will be calculated based on the first night’s price.

The admission of single women is unimpeded.

For Iranian citizens, it is mandatory to bring a national ID card and birth certificate.

For foreign travelers, a passport is required upon admission.

The cost of accommodation for children under two years old is free, between 2 and 6 years old half price and over six years old is charged extra.

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