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Maranjab desert

Maranjab Desert and Caravanserai

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Where is Maranjab Caravanserai?

The Marnjab Caravanserai is located in the Marnjab Iran Desert in the Aran o Bidgol county. This caravanserai is one of the attractions of Isfahan province and is located on the side of Marnjab road. This caravanserai was built near Aran o Bidgol salt lake and the salt lake along with Sargardan Island can be seen on the map in the north of the caravanserai.

The city of Aran o Bidgol is located in the southwest of the historical caravanserai of Marnjab with a distance of 48 km. Kashan can be seen in the same direction and at a distance of 64 km from the map. Many people know this building as the Marnjab Desert Caravanserai in Kashan. The distance from Qom to the Marnjab desert and this caravanserai is about 160 km.

If you go from Tehran to the caravanserai and the Marnjab desert, you have to move south. The distance from Tehran to the Marnjab desert and its caravanserai is about 290 km.

Get to Know the Maranjab Desert

Maranjab desert is located in the center of Iran and is one of the most popular desert textures among tourists. Maranjab is located at a reasonable distance from Tehran compared to other deserts in Iran, and for this reason, more desert tours go to this desert. In addition to the characteristics of the route, the climate of this desert has a good temperament and is one of the first choices of desert lovers.

Maranjab sand dunes are one of the attractions of this region and watching them conveys a pleasant peace to human beings. This desert has significant attractions and the most important of them is the historical caravanserai of Marnjab. Marnjab Caravanserai is a historical building that has survived from the Safavid era to the present day and still welcomes travelers as a way home.

Where is Maranjab desert?

Aran o Bidgol salt lake are other places of interest in Marnjab and are located in the north of the caravanserai. Inside this lake, Behnam Island is located as a wandering island and it is like a jewel in the heart of the desert and shows the beauty of this region more than before. In the following, we will introduce you to the historical caravanserai of Marnjab and other attractions of this desert.

Shah Abbas Safavid was very interested in building caravanserais in different parts of Iran and most of the historical caravanserais in Iran were built at the same time. Marnjab Caravanserai also remains from the Safavid era. This building was built in 1012 AH by the order of Shah Abbas so that there would be a residence on the Silk Road for the caravans to rest.

The merchants who were walking along the Silk Road, when they reached this caravanserai, took away the tiredness of the desert, and this ancient building welcomed them. This caravanserai was located on the way from Kashan to the east of Iran, Mashhad and Torbat Heydariyeh, and for this reason it was a resting place for travelers to Khorasan.

For this reason, this building was also known as Maranjab Caravanserai of Torbat Heydariyeh among the travelers of Khorasan, but it is not considered as one of the sights of Torbat Heydariyeh.

In modern times it has long been very unkind to this caravanserai and it was used as an abandoned building as a sheep pen. But in 1978, the Cultural Heritage Organization bought and restored this ancient building. The pavilions of the caravanserai and its other ruins were restored and the building was revived. After the restoration of this building as a historical residence, it has received travelers from the desert.

The Structure of the Historical Caravanserai of Marnjab

Marnjab Caravanserai is the best accommodation and relaxation option for desert lovers to have suitable accommodation in the desert texture of this region. The structure of the caravanserai is built on land with an area of ​​3500 meters and its plan is square. There are booths for the accommodation of travelers in the caravanserai, the number of which reaches 29.

The towers and fortifications have increased the security and at the same time the beauty of this historical caravanserai. It may be hard to believe, but in the vicinity of this cave, there is an aqueduct full of fresh water, and the existence of this gift is the most beautiful contrast that the caravanserai has created with the nature of the desert.

Maranjab caravanserai structure

The presence of freshwater aqueducts in the arid and desert climate of the desert is one of the great advantages of the Marnjab caravanserai and has an extraordinary effect on attracting tourists to this desert. There is also a pond in the southern part of the caravanserai, which was built to quench the thirst of animals.

The Best Time to Tavel to the Marnjab Desert

Maranjab desert has the best climate in winter and autumn and any of these two seasons are a good time to travel to the desert nature. You can experience the mild desert air in autumn, But the Marnjab desert in winter may surprise you with the extreme cold of the night. If you plan to travel to this desert in spring, be sure to leave in the first days of April and before the weather warms up.

Stay in the Marnjab Desert

Marnjab Caravanserai is the best option to stay in during the trip to this desert. In addition to the pleasant tranquility of this stay, you will enjoy the thrilling experience of being in a monument near the Silk Road, as in the past.

Many professional and road-climbing deserters choose the camping method to stay in Marnjab and set up their tents in a part of the desert to feel closer to the uniform nature of the desert. The paved ground in front of the caravanserai is one of the tents for travelers.

Ahmad Marnjab Caravanserai or Camp Ahmad, is located 30 km from the historical Marnjab Caravanserai, and with its amenities, it can be a good option for staying during a trip to the desert.

This camp is located 10 km from Marnjab road and has amenities such as a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Camel riding, stargazing, and safari are among the recreational facilities of Camp Ahmed.

Aran o Bidgol Salt Lake

Aran o Bidgol salt lake is the mirror of the Maranjab desert and it is also known as “Masileh lake”. The lake is more than 600 square kilometers and the Shoor River flows into it. The salt lake of this region is between 5 to 54 meters deep and is one of the main sources of edible salt in Iran. After the rainwater evaporates, the remaining salt deposits form interesting polygons on the surface of the lake, known as “polygons.”

Do not forget that the land around the lake is swampy and if you drive too close to the lake, you will get caught. Therefore, be sure to go to the lake from the route specified by Rahbold. If you are leaving the caravanserai, you have to move north and after reaching the crossroads, choose the northern route.

The Wandering Island

Wandering Island is another attraction of the Marnjab Desert and a popular part of the iran tours of this region. The Island is located in the heart of the salt lake of this desert and around the Marnjab Caravanserai. The island, after rain and covering the surrounding land to a depth of 2 to 5 cm by water, due to visual error and water vibrations, seems to be suspended and wandering. Of course, the presence of a cloud of dust around the island is not ineffective in calling it wandering.

Maranjab Dastkan Well

The Dastkan or Dastkand Well is located 5 km east of the historical caravanserai of Marnjab. The water in this well is fresh and the layers of sand inside it probably play a purifying role and fresh water can be extracted from this well. According to an old belief, this is a sacred well and some believe that they dug this well when the eighth Imam of the Shiites, Imam Reza, was moving from Medina to Mashhad.

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