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Lale Hotel Tehran

Laleh Hotel in Tehran

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Travelers visiting Tehran should consider staying at the Laleh International Hotel Iran, which provides a welcoming environment for families and a number of convenient amenities to make your stay more enjoyable. With a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and free wifi, the rooms at the Laleh Hotel offer considerable ease and convenience. Among the amenities provided at this hotel are room service and a concierge. Your stay will be enhanced even further by an outdoor pool and a complimentary breakfast. Free parking is offered for those arriving by car at Laleh Hotel. Visitors to Laleh Hotel can easily visit many of Tehran’s top well-known attractions due to the close proximity of well-known landmarks.

Introducing the Laleh Hotel in Tehran

Laleh International Hotel was opened in 1971 and was renovated in 1997. This hotel is located in the heart of Tehran, next to Laleh Grand Park, with a very pleasant atmosphere and close to commercial centers. Easy access to highways, tourist attractions, and its location in the heart of Tehran, with the addition of a beautiful view of the Alborz and Damavand mountains, plus the city of Tehran itself, are some of the features of this hotel. Laleh hotel in Tehran has 13 floors and 380 rooms. This hotel is located within the limits of the permanent traffic plan and the even and odd traffic plan of Tehran.

One can write about Laleh Hotel in Tehran for hours. But the first thing that is necessary to talk about is an introduction to the halls of the Laleh Hotel. Laleh Hotel is a five-star hotel with international standards, and its halls are very stylish and luxurious. This choice is because few websites have talked about these halls, excellent for international conferences and meetings. Additionally, introducing these halls can help increase the customers’ knowledge about this hotel’s facilities. Even if visitors are planning to travel to Iran as a part of an Iran tour.

Halls of Laleh International Hotel

1. Sonbol Hall

It is one of the most stylish halls in Tehran for holding weddings, Hanabandan, and similar events. This hall has a wedding room, a table, and all the necessary accessories to hold the most elegant wedding ceremony you can imagine.

The hotel’s facilities are countless for welcoming guests, and the hotel will always have a surprise for the wedding guests. Definitely, the provision of hotel services for the wedding hall is always one step ahead of the demands of the audience and customers, and this definitely has and will have a great impact on the reputation of this hotel.

2. Golzar Hall

It is a hall for holding official ceremonies, speeches, ceremonies related to the closing and opening of various industrial and artistic departments, and holding meetings of company managers. Golzar Hall is a spacious and stylish hall with the possibility of changing the arrangement of seats for various events. This beautiful hall can be rented for wedding ceremonies and the like. Hall chairs for formal events are classic sofa chairs with crimson-colored first-class velvet and golden-colored wood, and they will bring great comfort to the guests during speeches.

Reception in Golzar Hall of Laleh Hotel is self-service, and reception is provided by the hostess. The silverware in the reception area will blow the mind of every viewer. The hotel has left no stone unturned in being stylish.

The lighting of the hall is provided with the help of large chandeliers that are located in the curved frame, and the light design is such that point and diffused light are emitted from the chandelier at the same time, and the hall gets a very beautiful uniform light, which will prevent the audience of your speech from getting tired. Was.

Laleh hotel restaurants in Tehran

1. Laleh Hotel’s Coffee Shop

If you have beenthe to Laleh Hotel coffee shop, you have noticed two sections, one with mat-like chairs and the other with royal furniture. The coffee shop provides comfort facilities at an excellent level for every taste. The pillars of the coffee shop have beautiful patterns and mirror work, which definitely contributed to the sense of the salon’s logo.

2. Namakdun Restaurant

You can definitely see from the entrance of the restaurant that the designer of the restaurant intends to take the viewer to the past. Gujri designs stand out all over the hall. The beauty of the hall will catch the breath of every viewer for the first moments. It really is a wonder why there is no advertisement of this stylish salon anywhere. The motifs on the restaurant doors are very delicately designed and executed. This restaurant with very beautiful architecture is one of the most important reasons for tourists to book the Laleh Hotel in Tehran.

3. Laleh Hotels’ Rotisserie Restaurant

If you love barbecue. Don’t miss Laleh Hotel’s rotisserie. Iranian and Turkish kebabs are cooked in this restaurant. The quality of the barbecue is excellent.

4. Self-Service Restaurant

The Self-Service restaurant can be used for all kinds of events, from weddings and engagements to administrative and official events. The arrangement and design of the hall are very beautiful.

Laleh Hotel Entertainment in Tehran

1. The hotel’s billiard hall is not much different from the halls outside the hotel and does not meet our expectations for an international billiard hall.

2. The hotel’s outdoor swimming pool was also attractive only for children. The handicraft store had strange prices that practically made shopping illogical. But foreign travelers of the hotel were apparently completely satisfied with its products.

3. The original foreign clothing store in the hotel was not attractive either to Iranians or to foreigners.

Rules of Laleh Hotel Tehran:

Check-in time: 15

Check-out time: 12

According to the hotel rules, the cancellation will be calculated based on the first night’s price.

The admission of single women is unimpeded.

For Iranian citizens, it is mandatory to bring a national ID card and birth certificate.

For foreign travelers, a passport is required upon admission.

The cost of accommodation for children under seven years old is free. Children over seven years of age are charged extra.

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