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Koran gate desert

Darvazeh Quran Desert

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In this article, we will momentarily travel to the heart of quicksand and visit the Darvazeh Quran Desert in Yazd to see the desert image through the gate and immerse ourselves in its peace and tranquility for a few moments. We will tell you where the Quran Gate desert is, what facilities it has and what kind of entertainment awaits you there. Join us on this Iran tour and learn more about this fascinating desert.

Why travel to the Darvazeh Quran Desert?

Due to the presence of a wetland in it, it has gained a lot of fame and has a unique view. In terms of appearance, it is one of the most special deserts in Iran and you will not see its example anywhere in the country. Accommodation and recreational camps are active there and provide you with good facilities. You will experience staying in one of the most special desert camps in this desert. and finally, It is a short distance from the city of Yazd and you don’t need to travel a long distance to reach it.

Getting to know more about the Darvazeh Quran Desert

Guran Gate Desert is one of the natural attractions of Yazd province, located near Yazd city. This desert is located at a short distance from the Darvazeh Quran at the entrance of Yazd, and probably, for this reason, they gave it such a name. With a short drive on a dirt road from the entrance of Yazd city, you can reach this desert and enjoy its beauty. Qur’an Gate desert has good facilities for accommodation and recreation, and this has made it one of the most popular deserts in Yazd.

Sights and Entertainment in the Darvazeh Quran Desert

Yazd Wastewater Pond

The most spectacular part of the Darvazeh Quran desert is a wetland created by the release of water from the Yazd sewage treatment plant in the heart of the desert. This wetland is actually a collection of small and large wetlands that have been created between the lowlands and the heights of the sand hills. All kinds of birds and reeds can be seen here, and this wetland is also a watering hole for desert animals. The length of this wetland is about 3 km, its maximum width is 1 km, and its height above sea level is about 1145 meters.

Desert Entertainment:

  • Hiking in the desert
  • Climbing the dunes and taking in the views
  • Spending the night in the desert and watching the night sky
  • Photography of the unique effects of nature
  • Recreations of desert camps
  • Safari
  • Four wheel driving
  • Camel Riding
  • Paraglider and kite games

The Right Time to Visit the Darvazeh Quran Desert

This desert is spectacular in winter and when the weather is clear and cloudless. The Darvazeh Quran desert, the shining heart of the desert. One of our motivations to move away from the city and our homeland and travel to other places is to get away from the fast and noisy city life and experience silence and deep peace. The quiet and peace that helps us rejuvenate to return to our busy daily life. This desire can be achieved by traveling to the desert, the embodiment of silence and peace. Perhaps this is the reason why desert tours have become quite popular in recent years. The destination of many of these desert tours is the deserts around Yazd. One of these deserts is the Darvazeh Quran desert.

Yazd province is one of the parts of Iran that benefit from the beauty of desert nature. The deserts, where the silence, soft sand, unique starry sky, and mysterious nature, steal the heart of every tourist at the very first encounter. Darvazeh Quran Desert is a region that is different from other desert regions. If you are interested in Iran Desert Tours​ and want to know more about one of the most attractive deserts in Iran, contact us or leave a comment below.

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