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Kish Island weather

The Climate of Kish

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The Climate of Kish is one of the frequently asked questions of tourists visiting Kish and its residents. Kish is one of the most beautiful and touristic islands in Iran, which is always the focus of many tourists, and every year many people travel to this beautiful island for vacations and fun. It is one of the essential things that tourists should do before traveling, so in this article, we are going to provide you with general information about Kish’s weather; so if you plan to travel to this island, stay tuned to IranAmaze, where you can also see Iran tours cost for the city.

All About Kish’s Climate

As you know, Iran generally has four different types of climates (in the Iranian meteorology article, we discussed and introduced each of them in detail), and Kish Island is situated in a hot and humid area with a warm climate. It is interesting to know that the average temperature of Kish during the year is about 27 degrees Celsius, it should also be noted that the amount of rain on Kish Island is very low, but despite this, this island is beautiful. It has a very humid climate, the reason for this is the presence of the Persian Gulf, the vertical radiation of the sun, and as a result, the high rate of water evaporation in this area. If you do not have to travel to this beautiful island, it is better to postpone your trip to the cooler seasons and avoid traveling in the hot seasons of Kish.

Kish’s Weather In Different Seasons

If you are planning to travel to the beautiful island of Kish, before choosing the travel time, you should get general information about the weather conditions of this island on different days of the year and determine the time of your trip according to this information, in this section of the article. We will analyze the weather of Kish according to the seasons, so stay with us.

The Weather of Kish in Spring

In the spring season, the climate of Kish is affected by the monsoon winds that blow from the northwest side of the island; the intensity of these winds is mild and sometimes moderate and has a significant effect on balancing the climate of the island. In general its warm, windy and lovely with pretty cool nights.

Kish weather in spring

As we move away from winter and get closer to summer, the temperature of the island increases, and naturally, we see an increase in air humidity. Still, in general, it can be said that during the spring season, Kish Island has a balanced climate, and For this reason, many tourists choose the beginning of this season, April, to travel on Kish tour.

The Weather of Kish in Summer

In the summer, the climate of Kish Island is influenced by the monsoon winds that blow from the northwest of the island. This season is actually the hottest season on the island throughout the year; it is good to know that in this season, we see an increase in temperature and humidity, and At the end of summer, the air humidity reaches a level that may be annoying for tourists and even residents of this island, so avoid traveling to Kish during the summer season, especially in August.

The Weather of Kish in Autumn

With the beginning of the autumn season on Kish Island, the temperature and humidity of the air decrease to a great extent, and as we go towards winter, we see a more balanced climate on this island; of course, keep in mind that the temperature and humidity of the air gradually decreases.

Kish weather in autumn

So for traveling to Kish, it is better to choose the last months of the autumn season so that you can explore the island in very mild and favorable weather. We are on Kish Island during monsoon and floods.

The Weather of Kish in Winter

The beautiful and touristic island of Kish has spring weather and is very mild in the winter season. It is interesting to know that in the winter season, the humidity of the air in Kish reaches its minimum level; for this reason, this season is a perfect time to travel to this island.

The Best Time to Travel to Kish in Terms of Weather

As mentioned in the previous sections, the weather on the beautiful island of Kish is balanced from late autumn to early spring. Tourists who travel on Kish tour during the mentioned time period can experience a comfortable trip to this island, so If you also plan to travel to Kish and see all the sights of Kish, it is better to choose the time of your trip between early January and late April so as not to witness the annoying humidity and heat.

To conclude and summarize the climate of Kish Island is warm and dry. The average temperature on Kish Island is 17.7 degrees Celsius (64.7 degrees Fahrenheit). The weather on Kish Island is typical of the Iranian coastline. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are mild and dry.

The weather in Kish Island in the winter is usually warm or mild with a few rainfalls all season. Although At times the temperatures may fall below the freezing point. The weather in Kish Island in the spring is usually warm, dry, and sunny. The average temperature ranges from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F).

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