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Photo of Kish amusement park

Kish Recreational Pier

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Kish is known as Iran’s Costa del Sol a charming island that, that in the last 50 years has developed into a seaside resort where guests can swim, shop, and experience a relaxed and comparatively unrestricted local way of life. Kish is a popular domestic destination, particularly in the winter when it’s rather bitterly cold on the mainland and pleasantly mild and warm on the Island. Although domestically popular foreign visitors to Kish tend to overlook it. However other than the vast recreational sites like the one we will talk about in this article and the local cultural sites, kish provides a different viewpoint on the diversity of Iran.

Where is the address of the Kish amusement park?
Kish amusement park is located at the end of Darya street. The address of this pier is so straightforward that anyone you ask will show you the way by hand.
What is marina entertainment?
All kinds of sports and recreational activities are at your disposal at Kish Marina. These activities include fishing, swimming, boating, diving, ballooning, shuttle and banana rides, and many other activities. check out Kish weather to see when the best time to travel to kish is for you.

why should you go there?

Take the sea boulevard and go to its end; the blue view of the sea will gradually appear before your eyes, you will hear the sound of seagulls, and you will see fishermen who are waiting for their hooks to move by the shore. The project of the Kish recreational pier was started in 2005, and later the second phase was added to it so that the whole complex will reach 437 meters in length and an area of ​​almost ten thousand meters.
Anyone who has gone to Kish for fun has probably made their way to the Kish Jinn Castle and the recreational pier. But the best thing is to go to Kish Marina twice. Once during the day, sit under one of the beach umbrellas and stare at the azure blue of the Persian Gulf, and once at night, walk freely on the beach away from the intense sunlight.
In addition to walking, boating, fishing, diving, and all kinds of marine activities are possible at this pier. In fact, this pier was primarily built for the use of travelers and tourists, and it has no other use except for entertainment.

Kish pleasure pier

What entertainments are available at the Kish amusement park?

The first and perhaps the most enjoyable thing to do in this magical place is to walk on the beach and watch the sunset. This pier has extremely clear water. That’s why when you walk by the water, if you have your eyes on the sea, you will probably see a variety of colorful fish and giant turtles. Of course, this is not the only entertainment on the pier. There are so many facilities and recreation at Kish Marina that you will need a few days to try them all.

Cycling Road

Biking on the pier is one of the tourist attractions of Kish and one of the experiences that you should not miss. The pleasure of breathing the clean sea air, feeling the salty sea breeze on your face, and watching the view of the pier that quickly passes by you, are all feelings you get while riding a bicycle on the pier.

Cycling Road

Glass-bottom Boats

As mentioned, the water of the Persian Gulf around the pier is very clear. For this reason, if you choose to go to the sea with one of the glass-bottomed boats on the pier, in addition to the sea floor, you can watch all kinds of colorful marine animals.
Don’t forget your camera; a beautiful selfie with southern fishes will record the memory of this sweet day in your mind. You can cruise on the sea for one hour, and besides the great weather and excitement of boating, you can also see all kinds of sea creatures up close.

Glass bottom boat


Are you not afraid of heights and want some excitement? So be sure to take a hot air balloon ride on the Kish pleasure pier and see the blue sea and the sky from above. Before you get on the balloon, the relevant official will give you the necessary training. The good news is that the balloon itself is equipped with a camera, and after you get off, you can watch or print your photos from the photo and video booth.
What’s more exciting than riding a balloon, while you don’t know where you will land on the island an hour later! Sometimes, due to the wind, you may have to drive back from the hot air balloon ride. Of course, you should know that balloon rides cost about 300,000 tomans per person (in the spring of 1400); But you will probably have this experience once, and it is totally worth it. Balloon riding is an exciting pastime like the Kish amusement park.



You’ve probably seen a lot of flyboarding photos and videos on the internet. A surfboard-like surface with high-pressure tubes underneath. You will fly in the sky with water pressure, and for 20 minutes, you can experience the feeling of being an iron man.

If you are looking for excitement and performance of spectacular movements between the earth and the sky, be sure to spend 260 thousand tomans (in the spring of 1400) and get the fly board ticket. Before you start the game, the instructor will give you the necessary training in 5 minutes, and after that, it is up to you to make all your flight dreams come true.
Of course, a photographer will come with you to take pictures of you during the flight. After your 20 minutes are up, you can view the photos and print any you want. Also, keep in mind that you must know how to swim and wear a life jacket to use a flyboard.

fly board


Another unique experience that awaits you at Kish Marina is diving. To dive into the waters of the Persian Gulf, you first take a 45-minute boat ride away from the island. Then the diving instructor will give you the necessary explanations, and you can go to the wonderful world under the sea.

To see beautiful coral reefs and colorful creatures living in them, you have to go about 8 meters underwater. Of course, the good news is that you don’t need to swim for this, and the diving instructor will accompany you all the way and take care of you. Another good news is that all the necessary equipment for diving will be provided for you and you only need to bring a towel and comfortable clothes. The whole experience takes about 2 hours and costs 195 thousand tomans per person in spring 1400.

You can also go pearl diving in Kish. Kish Island has always been renowned for the excellence of its pearls throughout the world. Even when Marco Polo was traveling to China, on noticing and admiring the pearls worn by a wife of the emperor, he was informed that they were from the Island of Kish.


Pedal Boats

A four-seater pedal boat is one of the other facilities available at the Kish marina. The main difference between this boat and the glass bottom boats is the relaxation you experience while pedaling. On the pedal boat, there is only the sound of water and seagulls. You will never have this peace with motor boats.
Therefore, if you are tired of the excitement of ballooning and flyboarding and want to be alone with nature, a pedal boat is the best option for you. It is enough to buy a boat ticket for 80 thousand tomans (in the spring of 1400) and enjoy the sea. In addition, you can stop pedaling for a few minutes in the middle of the sea and add the feeling of floating on the sea water to your unforgettable experiences.

pedal boat

Jet Ski

Jet ski is for people who love speed and excitement. The strong jet skis of Kish amusement park will take you to the heart of the sea with the utmost speed and safety so that you can enjoy the feeling of the water particles hitting your face and the strong wind and high speed.
The length of time you want to continue your sea tour with a jet ski is entirely up to you. Naturally, the longer you stay on the water, the more you have to pay. The minimum time to use a jet ski is 15 minutes, which will cost you 195 thousand tomans (in spring 1400).

jet ski


Fishing is one of the activities that introverts enjoy. If you have a free day in your itinerary and you want solitude and peace, you can go to the beach with a sun hat and a good book.
Don’t worry that you didn’t bring the fishing hook and other fishing accessories with you. You can rent all these items from the counters on the beach.


What are the best months to visit Kish’s recreational pier?

When the weather is cold, rainy, and snowy in other parts of the country, it’s time to pack your bags and go to the beautiful island of Kish. December to late February is the best time to travel to the south of the country and Kish Island. At any time of the day and night, you want to enter the Kish marina.
In fact, there is no cost to enter the pier, but you have to pay separate fees for different entertainment and the use of various facilities. If you need equipment for fishing, you can easily rent whatever you want inside the pier. visit Travel to Iran with IranAmaze for more infromation.

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