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Jet Ski Rental Guide in Kish

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Jet skiing in Kish is a popular and booming sport in Kish, which brings you a different experience from surfing. An experience both full of exciting and adrenaline and simultaneously quite relaxing. Accessing Jet-skis in Kish is not a difficult task, because you can easily rent your jet ski and enjoy it by going to one of the aquatic entertainment clubs, which there are quite a lot of on the island.

Of course, in order to use Kish Jet-skis, there are some things that domestic tour tourists and enthusiasts should know and follow. The first point is to take a set of suitable clothes with you as much as possible to use the Kish jet ski. Usually, Kish tour tourists know that they should bring extra clothes when they travel to the beaches of this island for water activities.

Men can use their personal swimsuits, as long as they have long legs. Otherwise, they can use the swimsuits provided by the clubs. It is important to mention that women should also keep their ‘hijab’. Of course, there are windbreakers for women, so that they can use them while riding the Kish Jet Ski, but this does not mean that it is mandatory to use them, and it is to prevent their clothes from getting wet.

But despite using a windbreaker, their clothes will still get a little wet. The next thing is to choose an aquatic club because each of the clubs has engines, prices, and services that are different from each other, which Kish tour tourists can rent according to their mood. Of course, you can use the special discounts of airline agencies to save money. Because some agencies offer Kish jet ski tickets at a much lower price than the club tickets.

jet skis

Kish Island Jet-Ski Terms of use

Most of the jet ski clubs in Kish have changing rooms that have clothes storage closets and bathrooms, and Kish tour tourists can use them. So don’t worry about getting dirty or sandy, because you can use the built-in showers after a vigorous ride. If you go to Kish jet ski with your family or friends as a group, you should know that according to the rules, you cannot rent more than one jet ski.

You might say to yourself that this way, riding a jet ski is not fun and it’s all about being in a group, but that’s where you’re wrong. Because in this situation, the probability of accidents and accidents increases with each other. Because of such heartbreaking incidents, clubs do not rent more than one car to families or groups. All Kish jet skis are usually two-seater and in very few cases three-seater.

Of course, those interested and tourists of Kish tour who have high weight should use jet ski individually according to the rules of the clubs and in order to prevent any possible accident.

Jet-ski conditions:

  1. Each family can rent one jet-ski
  2. Over-wight people must rent a jet-ski on their own
  3. Read and fill out the Jet-ski rent form
  4. Complete training must be done
  5. Jet-Ski riding must be in the area within the club limit with the prescribed speed.
  6. Avoiding hazardous motion.
  7. considering 100 meters distance from each float object and waterfront.
  8. Reduce speed nearby shore.
  9. At the reversal time drop steering
  10. In case of an accident drop the pedal gas and turn around to another side and do not use the hand brake.
  11. Do not pass in front of other Jet-skies and just pass at the back of them
Jet ski conditions

Rules and Cost of Using Kish Jet Skis

The minimum age for Kish Jet ski clients is 20 years old and the authorities prevent children from riding. Because at high speeds or fast detours, they are more likely to have an accident than adults. Of course, teenagers can ride the motorbikes with a family member or friend, as long as an adult is in charge of the jet ski.

But if he is alone, he can enjoy riding the waves with the instructors present in Kish Jet ski clubs. After buying the Kish Jet Ski ticket, you Kish tour passengers are required to sign the motor rental contract form and you must act according to the rules stated in it. You must also hand over a valid identification document such as a national card or a sum of one hundred thousand tomans as a pledge to the club official.

Because you are responsible in case of damage and you have to do the necessary repairs. Of course, it should be noted that damages caused by technical defects are not included in this issue. You can also see below a list of rules related to Kish jet skis

  • Paying special attention to the jet ski instructor’s training and fully complying with the given training.
  • Drive the jet ski only within the limits and speeds specified by the club and avoid entering the limits of other clubs and separate vessels.
  • Failure to perform any acrobatic and dangerous maneuvers, including jumping on the spot. (If you do, you will be required to pay a fine).
  • Observing a distance of 100 meters from any floats, docks, and obstacles in order to prevent accidents.
  • Reduce your speed when going away from or approaching the shore, as well as going around. Going around at a high speed will cause the passenger to lose his balance and pull you into the water before the jet ski turns and overturn the jet.
  • When the jet ski is left and overturned, remove your hand from the steering handle and allow the jet ski to automatically return to its original position. Then ride from the back of the jet ski. If you do not let go of the steering wheel of the jet ski, you will cause water to enter the jet ski engine.
  • If you suddenly see any float or obstacle, in order to avoid an accident, just take your hand off the gas and turn the steering wheel of the jet ski completely to one side. Never confuse the throttle with the brake. If you make this mistake, not only will you not brake, but you will hit your jet with full force into the float in front of you and cause a very unfortunate accident.
  • If you see a float moving in front of you, avoid passing in front of it and you should always pass behind it.
  • If a jet ski or a float is approaching you and you don’t notice, be sure to stop.
  • Wearing a life jacket is mandatory.
  • Do not attempt to pass in front of or beside, pass behind, or go around other jet skis or floats under any circumstances.
  • If while riding a jet ski, you see another jet that has left and its passengers have fallen into the water, do not approach them under any circumstances, because there is no need to provide help from your side, and the officials and trainers of the club, in They are currently monitoring and controlling, and in case of an accident, they will take immediate action. Tourists of the Kish tour can experience Kish jet ski while traveling to this beautiful island and create a memorable trip for themselves.

It should be noted that the cost of jet skiing on Kish Island is about 450 to 500 thousand tomans depending on the time chosen by the tourists.

using Kish Jet Ski

Jet ski rental price in Kish and its types

Jet ski with 700cc engine

  • One hour 200,000 tomans
  • 100,000 tomans for half an hour
  • Quarter-hour 75.000 tomans

Jet ski with 1400cc engine

  • One hour 120.000 tomans
  • 60,000 tomans for half an hour
  • Quarter-hour 30.000 tomans

Jet ski with 1400cc engine

  • One hour 140.000 tomans
  • 70,000 tomans for half an hour
  • Quarter-hour 35.000 tomans

You can find Jet-skis in all types of Iran tours and for the best prices.

Jet ski rental price in Kish

Hotels near Kish Jet Skis

  • Ana Hotel Kish
  • Kish Rayan Ghaem Hotel
  • Sadaf Hotel Kish
  • Helia Hotel Kish
  • Goldis Hotel Kish
  • Lotus Hotel Kish
  • Sorinet Maryam Hotel Kish
  • Kish Arian Hotel
  • Kish Panorama Hotel
  • Phoenix Hotel Kish
  • Pars Nik Hotel Kish
  • Kish Iran Hotel
  • Gambron Hotel Kish
  • Kish Aramesh Hotel

Duration of Jet Ski rental in Kish

The main rental time for jet skis is 15 minutes. You may think that 15 minutes is too short, but when you go on the water, you will realize that 15 minutes is the perfect time to use a jet ski.
Also, you can add the duration of being on the water and pay more for the fare. Another thing that affects the cost of a jet ski is the power of the jet ski engine, the higher the power, the faster you will experience and the higher the cost.

One of the things that you might think about while reading this text is buying a jet ski. Jet skis have various prices.
You can get a jet ski from the cheapest to the most expensive price, but our suggestion is that considering the high cost of buying a jet ski, it is better to rent it for a few hours whenever you travel to Kish.

 jet ski rental in Kish

Other places Near Kish Jet Skis

  • Kish Zoo (Akhavan Park)
  • Kish International Airport
  • Flyboards
  • Kish Glider School
  • Recreational Fishing in Kish
  • Kish Beach Volleyball Sports Complex
  • Park Cable Ski Aquacom
  • Kish Cycling Route
  • Kish Green Fig Tree
  • Venus Kish Shopping Center
  • Kish’s Maryam Bowling
  • Kish’s Castle of Terror

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