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International airport of the beautiful island of Kish

Kish International Airport Guide

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Kish Island can be considered an Iranian version of the Hawaiian Islands. Due to its unique beauty, this island is one of the main tourist destinations in Iran, which attracts not only domestic travelers but also a large number of foreign tourists. One of the main issues we have encountered on our best Iran tours packages is the distance between Kish and the capital, Tehran. For this reason, most travelers who plan to fly to Kish are looking for Kish plane tickets and Kish airport information. In this guide, we have explained everything you need about Kish airport and Kish flight information.

What are the foreign flight destinations of Kish?

Dubai and Muscat.

What are the most important amenities of Kish airport?

Special ceremonial facilities and services, medical services, banking services, parking, transportation services, restaurants and coffee shops, etc. are among the convenience services of Kish airport.

What is the address and contact number of Kish airport?

Address of Kish Airport: Hormozgan, Kish Island, Kish International Airport
Flight information: 199
Call center: 076-44443200 and 076-44443300

History of Kish Airport

Perhaps it is natural for most of us that Kish Island is one of the most beautiful and main tourist destinations in Iran, but this island has not always been like this! In fact, until 1349, Kish Island was just an island in the south of the country and was not very important. Until 1349, a delegation of Iranian and American experts visited this island on the order of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and had discussions and discussions about expanding and turning it into a tourist destination.
The features of this island, which were still pristine and untouched until then, provided a great potential to turn it into a tourist destination. According to the same procedure, construction and beautification operations started in it until finally in 1356, Kish airport was officially and publicly opened. Also, in 1373, Kish airport was equipped with flight lights at night so that night flights of Kish could also start.

Kish Airport Information

If you want to know a little more about Kish airport, be sure to read this section:

  • Kish airport has an area of ​​nine million square meters.
  • The height of the airport is 31 meters above sea level.
  • This airport has four separate terminals.
  • The area of ​​internal terminals is 9500 square meters and the area of ​​external terminals is 4000 square meters.
  • Kish airport has two parallel runways, its length is 3650 meters and its width is 45 meters.

Kish Airport Terminals

Kish airport is used for both domestic and international flights, and separate terminals have been built for each of these flights. As you can see in the photos, these terminals are really admirable in terms of beauty and cleanliness.
Domestic flights have a special terminal that is open from 6 am to 12 pm and welcomes passengers.
The airport has two separate terminals for international flights. Terminal number one is used for outgoing flights and terminal number two is used for incoming flights.

Kish Airport Flight Destinations

Flight destinations of Kish beautiful island international airport

Kish Airport has flights to 22 different destinations in total, of which 20 are domestic destinations and two are foreign destinations.

The domestic destinations of the airport are:

  • Tehran
  • Shiraz
  • Mashhad
  • Esfahan
  • Bandar Abbas
  • Kerman
  • Ahvaz
  • Tabriz
  • Yazd
  • Hamedan
  • Bushehr
  • Rasht
  • Kermanshah
  • Sari
  • Kashan
  • Gorgan
  • Jam
  • Honey
  • Orumieh
  • Sanandaj

The foreign destinations of the airport are:

  • Dubai
  • Muscat (the capital of Oman)

Airlines operating at Kish International Airport

  • Kish Air
  • Iran Airtour Airlines
  • Ata Airlines
  • Caspian Airlines
  • Iran Air
  • Aseman Airline
  • Caron Airlines
  • Mahan airways
  • Meraj Airlines
  • Qeshm Airlines
  • Sepahran Airlines
  • Taban Airlines
  • Zagros Airlines

Is Hondurabi airport also a part of Kish airport?

In 2016, a small airport was established on Hondurabi Island, which is also called Hondurabi Airport. In fact, this airport is one of the subcategories of Kish International Airport. Previously, travel to Hondurabi was only possible by sea, but now sea and air travel to Hondurabi Island is possible.

Information about Hondurabi airport

  • Area: 9 thousand square meters
  • Runway length: 1630 meters
  • Height above sea level: 22 meters

Kish Airport Amenities

Since many passengers travel to Kish every year by air in different seasons of the year, this airport has provided facilities and services to serve all its guests in the best way. In this section, we will review the amenities of Kish airport.

1- VIP Lounge

One of the most special and luxurious services that Kish Airport offers is its dedicated ceremonial lounge (VIP/CIP Lounge). Passengers can make the necessary arrangements to use the facilities of the ceremonial stand before their arrival at the airport. So, what exactly are the special facilities and services of the Kish airport special ceremony place?

  • You can board a special car directly from the steps of the plane and go directly to the stand so that instead of wasting time at the airport, you can rest and treat yourself if needed!
  • You can leave the airport for traffic matters such as getting a flight ticket or handing over your belongings to the staff of the formalities desk and relax yourself.
  • Instead of using the public inspection gate in those long queues, you can use the special gates located at the ceremonial stand.

You can contact the following numbers for coordination and special locations of Kish airport:

  • Landline: 076-44440030
  • Mobile phone number of the internal manager of the special ceremony place: 09037371404

2- Kish Airport Medical Services

In the inbound terminal section of Kish airport, an emergency unit is active 24/7 and ready to help passengers. In addition, an ambulance is stationed in the emergency unit to transport patients to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible.

3- Kish Airport Bank Branches

The only bank that has a branch at Kish airport is National Bank and this branch is located in the domestic flight arrival terminal. But other banks have ATMs, even though they don’t have any branches at the airport. We have brought you the list of Kish airport ATMs:

  • Sepah Bank
  • Saman Bank
  • agricultural Bank
  • Tejarat Bank
  • Mellat Bank
  • Saderat bank
  • Ansar Bank
  • City Bank
  • Capital Bank
  • Bank D
  • Post Bank of Iran

Altogether, Kish airport has 11 ATMs and most of these machines are in the domestic flight halls.

4- Transportation Services

More than 700 taxis are stationed at Kish airport and are ready to provide services to passengers. In addition to taxis, there is also a car rental office at the domestic flight arrivals terminal where you can rent a self-driving car for yourself.
If you encounter any problems while using taxis or rented cars, call 141.

5- Kish airport parking lot

As we told you before, Kish airport receives a large amount of passengers everyday, and many of these people have private cars and therefore need parking. Don’t worry about this, because Kish airport has three large public parking lots:

  • Parking lot number one: This parking lot is located in front of the flight control tower and the domestic flight terminal and is equipped with a shade and a car wash. The capacity of parking lot number one is 134 cars and its area is five thousand square meters.
  • Parking lot number two: This parking lot is next to the police station of the airport and for this reason, it is considered the most suitable parking lot in terms of security. The capacity of parking lot number two is 250 cars and its area is six thousand square meters.
  • Parking lot number three: This parking lot is next to the airport police station. The capacity of parking lot number three is 100 cars and its area is three thousand square meters.

6- Restaurants and Coffee Shops

For travelers who feel thirsty or hungry or need a place to spend time, Kish airport restaurant and coffee shop is ready to serve. Kish airport restaurant and coffee shop is in the departure terminals.

Kish Airport Contact Information

If you need to contact the airport’s public relations or Kish airport management for any reason, you can use the following numbers. We have also listed the address and postal code of the airport for you.
Flight information: 199
Call center: 076-44443200 and 076-44443300
Kish Airport General Manager office phone number: 076-44443300
General Manager’s office fax number: 076-44443329
Address of Kish Airport: Hormozgan, Kish Island, Kish International Airport

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