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Water sports in Kish

Best Things to Do and See in Kish

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What are the aquatic recreational activities of Kish?

In addition to resting and sightseeing in Kish shopping centers, tourists have a list of diverse and attractive entertainments that promise pleasant and memorable times. The water and sea activities of this island, which are performed under the supervision of a number of water clubs and complexes, gain many fans in the warm months of the year. Among these entertainments, we can mention parasailing, shuttle riding, diving, Kish VIP sea tours, submarine scooter diving, flyboarding, banana boat riding, paddle boarding, Jet skiing, visiting the Kish Ocean Water Park, and many more included in the best Iran tours packages.

Marine entertainment

All Kinds of Water Sports on Kish Island


Parasailing is a type of water recreation where enthusiasts are connected to a motor boat through an umbrella with a 150-meter long rope. When the boat moves fast on the water, you will gradually fly in the sky and you will experience the height of excitement in the blue sky and on the clear waters of the Persian Gulf. It is possible to use the parasail umbrella for one person, two people, and three people (two adults and one child or two children and one adult). The whole duration of this experience is about one hour, the flight time at the peak will be between 6 and 7 minutes, and you will go up to a height of 150-300 meters. This recreation can be used by men and women, for this purpose you should visit Marjan Beach, Simorgh Beach, Marina Beach, and Damon Beach.

Parasailing in Kish

Shuttle (Tube) Riding

The fun of the shuttle is that you sit on a tube and the speedboat pulls you onto the surface of the water. The shuttle cannot be used by one person there must be at least two people, and people 6 years old and above can use the shuttle with the consent of their parents. The duration of using the shuttle is about 15 minutes.


Diving is one of the best water activities in Kish that tourists can use all year round. There are many educational and recreational diving centers in Kish, which have turned this island into the country’s diving hub. Undoubtedly, swimming with the fish and marine animals of Kish will make you an unforgettable experience, and even if you don’t know how to swim, you can enter the water with an instructor and the necessary equipment. Men and women with similar conditions can use this recreation; Only women’s diving is done with a separate boat and a female instructor. The total duration of diving from the time of boarding the boat and going back is 1.5 hours, and you will be underwater for 15 minutes.


Submarine Scooter Diving

The submarine scooter is one of the most exciting water activities on the island, which offers you the possibility of traveling to the depths of the Persian Gulf and watching the underwater world and the colorful fish of the Persian Gulf. A scooter is a type of diving, except that with the help of a submarine engine, you can move 10 meters underwater with the help of an instructor. The minimum age to use the submarine scooter is 12 years and the minimum height is 150 cm for men and women. The submarine scooter is for one person and you don’t need to know how to swim for this fun.


A flyboard is a device that keeps you suspended in the air by connecting to a jet ski. Also, by pumping water, it allows you to perform dramatic movements and dive, and as a result, you can experience the joy and excitement between the sky and the waters of the island. This entertainment is suitable for people over 18 years of age (women and men), and takes 20 minutes. Flyboarding is a very simple pastime, the first five minutes of which are dedicated to brief instruction.

Banana Boat Ride

Banana is another water sport where you ride banana tubes (in the shape of a banana) and then move on the surface of the sea by speedboats at a very high speed. This group water sport is exhilarating and at least four and a maximum of eight people can use it in 15 minutes.

The difference between a banana and a shuttle is in its tube shape, which resembles a banana. The shuttle also has various types of sofas and mattresses and is suitable for two to four people; Although you must be at least four people to use the banana.


Paddleboarding is one of the most different water activities in Kish that thrill-seekers should not miss! A paddle board is a solid board that people put their feet on and then move on to the water.

Paddleboarding is one of the most diverse and cheapest entertainments in Kish. These boards are suitable for all types of weight and can be used simultaneously with your child. Women can also benefit from it by wearing special clothes.

Paddleboarding is one of the cheap marine activities on the island, and the instructor will give you the necessary training to do it first. This fun takes an hour and by wearing a life jacket, your safety will be guaranteed.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is one of the exciting entertainments of traveling to coastal cities such as Kish Island, which gives you the experience of speed and maneuvering on the sea. Each jet ski can carry two people and can be used by men and women; Although people over 100 kg must ride alone.

Water Skiing

You can experience water skiing or cable skiing at the first water skiing site in the Middle East on Kish Island. This place is equipped with changing room and shower, starting platform, training room, and special sports equipment store, restaurant, and coffee shop. It is possible for 12 people to ski at the same time in Kish Cable Ski, which you will learn from the instructor at the beginning.

In addition to water skiing with an electric cable (cable skiing), it is also possible to do water skiing with a boat on the island. In this type of skiing, you are connected to a motor boat with a rope; But in cable skiing, you connect with the cable to the towers in the cable skiing park, which costs more than skiing with a boat.

Water skiing


Kiteboarding is a combination of paragliding and water skiing, with which you can move on the surface of water and waves. In this fun, you have to ride on a ski board, while you are connected to a kite, and then you will be suspended in the air for a few moments. Kite has the role of sail and the board has the task of floating the athlete on the water.

A Private Sea Tour

On the sea tour, you can use a private boat with a captain and enjoy the beautiful Persian Gulf. The experience of fishing with a gun and freediving is also very exciting, which is possible in the sea patrol. Sea patrol can be booked for one, two, three, four, and five hours. Many people use this opportunity to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc., to create an unforgettable event for their loved ones with balloons, cakes, music, photos, and videos.

Kish Ocean Water Park

Ocean Kish Water Park is the largest outdoor water park in Iran and the only outdoor water park for women, which offers you an attractive experience of wonderful water recreation thanks to its relaxing pools, saunas, and jacuzzis. Interestingly, Ocean Water Park is the only water park in the country with surfing facilities. This water park has a heating system for cold seasons, and therefore, even in cool weather, you can enjoy it and watch the beautiful sunset of Kish from this place. Some of the recreational parts of this place include Pichalup, Dingle, Rally Ride, massage and spa, etc.

Ocean Water Park is the only outdoor water park for women in the country

Ocean Water Park

Children’s area, numerous restaurants, and coffee shops, free round-trip transportation from specific origins, etc. are among the facilities of this park. The Ocean Park store provides you with all the necessary products, including towels, slippers, sunscreen, etc., along with items such as toys, bags, hats, souvenirs, etc., to buy lovely souvenirs from this trip.

Kish Beaches

The presence of men’s and women’s beaches in Kish gives you the opportunity to freely swim and sunbathe. An experience that is possible for women in a few parts of Iran. On these beaches, facilities such as water showers, beach beds, and canopies, stalls selling swimming and sanitary equipment, changing rooms, lifeguards, massages, restrooms, food buffets, etc. have been considered.

In addition, the use of volleyball, handball, and beach soccer fields, and sea activities (jet skiing, sailing boats, water skiing, diving, and rowing boats) indicate pure moments.


Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy this fascinating activity in most parts of Kish Island. However, those tourists who are looking for professional fishing should use the numerous fishing clubs on the coast of the island, such as the Kish Sea Grouper Fishing Club and the Marina Fishing Club, which provide them with the necessary equipment. In these centers, it is possible to fish on the beach as well as in a boat. Since the beaches of the island are clean and have complete security, you can go fishing without any worries.

Early morning and evening hours, when the temperature is a little cooler, are the best times for fishing in Kish. In addition, between four and seven in the morning, the seawater rises and tourists can easily catch a large number of fish.


Boat Riding

For boating in Kish, you can use different types of pedal boats, motor boats, rowing boats, VIP furnished pleasure boats, etc. Choose according to your interest. Pedal boats are suitable for those who prefer to watch the waves of the landscape at a slower pace.

Non-Water Activities in Kish

Non-water activities in Kish consist of a wide range of activities suitable for children and adults. If you happen to be in Kish and want to get your adrenaline pumping, don’t miss bungee jumping, free jumping, gyrocopter, and Kish Castle of Terror.

Visiting Dolphin Park, Kish Escape Room (Mystery Land), Highland Amusement Park, Fun Club Amusement Park, Theme Park Center, as well as using massage, spa and Turkish bath and hop-on, hop-off bus, and island tour are other entertainments that are possible. There is their experience in traveling to Kish.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the exciting activities of Kish, which is done with two platforms of 40 and 60 meters; But only those who have the experience of using the 40-meter platform can try the higher platform. In this fun, you free fall from the platform to the ground with a spring rope, which is safe fun in every sense due to the observance of safety principles. Gravity Club is the only bungee jumping center in Kish.

You can also experience free jumping on the mat in this club, which is done from a height of 3 to 12 meters, and the weight allowed to use it is 20 to 120 kg. You have to pay a different fee for one jump or two jumps on the mat.

Bungee jumping in Kish

Flying on a Gyrocopter

Kish Gyrocopter is one of the best options for a safe and fun flight experience over the sights of Kish and the Persian Gulf. A gyrocopter or recreational helicopter is a combination of a helicopter and an airplane, which has a capacity for only two people and includes a pilot and a passenger. The duration of its use is about 12 minutes.

Castle of Horror

Besides the entertainments that lead to water and sea, don’t neglect other entertainments such as Kish Horror Castle and don’t miss its fear and excitement. The horror castle has a 100-meter completely dark path where a guide accompanies you with a flashlight. Interestingly, here, photos are taken of you inconspicuously, which you can buy at the end of your choice. Castle of Horror is held in three sessions, which are intended for people under 14 years old, medium session, and full action session for brave people.

Visiting the Dolphin Park

The Dolphin Park, with its unique natural environment, houses marine mammals such as penguins, porpoises, sea lions, dolphins, sea cats, sea lions, etc. One of the attractions of this place are animals and dolphins trained by experienced Iranian trainers who surprise every viewer with their performances and rhythmic movements.

When visiting Kish Dolphin Park, visit the bird garden and enjoy watching birds such as gray and white pelicans, black-footed penguins, crested terns, golden pheasants, etc.

Dolphin Park

Visiting the Highland Amusement park

this Fun amusement park, located in the Kurosh Brand Center market, has created the possibility of entertainment for different age groups with more than 65 different games. In this place, you can make the most of the Jet ski and space engine simulator, children’s happy train, virtual reality, racing engine, bumper cars, playground, bowling, etc.

Theme Park Center Kish

Kish Center Theme Park, with an area of about 3,200 meters, has been operating since 1400 and includes two Jurassic Parks and Magic Park. In the Magic Park theme, you will encounter a collection of animated prehistoric animals that will appeal to every child and teenager.

This park consists of different parts; Such as the 3D paintings section, mirrors section, selfie room, upside down rooms, perspective room, wall bedroom, and black light section which are worth visiting. Those interested can use the free round trip transfer.

Massage, Spa, and Turkish Bath

With massage and Turkish and Moroccan baths, you can relieve fatigue and muscle cramps and give your body relaxation. Massage centers are active in some Kish hotels such as Vida, Kourosh, Parmida, Lian Rose Massage Center, and Shayegan Women’s Club. In these centers, you can use all kinds of massages, such as Royal Swedish massage, hot stone massage, relaxation massage, Swedish back massage, foot massage, facial cleansing and massage, sports massage, and slimming massage.

Kish Escape Room

Kish escape room offers you a world of fun, puzzle, and adventure for an hour. This game is suitable for groups of three to six people, and after being in a closed room with locked doors, you have to find a way to escape the room by solving the game’s puzzles.

Hop-on, hop-off tourist Busses

The Hop-on Hop-off bus is an open-top double-decker bus that allows you to tour the island and visit tourist attractions. Buses work in such a way that by buying a ticket, you can board and use the bus as many times as you want during its validity. The working hours of these buses are from 9 am to 10 pm.

Hop-on and hop-off bus stations are located in different parts of the city allowing you to easily visit the attractions of the Island. Some of the most notable of these attractions include the entertainment pier, Damon market, Kariz underground city, Harireh Ancient City, Mirmohana Pier, the Greek Ship, Marina beach, Marjan beach, etc.

Bike Riding

The Kish cycling route is 75 km long, which is considered one of the longest and of course the best cycling routes in the country. This track goes almost a full circle around the island and it takes about two to three hours to ride a bike. The Kish cycling route passes through parks, coastal beaches, Kish sightseeing spots, etc., and in order to get the most pleasure, be sure to experience this fun at sunset and in the dark.

There are several stations in different parts of the route that are intended for bike rentals, such as the Marjan Kish market station and the recreational pier where you can easily tour the island by paying a small fee.

riding bike

Bowling Maryam Kish

At Maryam Bowling, in addition to bowling, you can use billiards, game net, amusement park, and restaurant and make a good time for yourself. Men’s and women’s gyms are also visible in this complex

Safari Entertainment

Kish Safari entertainment is not only limited to Land Cruiser riding on the sand dunes, and there are other choices such as ATV four-wheel motor, Buggy motor, drift motor, karting, bungee shooting, camel riding, trampoline, bubble football, zorb ball, paintball, magic cylinder, virtual reality glasses. And… is also available for you.

You can experience these activities in Pars Safari Kish, which is offered in different packages. For example, by purchasing the Kish Safari Golden Package, you will be able to use a safari tour, motorcycle riding, camel riding, and karting. Adrenaline safari package (safari tour, motorcycle ride, bungee shooting, horror pyramid), teenage safari package (mini golf, 90cc engine, zorb ball (Human Hamster Ball), trampoline, bungee trampoline), and safari honeymoon package (safari tour, buggy car tour, zorb) Wing and beating machine) and… are among other packages of this collection.

Kish Safari Tour: Touring with Toyota Land Cruiser on special and difficult routes is one of the experiences that many tourists of the island are looking for. On the safari tour, you can enjoy a seven-kilometer route in the deserts of the island. The capacity of each car is 6 people, and people over the age of five must buy a ticket

Safari four-wheel engine: Safari four-wheel engine is a 100 cc automatic engine suitable for beginners and people 15 years old and above can use it. This recreation can be used for men and women, which includes a path of about 700 meters. ATV 90cc four-wheeled engine, ATV four-wheeled engine 250cc, and drift engine is also offered in this collection, the capacity of each engine is one person.

Karting: These one-person cars have their own track of about 750 meters, which is a small model of the racing track. You do not need a driver’s license to use this activity.

Bungee shooting: To do this fun with two bungee cords, you will be connected to two 15-meter masts. Then these two elastics are stretched and released at a horizontal angle. In this way, you will be thrown from the earth to the sky.

Trampoline: It is a branch of gymnastics known for jumping in place. People from three years old and above can use this fun; In addition, the maximum allowed weight should be 110 kg.

Camel riding: Camel riding is another interesting and exciting pastime that is done by one or two people on a specific route and it will create a good experience for you by recording heartwarming memories.

Zorb Ball: Another new entertainment of the Pars Safari series is Kish, where you enter a very large, double-walled ball and travel a 150-meter path with a gentle slope. Moving inside this big ball on the ramp is fun for many people.

Mummy Pyramid (Hallway of Horror): To use the Mummy Pyramid, which is like the three pyramids of Egypt, you have to go through a winding tunnel of about 100 meters, which includes scary and exciting things.

Kish Pleasure Boats

Among Kish’s cruise ships, we can mention the Avesta ship, Dena ship, Tara ship, Artemis ship, Navid ship, Aquarium ship, and Top Tours catamaran ship. On the sea tour by ship, you can have the experience of being in the waters around the island in a two-hour session.

Avesta cruise ship: The three-story Avesta ship has a wide deck and is equipped with a cafeteria, a photo booth, and a henna booth. In this ship, you can use musical group programs, Jang Shadi, stand-up comedy, magic, raffle, and prize giving.

Dena cruise ship: this ship also welcomes guests with live music, popular artists, night battle, prize giving, and fun programs. The third floor of the ship is also available to guests as a VIP.

Aquarium ship: With the aquarium ship, you can watch the colorful fishes, corals, and diverse plants of the Persian Gulf from up close. During its one-hour cruise, this ship has planned entertainment programs and live music for tourists.

Kish pleasure boats

The Nightly Jongs of Kish

Nightly Jongs are evenings of music and comedy and another great option to spend the late hours of the night. These parties/shows will give you moments full of laughter with happy and fun programs such as stand-up, music, voice imitation, acrobat performance, and dramatic movements, etc.

Some of these programs are Setaregane Rang-a-rang night jongs, Puzzle Show, Dynamite Show night jongs, Iranian night jongs, Babak Show night jongs, Persian Show night jongs, and Si Show night jong.

Kish Entertainment During Corona

After the spread of Corona and the implementation of restrictions in Kish, all the entertainment and recreation programs of this island have been resumed by observing health protocols and maintaining social distance. In fact, tourists can enjoy these activities to the fullest by observing health principles; Especially since many of the island’s entertainments, such as marine programs, are done outdoors.

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