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Dolphin Park

Kish Dolphin Park

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Kish Island is one of the beautiful islands of Hormozgan province and the Persian Gulf, which has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran for many years. This island has attracted the attention of many people due to its location, sights, shopping centers, and entertainment, and it makes a memorable trip for travelers. Travel to Iran with IranAmaze and you won’t miss the experience of visiting the underground city of Kariz, the ancient city of Harira, and the Greek ship, as well as experiencing activities such as diving, water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, safari tours, karting, bungee jumping, and camel riding on this island. Along with the water and non-water sights and entertainments of this island, one of the other places to see in Kish is Dolphin Park, which is one of its most popular attractions.

Kish Dolphin Park

Kish Dolphin Park is the first dolphin park in Iran and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hormozgan province in Kish, which started its activity in 2004. This complex has an area of ​​over 100 hectares where, in addition to dolphins and penguins, mammals such as sea lions, sea cats, and porpoises are kept in a pool of 18,000 cubic meters. Due to the favorable conditions and standard of keeping these animals, we witness their significant reproduction in this complex, which is unique in its kind.

Kish Dolphin Park is the first dolphin park in Iran and has an area of ​​over 100 hectares

In addition to the dolphinarium, the Kish Dolphin Park complex also includes a bird garden, an amphitheater, and a saltwater aquarium tunnel. You will visit the bird garden first, and then the dolphinarium, by means of a train bus designed for the complex. Watching the show of these beautiful and unique creatures up close will surely be a memorable experience. These professional shows are planned and performed by skilled trainers, and the happy music accompanying the shows multiplies its excitement.

Dolphin show

More than 107 species of birds are kept in the bird garden of this complex, and visiting them will definitely be a pleasant part of the trip to Kish Island. The greenery and vegetation of this complex is unique due to the coral soil of Kish Island and more than 100 species of plants including many varieties of trees such as palm, laurel trees, eucalyptus, acacia, Tecoma, marshmallow, Conocarpus, and mesquite. Additionally, you will find salt glass, black Nuffield, Junia Prussia, various cactus, and many other plants.

Where is Kish Dolphin Park?

Kish Dolphin Park is located southeast of this island and is not far from the city center. Using a taxi, minibus, private car, and even a bicycle, you can easily get to this complex and record a memorable trip in your memories.

Address: Hormozgan Province, Kish Island, Jahan St., next to Niloufer Park, Kish Dolphin Park Complex

Where is Kish Dolphin Park?

Different Parts and Facilities of Dolphin Park

In addition to the dolphinarium, the large complex of the Kish Dolphin Park also includes fun parts such as the bird garden and the classic show. In the bird garden of this complex, more than 50 different species of birds are kept. Among these birds, we can mention macaw parrot, toucan, stork, swan, tenge, tern, pheasant, pelican, turaco, and ostrich, which are gathered in this complex from all over the world such as South America, Australia, East Asia, and Africa. Even in this garden, unique animals such as crocodiles, boa constrictors, and turtles can be seen.

As discussed there are other animals at the Kish Dolphin Park as well. You can visit the bird garden after seeing the dolphinarium. There are in fact not one, but two bird gardens. In one, the birds are held in cages; in the other, they roam relatively freely over a two-hectare area. The garden is home to about 57 different species of birds and they came from various nations around the globe. There are many amazing species of birds contained in these gardens and if you’re fortunate, you might catch a glimpse of a peacock spreading its tail. The park is also home to both gazelles and monkeys. You will eventually arrive at the reptile tunnel by moving on. Marsh crocodiles can be seen within this complex.

باغ پرندگان کیش

One of the exciting parts of Dolphin Park is the Fun and Classic show, where exciting shows such as stand-up comedy, light play, and live music are performed by skilled comedians, creating hours of fun and excitement for visitors.

One of the servicesof this complex is the photographers who take photos of visitors in different situations and places and, upon request, print these photos on paper, mugs, etc., and provide them to visitors. Another facility is souvenir shops that can be seen in different parts.

The management of this complex is trying to make it more complete by adding different sections. Artificial rain forests, volcano mountains, orchid world, butterfly gardens, and various restaurants can be mentioned among the sections in question.

The Best Time to Visit the Dolphin Park

The best and most popular time to visit the Dolphin Park in Kish, which is actually the best time to travel to Kish Island, is the autumn and winter seasons when the climate of the island is more balanced and there is no news of the scorching sun of Kish. In these seasons, many travelers choose this island as their travel destination.

Time to visit Dolphin Park

You must keep in mind that you must be present at the complex from 15:30. From four to 4:45 in the evening is dedicated to visiting the bird garden and from five to 6:30 in the evening to visiting the pool of dolphins and sea lions. The last program is to visit the classic show, which continues until eight in the evening.

Visiting hours: 4 pm to 8 pm

Contact number: 07644445237

Dolphin Park Ticket Fee

The ticket price of this complex is 350 thousand tomans, with which you can visit the bird garden, classic show, saltwater aquarium, and dolphin show. The entry fee is free for children under two years of age upon presentation of an ID card, and a half-price entry fee is charged for children between two and four years of age.

To get Kish Dolphin Park tickets, you can apply from the ticket counter of the complex or buy tickets from hotels and travel agencies. Finally, buying online tickets is another option for purchasing tickets in this complex. Also, keep in mind that some sites offer good discounts on tickets. Finally, according to the expiration date of your ticket and having the printed version in hand, be present at the specified hours to visit the complex. It is better to keep this point in mind before going to the Dolphin Park, that bringing semi-professional and professional cameras, as well as video cameras and any strollers to the complex will be prohibited.

Dolphin park ticket

The Owner of Kish Dolphin Park

Perhaps you have also wondered who made this complex or to whom it belongs. The investor of Kish Dolphin Park, Mr. Hossein Sabet, is one of the big financiers of Kish Island and the previous owner of Dariush Kish Hotel; However, in 2014, this complex was sold to Mr. Seyed Abdolreza Mousavi, the owner of Zagros Airlines, and it is still managed under his supervision.

Where should we stay around Dolphin Park?

Due to its touristic nature, Kish Island has a variety of hotels and accommodations to suit all tastes. But if you are interested in the proximity of your accommodation to the Dolphin Park, Shabaviz Hotel, Kausar Hotel, Simorgh Hotel, Marina Park Hotel, Shayan Hotel, Flamingo Hotel, Parshin Hotel, and Qasr Armani Residence Complex have shorter distances to the Dolphin Park than other hotels. . You can learn more about these hotels in the Kish hotels section and book them for your trip.

Sightseeing Places Around Dolphin Park

As you know, there are many places to visit in Kish, and with proper planning, you can visit and enjoy all of them. For this purpose, we introduce the places of interest near the Dolphin Park in this section so that you can visit them if you have time.

Kish Aquarium

Simorgh Beach Park

Nautilus Marine Club

Ocean Water Park

Large recreational Pier

Marjan beach Park

Cyrus shopping center

Pearl shopping center

The mens only beach

Kish Aquarium does not belong to Kish Dolphin complex, But it is right next to it. One of the best ways to see the underwater world is diving, which is one of the fun activities in Kish; But if you can’t dive for any reason, you have the chance to see colorful corals, fish, turtles, and many other creatures in Kish Aquarium.

Also, one of the best restaurants and cafes near the Dolphin Park are Foodland Restaurant, Pars Restaurant, Koh Noor Restaurant, Mirmehana Restaurant, Darchin Restaurant, Simorgh Restaurant, and Hashtag Restaurant, which you can visit before or after visiting the Dolphin Park. Make your day more memorable by having a delicious meal.

What parts does the Dolphinarium Park have?

Dolphinarium, bird garden, amphitheater, and saltwater aquarium tunnel

Which season is the best time to visit Kish Dolphinarium?

autumn and winter

How much is the ticket price for Kish Dolphinarium?

350 thousand tomans

Who is the owner of Kish Dolphinarium?

Seyed Abdulreza Mousavi, owner of Zagros Airlines

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