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Hotel Ateshooni Desert Eco-residence

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Ateshooni Khor va Biyabank Eco-Lodge

Ateshoni eco-tourism resort was built in the Garmeh desert village of Khor va Biyabank county of Isfahan province. The Ateshooni Guesthouse is a traditional house that has been restored while keeping its longstanding design. Its owner is Mr. Maziar Al-e Davoud, who, after experiencing urban life, preferred to return to his hometown in Garmeh village and restore his father’s house, which was 300 years old, with its raw clay and old style, and decorate it with local pottery and handicrafts. Originally from the village of Garmeh, the business’s owner, Maziar Al-e Davoud, returned to Garmeh after spending some time living and teaching pottery in Tehran.

The Ateshooni village home is located in the heart of the Iranian desert among the dreamlike sand dunes of the desert, and Maziar has tried to create a pleasant and peaceful environment for hosting tourists with the help of his family. Serving traditional food, performing local music, lighting a fire in the desert, and experiencing camel riding are the services the host provides tourists – courtesies that are the essence of Iran cultural tours. During your stay at the traditional Ateshooni residence, don’t miss a conversation with Maziar and his family because one of the memorable attractions of this trip will be spending time with the Al-e Davoud family.

Maziar House Eco-Residence, which is also known as the Maziar Al-e Davoud House and Ateshoni Eco-Residence, is a mid-range three-star hotel in Garmeh village, located in Iran. Ateshooni’s goal is to give you a taste of what it’s like to live for a few days in a village in the Iranian desert. Although conditions are plain and straightforward, staying at the eco-lodge can be a memorable experience. This hotel has 12 rooms and its most important facilities include a coffee shop, internet, and a small restaurant. The rooms and the courtyard of the residence have traditional architecture and are beautifully decorated using local elements. In this accommodation, you can enjoy the taste of local delicacies. Maziar’s house is 85.2 km from the Mesr desert, 50.7 km from the ancient village of Farrokhi, 395 km from Isfahan city, 137 km from Jandaq Castle, and 33.3 km away from Bayazeh village and castle.

Accommodation Information

Ateshoni eco-tourism resort is located in the historical village of Garme, Khor va Biyabank, Isfahan province, located in the desert’s heart and adjacent to the palm grove, hosts a large number of tourists and desert travelers from home and abroad every year. This residence, which is 300 years old, was built by a person named Maziar Al-e Davoud, who, after living in Tehran for a while and getting tired of the modern and urban life, left the capital for his father’s old house in the village of Garmeh and decided to revive the old atmosphere. And he made the past of this house pleasant. Then this house was renovated with the same architecture and old style, and the interior of this native house was decorated and arranged with handicrafts and pottery, and it was opened and operated as an eco-tourism residence in the desert.

This residence has 12 traditional and beautiful rooms in its two guesthouses, and it is possible to access the Internet and serve a variety of vegetarian and local dishes. the Eco-lodge is a place where you can unwind in close contact with nature while also feeling at home and meeting other travelers.

Among the other facilities available in the hotel, you can stay with free breakfast, a coffee shop that offers a variety of local and herbal drinks and teas, and a traditional outdoor restaurant that offers a variety of local dishes of this region, such as Ashkeneh, Kale Josh. Mash and Qamari pilaf, prepared and cooked by skilled village cooks, Iranian and foreign toilets, internet in the rooms and in the shared space, local tour guides, and staff fluent in English.

Traditional home-cooked food is served for the majority of the meals at set times in the central courtyard. Nearby, there is an outdoor café run by the Maziar brothers where you can relax, sample local BBQ and various infusions, or shop for trinkets. There are two tiny shops in the village that are open only in the afternoon for those who choose the dormitory; they are both equipped with kitchens. Other than its rooms tents can be set up, camping vehicles can be parked, in the yard, The restrooms and kitchen are available for use.

There are many activities you can undertake from the ecolodge. You can take a stroll through the garden of palm trees while visiting Garmeh, or other nearby villages, go to Bayazeh castle, or the hot springs of Abgarm A salt lake can be found 80 km from Garmeh on the road to Tabas. the Mesr and Farahzad villages, as well as the surrounding sand dunes, are located 80 kilometers from Garmeh to Jandaq road.

This residence’s proximity to the country’s famous deserts, such as the Mesr Desert and Jandaq Desert, attracts many nature walkers and hikers to this area and choose this residence for their overnight stay and rest.

Tourists who travel to this area can engage in activities such as safari, camel riding, car rides on the hills and lighting fires in the desert, and nature tourism activities in areas such as Chal Selkanun, Nizar Misr, Salt Lake Selkanun, Takh-e Arus and the regions famous sand dunes. Through Iran tours, you can book a tour here and anywhere else in the area.


The cost for a shared room per night is €10.
Parking for cars costs €8 per person per night.
The cost of a tent is €5 per person per night.
Sleeping equipment costs €8 per person per night if you want to use a car tent.

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