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Ecotourism residence

Kashkiloo Ecotourism Resort in Shahdad Kerman

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Accommodation Information

Kashkiloo ecoresort is located in the Shahdad area, Kerman city. The architecture of this resort is a combination of traditional and modern architecture and dates back 60 years ago. This ecotourism residence with a beautiful thatched facade has hosted many desert hikers and tourists from all over Iran since 2014.

The stone-paved yard of this local house next to the small fish pond decorated with beautiful vases has provided a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for drinking and tea. Also, the beautiful wooden beds arranged around this traditional residence are very suitable for serving food and relaxing. If you wish to know about locations surrounding the hotel, or the area, and other incredible sites all over Iran, visit our Iran destinations page.

Kashkiloo Ecotourism can accommodate and accept 20 tourists. The resort has 4 rooms with 2 beds and 2 rooms with 3 beds, which do not have toilets and baths. Due to the preservation of the traditional architecture and texture of the residence, the bathrooms and toilets are shared and built in the area of ​​the residence. Among the services provided in this residence, we can mention breakfast, internet service, French and Iranian restrooms in the area, a television in the lobby, English-speaking staff, tour guides, and uncovered parking.

Visitors can order and coordinate with the staff of this accommodation complex to order a variety of local Kerman dishes, such as eggplant and curd broth, cumin broth, Milk Wheat soup, goat stew, plum stew, and cumin pilaf. There is also a pantry in this accommodation complex that offers a variety of traditional Iranian drinks and herbal teas, which will be additionally enjoyable in the beautiful courtyard of the resort.

The traditional ecolodge is within Shahdad city itself and is in close proximity to several historical caravanserais and castles in and around the city. The six thousand-year-old Aratta culture settlement is relatively close to the ecolodge. Additionally, Gandom-e Beryan, a vast lava-covered plateau, is fairly easy to access from Kashkiloo. This Place is a contender for the hottest place on the planet and as such is commonly visited during sunrise in the winter or spring.

Among the natural and touristic attractions of this region are the caves of Shahdad, Sirch Hot spring, Haj Mohammad Taghi old water reservoir, Remuk Castle, Shafiabad Castle, Gandom-Beryanak or Roasted Wheat Field (claimed to be the hottest place on the planet), Qajar Twin Water Mill, Keshit waterfall, Sirch river are located near this residence visitors can reach them in the shortest time. Additionally, make sure to check Iran cultural tours to see if any such tours are available in the Shahdad area.

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