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Isfahan Desert Accommodations

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When talking about the desert many people are reminded of Ali Shariati’s famous quote in his most celebrated book, entitled Kavir (the desert) where he wrote at the beginning of one of his chapters that “The desert, this mysterious nothingness where the world and the hereafter come face to face. The hell of the earth and the heaven, the sky, and people in the purgatory between these two.”This quote perhaps makes one wonder what is it that leads the desert enthusiasts from their homeland to this mysterious nothingness. The nights are full of stars and full of the tranquility of the desert; And what makes the pleasure of traveling to the desert a hundred times more is the choice of traditional houses made of clay and mud.

This article aims to introduce the eco-tourism resorts in the Mesr desert of Iran. We have provided a list of resorts in the Mesr desert, the resorts of Khur city, and other villages of Khur and Biyabanak. Stay with us until the end of the article as we introduce these Iran desert tours resorts which are a part of our 7-Day Dasht-E Kavir (Mesr) Desert Tour.

Clay and mud houses in Isfahan desert

Before addressing the desert resorts of Mesr, it is better to first introduce this region. The Mesr desert is located in the city of Khur and Biyabanak in Isfahan province and is 403 km away from Isfahan.

To go to the Mesr desert of Isfahan, you have to be 45 minutes away from the estuary and the desert and first go to the Mesr village. It is a three-minute walk from the Mesr village to the Mesr desert.

Residences and resorts in Isfahan desert

Mesr Desert Resorts

For sightseeing and fun in the Mesr desert, it is better to choose one of the eco-lodges in the Mesr village. If you do not want to stay in the village of Mesr, the closest village to the Mesr desert is the village of Farahzad, which can be your next option to stay in this village.

Otherwise, choose accommodation options in Khur or the surrounding villages. So let’s take a look at the accommodations in this area.

desert resorts of Egypt

Keryas Traditional Hotel: Keryas Residence is a traditional and beautiful house in the Mesr village. The Keryas has 12 rooms with shared bathrooms and toilets.

Facilities at the house include a shared kitchen, a restaurant, and a safari service. You can make your friendly period beautifully in the residential area by relying on the beds.

Other facilities include Keryas, internet, ceiling fan, air conditioner, parking, tour guide, and boiler. It should be noted that in the Keryas you can stay full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and rooms with independent bathrooms).

Afzal Residence: Afzal is another desert resort in Mesr, Iran. This residence has 15 rooms and suites and can accommodate 80 passengers.

Facilities of this residence include free internet, safari tours, dining with a variety of traditional dishes, a boiler, a tour guide, an Iranian toilet, a shared bathroom, and open parking.

The traditional and pleasant atmosphere of this residence in the desert will remain in your memory.

Shenzar Residence: Another desert ecotourism resort in the Mesr desert is Shenzar Residence. This residence with 12 rooms and suites can accommodate 80 people.

The sandy rooms have shared bathrooms and toilets. In this residence, you can enjoy a variety of local and traditional Iranian food. The local breakfast is served with local hot bread.

Heshmat Eco-Resort (Barati 2): Barati Resort has 8 rooms and suites and can accommodate 48 people. The facilities of this residence include a heating and cooling system, table fan, oil heater, open parking outside the residence, Iranian and French toilets and a shared bathroom, and a tour guide.

This accommodation does not have a refrigerator or TV. Complete your friendly period in the courtyard of this residence by leaning on wooden boards and enjoying the fresh air.

Khatereh Ecotourism Resort: Khatereh Resort is another desert resort in Mesr. Khatereh has 8 rooms with a capacity of four people. This residence has a traditional restaurant and serves various local dishes, internet, and Iranian and French toilets.

It should be noted that the bathroom is shared and located outside the room. The residence is a 37-year-old house, but it is entirely traditional and its thatched walls and wooden windows make you decide to stay for a few days.

The bathroom is public for the rooms and is located outside the room. The kitchen and refrigerator are also shared.

Rohab Guesthouse: Another desert resort in Mesr is Rohab Ecotourism Resort. This residence has 4 rooms with 2 beds with separate bathrooms. Some rooms have the floor and some have a bed.

The facilities of Rohab have uncovered parking, a tour guide, a public kitchen, a heating, and cooling system, and a shared bathroom. Coffee shops, handicraft stalls, and cooking a variety of local dishes are other facilities of this traditional residence.

Carevan Ecotourism Resort: The Carevan resort is 80 years old and in 1998, as an ecotourism resort, it hosted Rahyan Kavir. The caravan has 8 large rooms for 15 people.

The rooms are on the floor and have the desirable facilities of an eco-lodge. The caravan can host a total of 45 tourists. Some rooms have a private bathroom and toilet.

The facilities of this complex include internet, cooking local food, and a place for a period around the fire in the area.

Arsun Eco-Resort: This Off-road resort has two complexes. The complex one is more than 80 years old and has 13 furnished rooms with sufficient facilities. The second complex is 100 meters away from the first complex and has 4 rooms.

Off-site facilities include public baths, fireplaces, royal residences, restaurants and pantries (in the second complex), and observations of the desert sky with a telescope.

Homemade food is served at this residence and you can dine at the royal residence or restaurant. It is not possible to use the public kitchen in this residence.

Kalateh Mesr: This residence has 8 rooms and up to 40 people can be accommodated here. Facilities in Kalateh, Mesr include an outdoor car park, a shared bathroom and toilet, a public kitchen, a ceiling fan, a heater, and local cuisine.

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