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Bali Hotel

Isfahan’s Bali Desert Hotel

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About Bali Desert Hotel

Bali Desert Hotel of Isfahan is located in the Khour va Biabanak County of Isfahan province. This 3-star hotel, which is known as the largest desert hotel in Iran, was built to attract domestic and foreign tourists who travel to the desert with the intention of desert trekking and participating in desert tours. It is a suitable hotel for desert trekkers. The construction of the Bali Desert Hotel started in 2004 and was completed in 2008.

Isfahan Bali Desert Hotel, having an area of ​​about six thousand square meters and with a very convenient location in relation to the tourist places and natural attractions of the central desert of Iran, is undoubtedly considered one of the best residences on the edge of the central desert of Iran, which has worthy facilities. In the matter of serving tourists and desert nature enthusiasts, it has advantages. Currently, Bali Desert Hotel has 40 rooms that serve from two beds to six beds and are arranged in a modern and traditional way. There is no bed service in the traditional rooms of the residence, which are made of straw, and the bed service is provided with quilts and velvet mattresses for tourists, and more modern services such as beds and internet are available in the more modern rooms. Bali Desert Hotel Isfahan has a central courtyard where all the rooms are built around this beautiful courtyard. It should be mentioned that one of the advantages of this hotel is the right to choose when booking rooms.

Other services and facilities provided in all the rooms of Bali Desert Hotel include the latest fan coil heating and split cooling systems, refrigerator, TV, bathroom, and bathroom. Other facilities of Bali Desert Hotel include a restaurant, coffee shop, tea house, traditional pool, billiard and hand football hall, Xbox, Wi-Fi internet, taxi service, and two green spaces with fountains. Also, one of the important features of Bali Hotel Isfahan is the desert climbing tours with the presence of several experienced leaders who are familiar with all the deserts of this region.

In our best Iran tours packages, the desert tours to this region are 3 days long and services such as visiting desert tourism areas, providing all meals, staying around the fire at night in the desert, visiting the salt waterfall and salt lake, safari, camel ride, ATV motorbike, Misr village, visiting the lagoon and Garmeh spring and visiting the village and ancient castle of Bayazeh, are offered to Nordan desert. It is not bad to know that accommodation for children under 3 years old is free and from 3 to 7 years old, if they do not use the service, it is half price.

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