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Iran's desert hotels

Desert Hotels Near Isfahan

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When we look at the map of Iran, we will see many yellow areas. These areas are the deserts of Iran. Deserts have formed many parts of Iran. These deserts are among the most important tourist attractions in the country. Iran desert tours are a very popular option among foreign tourists who visit these areas close to these stunning deserts. Until a few years ago, those who went to the deserts of Iran had to stay in a camp. A few years ago, the construction of various desert hotels and residences in desert areas and desert cities began. Staying in these hotels can be very enjoyable and memorable. If you are interested in special travel experiences, be sure to visit Iran’s desert hotels.

Isfahan’s Bali Desert Hotel

Isfahan Bali Hotel is one of the best desert hotels in Iran. This hotel is located in an old house in the desert area of ​​Isfahan. Bali Hotel was put into operation in 2008. This hotel is located in a two-story building and has a total of 32 accommodation units.

It is good to know that all accommodation units are built according to hotel standards. Inside the rooms are facilities such as a TV, bathroom, toilet, heating, and cooling system. So you don’t have to worry about the facilities inside the rooms.

You should also know that on the ground floor of the hotel, there is a dedicated restaurant and coffee shop. In this way, you will be at ease with food and snacks. This hotel has excellent service quality. That’s why it attracts many travelers every year. Bali Hotel is one of the registered 3-star hotels in Iran.

Teeda Traditional Hotel in the Mesr Desert

As it is clear from the name of this hotel, the traditional Teeda Hotel is located in the Mesr desert. The Mesr desert is one of the most famous deserts in Iran. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world go to the Mesr desert to see the various attractions of this desert.

In this cozy and beautiful desert, they have built a traditional hotel with a very special and lovely design. This hotel was put into operation in 1392 and had 30 accommodation units. The traditional Teeda Desert Hotel in Mesr is considered one of the luxury desert hotels. The construction style of this hotel is in the form of old caravanserais. It means that the accommodation units are placed all around the yard. The rooms can have a bed or floor service.

Passengers themselves choose this option. Teeda Hotel also has a coffee shop and a dedicated restaurant. You should also know that all kinds of entertainment such as off-road tours, camel riding, etc. are also organized from this hotel. For this reason, you can open an account at the traditional Teeda Desert Hotel for unlimited fun and desert exploration. This hotel is located in Farahzad village in Khor and Biyabank city of Isfahan province.

Yeta Traditional Hotel in Khur va Biabanak

in the Khur va Biyabank county of Isfahan province, right in the middle of a village called Bayazeh village, they have built an old hotel in a 150-year-old building. This hotel was put into operation in 2009. Yeta traditional hotel is located 50 kilometers away from Khur city. In this hotel, you can enjoy facilities such as a traditional restaurant and canteen.

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