Tourists inside the Jame mosque of Yazd during an Iran small group tour.

Small Group Tours to Iran

Travel Solo but Not Alone

Human beings are strange creatures. On the one side, they are very sociable. If they don’t live in a group, they’ll get gloomy and out of tune. On the other side, they don’t want to lose their individuality. They build a wall to separate themselves from others and stay isolated. Meanwhile, they are always looking for good friendships and want to have relationships with others. Further on, they need their time and space to reflect on themselves alone. We might be different in the extent of these various human needs, but we all share them one way or another.

These contradictive needs are also present when we travel. We want to have conversations with others or express our feelings and emotions. Or we wish not to eat alone and share the joy of sharing authentic local food. While at the same time, we don’t want others to become a burden to us. We don’t want the responsibility. We rather keep our individuality in making decisions about our trip. We want a group that does not limit us or takes us away from the activities that connect with us most on our journey.

With all these in mind, we made some specific changes to our Iran tour packages. So, we’ve designed our Iran small group tours. We do our best to match you to a group that shares the same preferences and travel style. You’ll get to socialize with a group of tourists from different countries in the world. But also, the group is so small that you’ll get to have your own space whenever you feel the need. We wanted to make sure you can travel solo but not alone.

Tourists sitting by the Shazeh Garden building in Kerman during an Iran small group tour.
A man and a woman sitting by the side of the water facing Khaju bridge in Isfahan during an Iran small group tour.

Four Amazing Facts


More Flexibility

There is more flexibility due to the small number of people in the group (less than 10). We’ve chosen the number of people based on previous experiences. It is the magic number of people to satisfy all their needs and be happy with the services they receive. You’ll get to have enough free time and travel at your own pace while being in a group of like-minded individuals.


Deeper Experiences

You get to dive deep into the local culture and get to discover the unknowns. The small number of people in the group will allow your guide to take you to all Iran’s hidden gems. They can offer you the most attractive local experiences on these trips. You will also have more one-on-one time with locals and your guide. Therefore, you’ll extend your knowledge of all the places you visit on your journey.


Like-Minded People

You’ll get to meet other travelers that are like-minded and build valuable connections with them. These people might be different in age, nationality, beliefs, etc. But they share a common love for traveling. There are fewer people in small group tours than mass tours. Therefore, you’ll have time and space to create stronger connections to your co-travelers. You’ll get to travel to many places in your conversations while you explore Iran together.


Responsible Traveling

Due to the small number of people on small group tours, your footprint on the environment will be much less. Therefore, you travel much more responsibly. Usually, it is a challenge for a big group of travelers. That is not to negatively impact the culture of rural and native villages. In IranAmaze We’ve designed our small group tour packages in a way that has the least amount of negative impact on the environment and the culture of each region we visit.

For Whom Are the Small Group Tours Suitable?

Sociable Travelers

These Iran group tours are suitable for travelers who don’t want to be alone during their journey. Sometimes having people with whom you could share a common experience while traveling is essential. We’ll make sure to match people that have a similar mindset and preferences to you.

Budget Travelers

Sometimes people prefer to spend less money on their trip than our Iran private tours. The small group tours allow travelers with a lower budget to find a like-minded group to bring down some of the traveling costs. Our tour prices are lower than our private tours because of the fixed dates and fewer personal customizations.

Hassle-Free Groups

These tours are great for people who do not like to deal with all the hassles of scheduling their trips. Some people want to give up all the responsibility of reservations and scheduling to a trustworthy, experienced agency. Small group tours to Iran will allow them to travel stress-free and leave up all the responsibility to a tour agency.

What Do We Offer in Small Group Tours to Iran?

Two women from behind in front of the Hafez tomb of Shiraz in an Iran small group tour.
  • Based on our research, we’ve concluded that there are six different activity categories people enjoy while in Iran. We’ve called these categories “moments.” We’ve made sure to include all of these moments into all of our Iran escorted tours. These categories are art and architecture, history and archeology, hospitality, people and local life, nature, and religion.
  • We have organized the best transportation options due to the small number of people. We’ve made sure everyone has enough space and feels comfortable during our journey on the road to ensure you experience the best Iran tours. Plus, you’ll get to explore the town in the car when there are free times scheduled in your day.
  • Based on the number of people in your group, we’ll assign a guide or two to you. These guides have an in-depth knowledge of local life. Therefore, they’ll take you to the heart of experiencing them. Due to the small number of people, you’ll get more time with your guides compared to mass group tours, which make these packages one of the best experiences of Iran travel.
  • We’ll provide you with all the technical support services. It will be services such as but not limited to getting an Iranian SIM card and getting Iranian credit cards or anything else you’ll need support with during your trip. Besides your guide, our chief experience officer would always be at your service. They respond to all your needs in the shortest amount of time.

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Small Group Tour FAQ

Can't find your answer? Ask a question

Why should I book small group tours in Iran?

The variety of activities in which you could participate in Iran is countless. Therefore, scheduling ahead of time is essential for you to enjoy a range of these activities. Our small group tours ensure to take all your worries away by finding the right options and the best guide for you. A knowledgeable Iran tour guides who could be by your side in local communities and show you the hidden gems of Iran can make such a difference. Plus, the small number of people in the tours will ensure you’ll have more time for exploring the unknowns of this land.

Which one of your tours can I book as a small group?

For most of our Iran cultural tours, you’ll find small group tours for specific dates. Some of our packages are specialized tours like trekking and festivals, which means they’d have fewer customers. Therefore, we only organize them as Iran private tours.

How is the flexibility in these tours?

There is more flexibility as there are not as many people as mass group tours. During your small group holidays in Iran, you could speak to your guide and groupmates to choose the places you go or the restaurants in which you’ll eat. You could even change your accommodations to whatever your group prefers.

What is the daily schedule?

Our small group tours are organized in a way that you are not always running from one place to another. We want to take you to as many places as we can without compromising the quality of your experience in each site you visit. The schedule is usually set to start around 9 am and end by the evening. During the day, based on the group preferences, we are open to making changes to the schedule.

What is the maximum number of people on these trips?

The maximum number is eight people. We’ve landed on this number using our previous knowledge and experiences of organizing different tours. Ten is the number of people that is not too many to make hard on both travelers and the guide. It’s also not so little that it would take it away from being a group and meeting different kinds of people.

How are the prices?

These tour packages are cheaper than our Iran private tours. What makes them more affordable is that there are more people in the groups, and the cost of many things is divided between them. These tours usually cost around 70-90 euros/day. Plus, Iran is a cheap destination for traveling. The cost of these tour packages is comparable to you traveling on your own without a tour. Moreover, you’ll have no worries about scheduling this way.

When would I meet my guide?

The driver will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your hotel. You’ll have some time to rest before our guide picks you up to start the 1st day of your journey.

What do I need to know about the visa process?

The process of getting a visa is short. It is straight forward for most countries besides several specific ones such as the United States, England, and Canada. You’ll get your visa approximately in 2 weeks. If you choose to book a tour package with us, we won’t charge you additional charges for the visa reference code as it is included in our services. If you are from those specific countries, then you can visit our Iran tourist visa page list to see the process for the visa as it will be different and longer.

How have you chosen the hotels?

Our packages usually include the best 4-stars hotels. You can change them to 5 or 3-stars hotels based on your budget and preferences as well. Also, please inform us if you have any specific needs related to accommodations. Moreover, you could let us know if you’ve found a suitable hotel that you’d like us to book for you instead of our current options.

Do we have a choice in choosing our hotel room?

You’ll have the option to choose between single, double, or twin rooms. Usually, the price of a single room is slightly higher.

How is the food in these tours?

Our Iran small group tour packages don’t include meals. The reason is that we want to leave it up to you to choose from our recommendations based on your taste preferences and budget. We don’t want to take you somewhere that you’d spend more money than you intend to on food or not like the kind of food they serve. Our guides will recommend the best options for you, whether you are a vegetarian or have any other food restrictions at all.

Are the tours guaranteed departure?

Yes, all the dates in which we offer a tour package for our small group tours are guaranteed. There is no need for us to fill these tours to execute them. You can book them with the peace of mind that with however many people that sign up for those dates, we’ll be executing the tours.

Can we travel to Iran in small group tours during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Due to the Pandemic prohibitions, the authorities do not allow the arrival of tours including small group tours to Iran. We hope this situation will get to an end soon and Iran group tours will run again. Meanwhile, you can follow our lastest updates on traveling to Iran during the pandemic.

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