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Iran Hotels

Hotels in Iran

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A convenient place to stay would make any trip a great one. Feeling relaxed, being confident of its cleanliness, and proper services are some common features of any type of hotel. These are the case for accommodation in Iran, as well.

The accommodation in Iran includes hotels, hostels, and local guest houses. Since Iran is a destination for different types of tourists, from adventurers to peace-seekers, accommodation facilities have been prepared for them in every spot of this vast country.

Here, we are going to talk about the quality of places and services for accommodation. So that you would would get to know what to expect before traveling to Iran.

Where are the Most Famous Destinations in Iran?

Iran is a vast country with a long history behind it and extraordinary natural attractions. If you are fond of mountaineering or wondering about deserts, it is the best place to satisfy you. Other adventures like rafting, caving, and diving are available. The fun fact is that they are somehow possible in almost all seasons. Because Iran’s weather involves all types of weather in itself.

How about the tourists who wish to have a peaceful and quiet vacation? They can find it by visiting Iran’s main tourist route. It covers the main tourist cities with all their authentic details. The historical monuments, buildings, and sites plus the bewildering nature of each city/ region would please any visitor to Iran.

Should You Take an Iran Tour to Visit Iran?

Generally speaking, no! Many solo travelers or families travel to Iran on their own. But, taking an Iran tour package means you have no burden of checking all the details and issues for a safe and convenient trip. This way, you know that appropriate accommodation, transportation, and itinerary is waiting for you. Besides visitors from the US, UK, and Canada can not travel to Iran without an Iran tour. The good news is Iran’s private tours give you the freedom of solo traveling as well as the backing of local guides. They will help you find out about everything that suits you.

How are the Luxury Hotels in Iran?

Luxury Are Iran Hotels

From ordinary double rooms to classy presidential suites, all are handy in Iran. All the hotels especially the 4 and 5-star hotels are as standard as European ones. Let’s review Iran hotel types:

European-Standard Hotels

Grand hotels in the capital cities are the places that ensure you a comfortable stay. They are rather recently built or reconstructed. They are located in places where you have convenient access to the city and a good view of its skyline. Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran, Shiraz Grand Hotel, and Parsian Hotels in different cities are some examples.

Authentic Traditional Iranian Hotels

These hotels, also known In Iran as boutique hotels are old palaces or mansions that once belonged to higher-up people like the ministers and merchants. Now, they have been reconstructed for hosting travelers. They again are considered luxury hotels but with one difference: the prominent Persian spirit is felt in every corner of the building. These hotels are usually in the heart of the city near the old neighborhood, bazaars, and else.

Apartment Hotels

These hotels are not as expensive as luxury ones, and not as old as boutique hotels. Yet, their services are upper-class enough to make their tourists delighted. Also, they are furnished with stoves, cooking utensils, and a washing machine which are proper for a long stay.

Apartment Hotels


Like any other tourist destination in the world, low-budget accommodation in Iran is also available. Old houses and buildings where are not as old and luxurious as boutique hotels but are quite suitable for staying. They are also mainly in the central parts of cities. There is access to sightseeing and older neighborhoods. It is a good opportunity for those who love wandering among local people and visiting their lifestyle directly.

Local Guest Houses (Ecolodge)

Aside from different hotels in Iran, there are special houses redesigned for tourists visiting Iran’s authentic and rural places. The locals had changed old caravanserais or mansions near their villages. They host the visitors with local food. Some of them even use the traditional sleeping mattress instead of a bed. That would make your stay something totally different.

Exotic Hotels

What do you think about staying in a cave? Don’t worry! It is well-furnished. But you still spend your night inside a stone cave. Kandovan village in the northeast and Meymand village in the south are two marvelous places from hundreds of years before. The locals have still saved their old lifestyle. Staying in these old but new-furnished hotels would be a special contradictory experience. We don’t talk more about the igloo-shaped hotel rooms or salt hotels near Tehran.

What Is the Best Iran Hotel?

Regarding the stars given to the hotels, Espinas Palace in Tehran, Ghasre Talayi in Mashad, Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan, and Dariush Hotel in Kish Island are some famous examples. But it depends on your preference, type of travel, and budget to choose where to stay. There are special places to stay which are not a 5-star hotels, but they may etch in your mind far more than a royal suite.

 Best Iran Hotel

What Are the Routine Hotel Services in Iran?

When it comes to observing international standards, Iran hotels are not much different from other places in the world.

Free Breakfast

Yep! It is on your hotel service normally. Usually, there is a buffet of both Persian-style and European-style food. The former consists of tea, fresh bread, cheese, jams, honey, and else. If you are in a local guesthouse, don’t forget to try their local breakfast. It’s definitely fun to get out of the routines.

Free Wi-Fi

In the great hotels, it is as you expect it. But, for the local guest houses, you may not find it as everywhere else. The 4G quality in the region or the owner’s being familiar with the technology may lead to a no Wi-Fi journey. To be on the safe side, buy a data tourist sim card.

Room Types of Hotels in Iran

According to the place you are going to stay, the rooms may have different names. The hotel rooms are facilitated based on the common names anywhere. Single, double, or triple rooms are ordinary and rather cheaper rooms suitable for one, two, or three co-travelers, relatively. Another room type is the junior suite which also has a working space. And, the royal suite is a complex of one or two bedrooms and a living room. In traditional hotels, these names may be different in a way.

In case you are going to stay for a long time, search for hotel apartments where the living facilities like a furnished kitchen save you from eating out every meal.

Iran Hotels Room Types

Commonly, these names may not be used in local eco-lodges.

What is the Cost of Accommodation in Iran?

There is no straight answer to this question. Regarding the variety of hotel types, the duration of your trip to Iran, and the time of traveling, there are different prices on the table. Whether you want a luxury hotel or a budget one, you do pay differently. According to the site, the average hotel price for a couple traveling to Iran is about 70 dollars.

Typically, traveling to Iran is affordable. Primarily if you exchange Dollars or Euros for Rial, you can afford to stay at a classy hotel. So why do you restrain yourself from this opportunity?

How to Book a Hotel in Iran?

If you are going to travel on your own you have two choices. Either book you’re preferred place to stay directly from the very hotel you have chosen. Or, find one upon your arrival in Iran. The latter is not recommended because there is the risk of not finding a suitable place. In either case, you must be aware of the high season. March, April, June, August, September, and October is the most crowded season for traveling in Iran. You may need to book two months before your arrival.

But, another choice which makes it easy for you in many ways is to take a tour. Your chosen Iran travel agencies will observe everything instead of you, including booking a hotel based on your time, preferences, and budget. Some Iran travel agencies have an office in Europe besides their central office in Iran. This would ensure you pursuing of any probable trouble or the ease of paying for the expenses.

How Are the Hotels Booked for Iran Tours?

This depends on the type of tour. Iran cultural tours pass through Iran’s main tourist route. Thus plenty of hotels and places to stay are at hand. Most of them are acceptable or even the best in the region. In case you want a more classy and luxurious trip, you can ask for an Iran luxury tour. Iran private tours will also allow you to arrange your tour based on your interests and preferences.

Final Word

Iran has become a prepared and promoted destination for traveling. In addition to modern and standard hotels, traditional hotels and local guest houses are now on the list as well. These accommodations vary in their services and prices. But they all try to be the best. Booking hotels online are available but if you are not going to travel to Iran via an Iran tour, you should follow the steps based on your chosen hotel.

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