Chinese tourists walking in a street in Yazd one of the best Iran destinations

Iran Destinations

What do you expect from traveling to Iran? Do you seek adventure or peace? Are you a nature lover, or do you prefer watching historical remains? The good news is there are indeed places to visit in Iran for all of these purposes. Historically considered, Iran has about 8 thousand years of background. So, there is this possibility to find a place with an old history behind every inch of it. But if history is not your type, let’s talk about Iran’s 4-season nature. Deserts, forests and jungles, mountains, and seas all together have caused a miraculous variation in Iran’s climate. And, that’s among famous Iran attractions. While it is a cold winter in the mountainous areas and suitable for skiing, the people in the south are enjoying the spring-like weather. These are just some examples of Iran destinations you can visit via Iran tours; each one of them is an odyssey to discover.


Top Iran Tourist Attractions

How do you know Iran? Do you know what places to visit in Iran or other Iran attractions? Have you heard about the Persepolis and Persia’s ancient days? What about the magnificent architecture of Shiraz and Isfahan? Well, Iran tourist places are far more beyond historical sites. The natural destinations like mountains, jungles, valleys, waterfall, and caves and at the top of all deserts are the ones yet unknown to many travelers. Besides the ethnic lifestyle of the nomads and villagers, the advanced features of the modern cities can be another Iran tourist attraction for the visitors. Let’s see what Iran destinations can be on your wish list.

Best Cities to Visit in Iran

The cars on the streets of Tehran with the Milad tower in the background during a sunset in Tehran.


Tehran green location pin show Tehran location in Iran map
The Capital city of Iran. Tehran is the most populated city located in the north-central part of Iran at the foot of the Alborz mountain range. This metropolitan is where the modern present and likely future of Iran is nestled between family traditions and historical streets. Diversity is at its heart. People come from all different regions to experience Tehran....
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An old woman sitting on a step looking down by the red clay walls of Abyaneh in Kashan.


Kashan green location pin show Kashan location in Iran map
It’s a city full of historical houses at the edge of the Dashte-Kavir desert. It’s small in size but rich in culture and wonders to explore every time. An oasis with clay villages that take you back to ancient times. It has a Bazaar worth taking many photos inside with shops that have beautiful Persian carpets and handicrafts inside....
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Naqshe Jahan square with its water fountain and the blue sky full of clouds in Isfahan.


Isfahan green location pin show Isfahan location in Iran map
Stretched along the Zayandeh rud river, Isfahan used to be the historical capital of Iran. They say if you visit this city, you’ve visited “half of the world”. As it has the historical square of Naqshe Jahan with mind-blowing art and architecture of mosques, buildings, and the bazaar. A city of historic bridges that take you through ancient times....
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The interior of the Nasir Al-mulk mosque of Shiraz during the day.


Shiraz green location pin show Shiraz location in Iran map
To feel the presence of the Persian empire and one of the oldest civilizations of the world is what makes Shiraz bold for tourists. From Perspolis and Pasargad to the breathtaking mosques filled with colorful lights, shiraz weaves together different eras to bring forth a diversity of Iranian culture in each of its corners....
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People sitting at a roof café in Yazd with a blue lightened up mosque in the background.


Yazd green location pin show Yazd location in Iran map
This historical city is located at the heart of central Iran. The city dates back to the 5th century, located close to the silk road at the time. Yazd is listed as a UNESCO world heritage city. It is a brilliant example of how our ancestors used their limited resources in the desert for survival....
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man standing near the Persian gulf and his wooden small ship in the back in Qeshm island

Southern Islands

Southern Islands green location pin show Qeshm, Hormuz and Hengam locations in Iran map
Whether it’s the red sand of the beaches of Hormuz or the unusual sounds heard from the middle of the Star Valley in Qeshm, many have believed the southern islands of Iran come as close as it gets to another...
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A couple watching the Lut desert and Kalouts


Kerman green location pin show Kerman location in Iran map
Kerman is located in the largest province of Iran, amounting to 11% of the country’s total land. A city with a historical Bazaar full of the lively modern dynamic of present times. Kerman is one of the oldest centers of civilizations in the world. Surrounded by the most beautiful Yardang (Kaluts) of Lut desert that takes you deep into the silence and starry...
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Top Cultural Sites in Iran

Roaming among the ancient palaces and castles and imagining the livelihood used to be there; strolling under the Persian azure blue tiles of Mosques and feeling the scent of heavens; eating at the table of colorful delicious Iranian foods; and above all, getting familiar with the friendliest people ever are the general outline you will encounter in Iran destinations. All these moments are involved in every Iran tour; whether it is a 5-day or a 21-day one. They include much remarkable sightseeing like the Tabiat Bridge and the Golestan Palace in Tehran, Naqshe Jahan Square and Siosepol Bridge in Isfahan, the old city of Yazd, and the glorious complex of Persepolis in Shiraz, as well as many other activities. They are all in a flexible itinerary.

Tourists visiting Golestan Palace in Tehran

Golestan Palace, Tehran:

Though its modern face is more significant, Tehran has an authentic traditionality here and there that needs an enthusiastic explorer to look for it. Not far from the 500-year Grand Bazaar, the Golestan Palace is showing off its dignity. Besides the traditional architecture, it was once the first multi-floor modern building of the city. It witnessed the coronation of 4 kings and has lots of stories and mysteries in its heart.

Borujerdiha Historical House in Kashan

Old mansions, Kashan:

Kashan is a small city lying upon a 7-thousand-year civilization. That would be a long list to talk about all the cultural inheritance of this city like the Grand Bazaar, its beautiful carpets, and other handicrafts, and …. But, above these all the emblems of Kashan: the incredible mansions from 300 years ago are the last but not least form of this ancient civilization.

an old man walking in Naqsh-e Jahan Square in front of Imam Mosque

Naqshe Jahan Square, Isfahan:

Once, it was the center of gatherings and recreation of people. The king used to watch polo from his palace veranda. People followed their daily life in the bazaar and prayed in the grand mosque. And, the mosque with its Persian blue tiles was the pinnacle of the Square beauties. About 500 years have passed, yet the spirit of this square is saved.

People walking inside an alley at the historical neighborhood of Fahadan in Yazd during Ashura.

Fahadan neighborhood, Yazd:

besides the modern life going on here, the old neighborhoods are still as lively as the first day. The most well-known of them is Fahadan with its ginger thatch walls. It can surprise any passerby to know they are walking in alleys, staying in a hotel, or relaxing in a café in a neighborhood from 1000 years ago.

Several female tourists taking pictures of Persepolis gates

Persepolis in Shiraz:

Well, this is the most well-known character of Iran tourist destinations. The stories of the powerful Persian Emperors have been carved on black stones. The people from all the under-ruled countries were there all these years, going to visit the monarchy. And, the monstrous guardians have been watching Iran from above the pillars for 2500 years.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran

With 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Iran is the 10th country on the list. 2 out of these places to visit in Iran are the natural amazements. They are the Hyrcanian forests from the Jurassic era and the Lut desert, the hottest spot on the earth with its mysterious stone sculptures. The rest are all historical and ancient structures which are the first to suggest for Iran tourist destinations. There is this city, Susa, from 7000 B.C., or the Persepolis from 500 B.C. to the Naqshe Jahan Square that dates back to the 7th century. Among these recorded Iran attractions are the pre-historic man-made caves of Maymand from 12thousand years ago that are still residential. One of the world’s oldest churches, St. Thaddeus, and two other churches in the northwest of Iran have gone through all the natural disasters and are now a fascinating Iran tourist attraction.

a female tourist on a roof of a house in Yazd

Top Mountains in Iran

Two high and long mountain ranges with several peaks that some are over 6000m, can tempt any mountaineer and hiker to try these rock Iran destinations. Damavand, the highest volcano peak in Asia offers a diverse of climbing options for both beginner and professional climbers. Or, the third tallest summit in Iran, Sabalan embraces you with a permanent and crystal clear lake up there. The path towards these peaks would be the most encouraging Iran attractions in the spring and summer. All the beauties anyone can imagine are gathered on these lush and virgin routes. The good news is there are specific Iran hiking and trekking tours for mountain lovers. Just as an example, in IranAmaze we have 8 different Damavand tours for climbing this mythical and sacred summit.


It is the most famous hiking and climbing destination in Iran, located in the north of Tehran. It is also the highest peak in the Middle East and the highest volcano peak in Asia. The 6000m height and 6 different walls for mountain and rock climbing mean many options on the table for the climbers and mountaineers with different levels of professionalism.

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Two tourists ride on a cable car for skiing with skateboards in Tochal Tehran


Tehran is resting beneath this peak with a pack of fun or sports activities suitable for a wide age range. Tochal is the public rendezvous for all the Tehran dwellers. Also, it’s the right place to prepare for beginner climbers and bigger mountaineering trips.

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a group of mountaineers climbing Alam-Kooh in Alborz mountains


It is the second tallest peak in the northern region of Iran. There are more than 47 peaks of more than 4000m in height in this area. It is known as the Alps of Iran. Its great rock walls and equipped camps have made it a perfect place for rock climbing.

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A lake on the summit of Sabalan


After Damavand and Alam-Kuh, Sabalan summit can claim for a height rank. This third highest summit is the most important of the northwest of Iran. Once a volcanic peak, Sabalan is now embracing the climbers with its azure blue lake at the summit. Besides you can enjoy the hot water springs or the ski slope on its outskirts.

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We call it the brother of Sabalan Peak, with a good skiing resort in the winter. But, in case of the different timing of your arrival in Iran, the fresh landscape in its cool summer can compensate for it.

Top Deserts in Iran:

The caravan of camels is striding on the golden sands of the desert. The hot rays of the sun are shining upon the travelers. A little further, young girls and boys are posing and taking photos in this harsh nature. They wander around until the dusk, when all gather around a fire, play music, sing and dance. The central part of Iran is a vast desert, yet it is not deserted. For thousands of years, the ethnic residents have learned how to survive there. In recent years, many locals host adventurers in their authentic manner of living. Either you want to experience a free trip in the dunes of Iran or study the azure blue sky of the night or any other kind of desert-related activity, different kinds of Iran desert tours and safari are designed for these specific Iran attractions.

a backpacker in Maranjab desert

Maranjab, Kashan:

as a close desert to the capital and the spectacular city of Kashan, Maranjab is one of the most commuting deserts of Iran. Aside from its silence, golden dunes, and the clear night sky, Maranjab salt lake is a famous Iran tourist attraction. Just imagine how delightful it is to watch the sunrise while walking on the hard white lake.

A tourist at the vast sand hills of Maranjab desert with the blue sky of Kashan.

Abuzeydabad, Kashan:

How do you feel about a silent desert and a desert town? Oh! There is an underground city from 500 B.C, as well. Thanks to its dwellers, this desert is a museum of many ancient Iranian dialects. So, that would not be strange to know that right in the heart of dry land; there has been a civilization of thousands of years. These features made this desert a haunting place.

Tourists playing with sand in the Varzaneh desert

Varzaneh, Isfahan:

It is one of the most accessible deserts in Iran where you can either enjoy the silence or head for some adventure like camel trekking, bike riding, and off-road adventure. Varzaneh is the remainder of a 5000-year civilization. The unique feature of Varzaneh Village is its women’s white Chadors.

Mesr, Yazd:

heading toward the southern parts of the extensive central deserts of Iran, Dashte Kavir, we get to a really remote place called Mesr desert. This remoteness has made it an untouched place until recent years. Thus, it was a good destination for astrological groups. But the soft dunes or the vast blue sky is not the only attraction here. The green farms of the Mesr village in the middle of a hot desert are what surprise any visitor.

A couple watching the Lut desert and Kalouts

Shahdad, Kerman:

Shahdad is located in Lut, another main desert of Iran. Lut has been the hottest place on the earth for 7 consecutive years. This super-hot weather as well as the extraterrestrial sculptures made through hundreds of years, created a mysterious atmosphere in the area.

Activities and Things to Do in Iran:

An old woman wearing green spins thread in an Iran cultural tour at Eghlid in Shiraz.

Iran Cultural Tours

Our cultural tours of Iran intend to take you deep inside the heart of Persian culture and history. You’ll get to see all the essentials of this ancient civilization. You'll also hear the unseen stories of this mysterious land and explore the hidden gems inside Iran.

A man picking roses with three roses on his ears and mouth at Iran festival tour in Kashan.

Iran Festival Tours

Our Festival tours of Iran are designed for those who want to see this land beyond the mainstream portrayal of the media. These journeys will familiarize you with the essence of many traditional ceremonies and rituals. All held within different regions of the country since the ancient days of our ancestors.

Tourists trekking on the northeast route of Damavand during an Iran trekking tour.

Iran Trekking Tour

Our trekking tours to Iran will bring forth the opportunity for all nature lovers to explore some of the most extraordinary mountain ranges of the world. So, this will include Damavand as the highest volcanic summit in Asia. Also, our knowledgeable and professional team will ensure the highest ascend rates for you during your Iran travel.

Iran desert tour camping under the stars in shadad kalouts

Iran Desert Tours

Our Iran desert tours are mystical journeys in the heart of the most beautiful deserts of Iran. Also, you’ll have the chance to dig deep into the ancient culture of this land. If you like to adventure in lands of nothingness but relaxation and nature stories, this expedition is right for you.